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I think for a lot of people Chunking Express
and In The Mood For Love are kind of like these
but for quite different reasons... really important moments in cinema
I think people would love to hear sort of your personal take
between those two films and how...
what their impact was for you personally? their different ways?
The best films I've made are when I fell out of love.
I'm serious.
I think their both informed by a different kind of loss
and I think that loneliness is one of the most beautiful experiences life.
People who read are people who are used to being alone.
It's really important to have that...
It's happened...I've traveled a long time...It's really really useful
when you loose your passport and your credit card.
No it really reminds you what it's all about
So I think you know...
for different reasons...I wont go into
I can give you names and numbers later.
if you want to get the lawyers onto them...its ok
No I think you know the journey in life is...
In some of our cases
it's...the..what do you call those... road marks are the films.
So I was a different person then.
I couldnt go back to Chunking...I couldn't
many people have asked me... why don't you make a remake
they asked Wong-Kar Wai also...why don't you do a remake or update
are you kidding...that was how we we're then...why would you go back?
You know I remember...
but I don't want to go back there. (laughter)
Are you kidding! (laughter)
I mean...(laughing)
For some reason I'm not going back...
because you can't you know!
and of course I think...
Mood...obviously is very much of the Wong-Kar way...
sort of...what do you call... nostalgia...but it is nostalgia
for something which he knows so much about...which is 60's
growing up in 60's Hong Kong.
which Chunking was trying to be informed by... Hong Kong was at that time.