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Something like you'd see in Louisiana or the Southern States.
So much better than our other school, 'cause the other one is really really poor.
We're prepared to work 24 hours a day for the next 70 hours to achieve that aim.
Announcer: Live from The New RO, NewsSixOttawa with Cyndi Edwards and the NewsSix team.
This is Ottawa's news.
Cyndi: Good afternoon. The big story today is the weather.
A thunderstorm warning in Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry County as well as Leeds and Grenville
and from Kingston to Cornwall.
Meaning heavy thunderstorms could strike at any time.
A thunderstorm watch right across the rest
of the region as well. Meanwhile heavy rains and strong winds already
causing heavy damage in the Ottawa Valley on both sides of the river.
Let's go live to Holly Moore in Pembroke. Holly?
Holly: Cyndi, last night's severe wind storm extremely damaged home and trees in Petawawa
and Westmeath. And Allumette Island on the Quebec side, seen
there in the distance off there behind me, was one of the areas that was hardest hit.
And today, residents are left trying to pick up the pieces.
We closed the windows, and for the first time coming over here, we decided to run in the
basement to protect ourselves.
Reporter: Were you scared?
Yes, very much so. In fact, my mother was starting off saying
prayers just to get us through it.
Just something like you'd see in Louisiana or the Southern States, nothing around here
has ever been like that as -- something my grandfather built, it's hard to lose.
Holly: Right now Hydro services in Ontario and Quebec are trying to restore power to more than
5,500 homes. And the mayor of Petawawa has announced that
he is gonna have extra garbage collection sites all next week to collect the extra debris.
Cyndi: Alright, thank you Holly. Let's now go to Aylmer and our own Mike Edgell
with the story there. Mike?
Mike: Cyndi, after a series of brief storms and possible microbursts here in Aylmer, some
homes along this strip -- if we can take a look around -- still without power as we speak.
Now the man who lives in this home over to our left, witnessed the entire event, up close
and personal.
Well, it was around 4:30, 5:00 this morning, I heard a great big crack -- an explosion,
and I can see through the living room window, kind of a big sunshine, and since then we
don't have any electricity.
There's some water there.
Reporter: Some water down there?
A little bit.
Reporter: Pretty warm outside, are you worried about the food?
We hope it'll be back on pretty soon. It's starting to melt.
Reporter: Do you have any idea how long it may be off for?
You never know around here. Hydro Quebec, sometimes they're good, sometimes
not so good. We're in Wychwood here, and it seems to be
the last place they come and fix.
Reporter: From past experiences?
From past experiences.
As long as they come and repair my electricity sometime.
You know what? I'm on holidays, I got all week.
Mike: And at one point it was estimated that up to 150,000 homes, all the way from West
Quebec and this area, across the Outouais, all the way to the Laurentians.
At this point, Hydro Quebec officials are saying that basically for residents here to
wait patiently and they will get around to it and it shouldn't be too long. Cyndi?
Cyndi: Okay, thank you Mike. And Kanata was also hit hard by the storms.
Take a look.
I just brought my dog in from being in the back yard, and I sat down to watch television,
and the wind picked up, and it started to really rain hard.
And it seemed to be concentrated in the corner of our house, and trembled the chesterfield
I was sitting on. The noise was so loud that I didn't even hear
the tree break. I thought my house was secure, but I thought
the front window was -- the window in the family room was gonna blow out.
It started to get fairly violent, so I went in the house to just check on my wife to make
sure she wasn't near any windows or anything, in case we were having a tornado.
And in that short period of time, I looked out the window, the tree was down.
It was kind of scary.
And the City of Kanata arrived and removed the trees off the cars.
And they really worked hard too.
Cyndi: Thunderstorm watches or warnings remain in effect Ottawa, The Valley, Eastern Ontario
and the St. Lawrence Seaway. As well as the Outouais and the Pontiac.
Right now we have isolated showers, the temperature is sitting at 24C, winds are from the southwest
at 13Km/h and there's a 60% chance of more rain.
I'll have your full weather forecast a little later.
And we'll have the latest on this big weather story on NewsSixOttawa tonight at 6:00