4 minute workout to boost metabolism and loose fat using Tabata, Interval Training

Uploaded by CavemanKlaus on 23.11.2011

Good morning! Caveman Klaus here. Three-two-one.
Today I want to talk to you about a fast, effective and efficient workout that you can
bust out in four minutes. And it's based on the Tabata Protocol or HIIT (High Intensity
Interval Training).
What are the benefits?
The benefits are you can bust this out fast in like four minutes and elevate your metabolism
for the following twenty-four hours. That's pretty awesome. You can use it technically
each time before you eat, and it alters your insulin response to ingested food.
When you consume those calories from food, it alters the percentage of those calories
which are redirected towards your muscle glycogen storage versus your fat storage. So, this
is pretty awesome. This is what you want. It's a great little tip that I picked up from
The 4-Hour Body book by Tim Ferriss and have been experimenting with.
What is Tabata? So, Tabata is you do eight rounds of exercise. Each round is twenty seconds
high intensity burst with a ten-second rest. And you really push yourself hard. It's intense,
and it adds up. There's a couple of great little applications you can get for your smartphone,
whether your iPhone, Android or you've got an iPad. I'm going to show you—there's an
app called WOD—it stands for "workout of the day."
You can find that at your iTunes store. Basically you fire it up. This is what it looks like.
It has a section called Timers. Click there. Click Tabata and you hit Start. And it gives
you a little bit of preparation time. Go. And you've got twenty seconds.
I like to crank. I do air squats or I do press ups. What else do I do? I do burpees. If you've
got a kettle bell, you can do some kettle bell swings. Hill climbers. High knees. There's
a ton of different exercises you can do. A lot of variety. And then you have a ten-second
rest period (let me stop this) and that cycles through for eight rounds for a total of four
Another app you can use is—I run an Android phone. There's one here called Interval Timer
which I actually prefer. It just has a couple of different colors: yellow for prepare, green
for go, and red for rest. Three-two-one… And it has that awesome voiceover which I
quite like. So, I'm going to show you what it looks like. Let's get into it.
I look to put on some upbeat, high intensity music. My preference is progressive trance
or techno dance music. There's a great artist called Blake Jarrell, and he has a free podcast
called "Concentrate." You can search for that on iTunes. Let me put the music on, and let
me show you what it's all about.
We'll set this up. [Starts round with squats] Twenty-two. I like to count, and then try
and improve how many I do each time. It makes it up. So I'm going to do some press ups.
[Starts round]. Twenty-one.
Next thing I'm going to do—I'm going to do some burpees. Hill climbers. High knees.
Do some burpees. It adds up. You can make it as hard or as easy as you like. I'm going
to do another round. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't get a workout done
in a short space of time. This is a formative workout.
You can push yourself as hard as you like. That's four rounds. Let me pause this. See,
I'm breathing hard. I'm breathing heavy. I've only done half of the exercise. I'm keeping
it short to keep this video short, but that's four rounds. You've got another four rounds.
That's a total of a four-minute workout that is fast and effective. It will help you burn
calories, raise that metabolism, and you can use it technically before a meal to alter
your insulin response.
Just catching my breath here.
I watch a lot of my friends and other young professionals that travel a lot for a living.
They're time poor. They're working their ass off. And they've been asking me, "How can
I work out? I don't have much time." This is a great way you can do that. You can do
this first up in the morning. This is how I start my day.
If you're traveling—you're in a hotel room—or you go to lots of conferences and conventions…
I dance. I dance West Coast Swing, and I'm at these conventions all the time. Yeah, much
of the time it's very easy when you're outside of your normal home environment and your normal
routine to put exercise and maintaining health—admit to a hard basket and just say, "I'm not doing
it for the next four or five days," or whatever. And then you get back home.
But it's a slippery slope. It adds up, especially if you travel a lot, like I do. This is an
effective way that you can maintain your health anytime, anywhere.
So, I hope you found that of value. If you did, please like the video. Subscribe to the
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So, I'm looking forward to hearing your stories, and I hope you try this out. Download the
apps and give it a go.
Caveman Klaus helping and ensuring you be more effective, and play full out, everyday.