IT Jobs in Australia, Q1 2012

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bjbjs Robert Walters Australia Information Technology Job Market Update Q1 2012 Summary
Watch our video for an insight into current IT job market trends, or visit
to search for jobs. In this video Market Update from recruitment consultancy Robert Walters,
our Manager of IT Commerce Sydney, Alfonso Tiscareno provides an overview of IT job market
trends in Australia in quarter one, and tips on what will happen in the job market in quarter
two. A full transcript of the video is available below. Overview of Q1 The Sydney, Melbourne,
and Brisbane markets saw decreased hiring of IT professionals in quarter one, and in
Perth recruitment levels remained stable. Despite increased investment in infrastructure,
this was off set by a sluggish global economy, the Brisbane state elections, internal pressure
to keep costs down and implemented headcount freezes. Quarter one proved to be a challenging
market, with fewer opportunities available than in quarter four. Sectors hiring There
were some industries that were still actively hiring and growing their teams. Telecommunications
and utilities continued to hire in Melbourne, as both sectors saw heavy investment in technology
infrastructure. Universities also invested in technology and digital transformation.
The resources sector and supporting industries continued to drive demand for IT professionals
as a result of increased project work, particularly in Perth. Towards the end of the quarter hiring
levels in the commerce and industry sector in Sydney increased once projects commenced,
with a cautious optimism surrounding circumstances in Europe. Professionals in demand In quarter
one there was a broad range of IT professionals who were in demand. Across the board SAP professionals
were sought after, leading to a shortage of these specialists. Network engineers and telecommunication
specialists also enjoyed an increase in demand for their skills on a national level. We also
saw increased demand for professionals with open source technology, emerging technologists
with cloud and virtualisation experience and Java developers. Salaries While salary increases
were not seen across the board, the few in demand specialists, including network engineers,
SAP and telecommunications professionals could command higher pay due to their short supply
in the market. Outlook for Q2 The Perth, Sydney and Melbourne IT recruitment markets are expected
to increase hiring as projects progress and some economic uncertainty clears. Queensland
s change in government will have an affect on IT hiring in the Brisbane market and may
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