ecuEdit editor lesson #2: Map edit features

Uploaded by epifansoftware on 12.11.2010

Open ROM file, find map and open it
Select cell/cells to modify data
Increment/decrement functions
Multiply function in percent
Direct value set
Set by expression calculation
Row and col header (axis) editor
Undo changes
Map area manipulations
Selected cells manipulations
Using [F10] key you can switch view to Current, Original or Difference mode
Also you can change display mode of difference values: percent or direct difference and reverse difference
Using mouse with left mouse button pressed you can rotate graph
Click right mouse button for graph options display
Symmetrical means that graph will be always cube or square
Irregular grid - distance between axis point may be variouse depends axis values
Invert options for proper graph visualization
Transparency and Zoom options
This mode allow to view 3D maps as set of 2D graps
This option is show all 2D graphs
Now we are open Fuel map and convert data from AFR to Lambda
Revert to original
Select area
Select top cell for paste
Undo changes
Select area for interpolate middle cells and execute interpolate function
Undo changes
Change column header to new value and interpolate column nodes of selected area
Undo changes
Select area for interpolate
Close map and finish editing
Changed maps are marked bold in map list
Save ECU bin file