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even dogs must hate to see his body.
Who are you? Alms are given outside not inside. Go and stand outside.
Who am I?
Close all the eight directions!
Who am I?
"No madam, that evil man is endowed with great power."
"Nobody can go against him, no weapon can kill him."
It's very dangerous to challenge him now.
His tongue commands death! His hands take lives.
It's very dangerous to face him now.
Nevertake a back step with cowardice on facing danger.
" Even if it's death, face it!"
"Arundhati, I'll not leave you, I'll not leave anyone in yourfamily."
I'll decimate everyone.
"With whom you got me beaten up, come out into open I say!"
" Why did you come out, dear?"
What a stunning beauty!
The bud has blossomed!
I came here to shred you into pieces.
But I'll not kill you.
"I've been living forseven years withouttouching a woman,"
I didn't expect meeting such a ravishing beauty.
"A woman considers chastity more than her life, right?"
"So I'll malign your honourfirst, then I'll take your life,"
" bury you in the middle ofyour home,"
and offeryoursoul to my evil God.
O debauch!
Waves ofechoes...
Beat ofdeadly percussion...
My inner soul...
Waves ofrevenge are lashing and dancing with vengeance...
" I don'twant song, Bommali!"
May l sing the song ofsorrow....
May I perform dance ofdeath...
When darkness is enveloping from all sides...
In the raging fires of slavery and harems...
Inauspicious time has set in...
lll fortune followed it...
Death is chasing...
Life span is diminishing...
This agonywill end with my death only...
" The agony isn'tyours, it's mine."
You made my life miserable by tying me to my horse.
Right now as you watch I'll make her life go the dogs.
The real game begins at upstairs only.
"Anyway you've fixed time forthe honeymoon,"
"happiness will be mine, opportunity is mine,"
losing honour is yours.
Lord Brahma himselfcan't change the fate he writes...
"Ifyou deviate from the righteous path, God will punish you..."
"You can neverchallenge and win againstyourfate, you better know it..."
Demon Ravana died for desiring Goddess Seetha...
Evil desires never getfulfilled...
Playing with honourofwomen is dangerto you...
As a woman I'm singing...
....your end oflife...
Evil will perish...Eight hands of Goddess Durga will cutyou to size...
As a woman's rage turns into a raging wild fire...
Raging fires ofthe womanhood is seeking a sacrifice...
Yourghastly death....
Ghastly death to me? No way!
Death fears me! It'll run away!
l'll offeryour life to it.
O Bommali! Make your anklets clang in rhyme with the music of my shells.
"That daywhen l enjoyed sex with yourdance teacher,"
getting angry you kicked me.
Today I must enjoy you with every cell in my body.
Bommali! Come on dance!
These clothes will become daggers!
Cut the tongue ofa tantric who recites evil hymns.
Tie his hands!
Strangle his neck!
Only then you can confine him.