Obama's 'Failed' State Of The Union

Uploaded by zionget on 26.01.2011

It’s time to face the music America, Obama is now presiding over a failed state. In his
State of the Union speech last night, Obama says he wants to lead America into an economic
recovery. Fact is, there’s no economy left in America to recover. Obama thinks that a
“non-security discretionary spending freeze” will solve America’s problems. But he’s
simply putting a band-aid on a corpse. More spending on “security” items like TSA’s
porno-scanners, landing big commissions for Talmudic Jew, Michael Chertoff, former head
of Homeland Security, is in the works. More “security” spending like killing innocent
civilians in Afghanistan so that armament moguls can live it up while our sons and daughters
are brought home in body bags, is coming our way. And the “non-security discretionary
spending freeze,” a new budget item thought up by the Jewish think tank, Center for American
Progress – read: Center for American Regress, will cut programs like Social Security, shafting
baby-boomers and the elderly. But the real sham of it all is that Obama says that he
will veto all bills that favor “special interests.” Does that mean no more 3 billion-a-year
for Israel? The Jewish Lobby will crucify Obama for that. Obama wouldn’t dare cross
the Jews at AIPAC and their co-religionists at the media. All they need to do is simply
put up his Kenyan Birth Certificate on “60 Minutes” –tick, tick, tick- and it’s
Bye Bye Barky! Now, economist Paul Craig Roberts tells us that the hallmark of a failed state
is when the crooks are inside government, using government to protect and advance their
own interests. Who are the economic insiders bleeding our nation dry? All Goldman Sachs
brass for the past 12 years: Robert Rubin at Treasury under Clinton, Henry Paulson at
Treasury under Bush, and Mark Patterson under Obama at Assistant Treasury, Geithner’s
watchdog. Indeed, Geithner must answer to the big boys at Goldman Sachs: Lloyd Blankfein,
Gary Cohn, John Weinberg, and Stephen Friedman. Sounds like a guest list at a Bar Mitzvah
does it not? As President of The Brother Nathanael Foundation, we are warning Americans that
unless we stop the Jewish bankers inside government, then America is toast. We can either be a
failed state like the clean up crew after a Bar Mitzvah or a renewed state where we
clean out the Augean stables. Wake up America. Your coffee is beginning to smell more and
more like Zionist manure!