How to Use a Wire Rounder Tool

Uploaded by Beadaholique on 17.09.2012

Hi this is Megan with and I'm going to show you how to use a wire rounder tool
this specific one is a Eurotool wire rounder tool and it comes
with a pen vise and it comes with two different sizes of
these little end and they're called cup burrs
and what this is for
is if you ever do any wire working like wire wrapping anything like that
then you know that the edge of your wire
is kinda sharp
and pokie. If you want to do anything with
the edge of your wire is not going to be tucked behind your works such is if you're
making an earring hook or an hook and eye
anything where you need the end of your wire to be
smooth and not so scratchy
that's what this is for you can see
maybe it's kind of tiny
you can see the end here
on the cup burrs
this one is very small and this one is a little bit bigger
what it is is it has an abrasive surface
inside it's a little tiny cup
and the inside is abrasive and it's round
in there. It's like a half circle
and what you're going to do is pick
the size that
fits best
to your wire
you can just kind of hold it in there and see
first of all
make sure that your wire is
cut flat
so you want to flat side of your flush cutters
then you can see which one will fit in there better
I'm using a bigger wire so I'm going to use the bigger one
all you do is unscrew
you're pin vise
put your cup burr into the pin vise and then
tighten that back up
grip here and here because this part will move and you won't tighten anything
now you're going to
take your piece of wire that's sharp and not very friendly and put it right into the
of the cup burr
and twist it back and forth
kind of more it around and you can feel it
kind of having a little bit of abrasion as you go
push it on there and really
spin spin spin
you's gonna keep working until you feel like it's nice and smooth
and that is all there is to it. You can do this
for like I said your earring hooks or an hook and eye
anything that you want to make sure that your
tip of your wire is
and smooth
and that's all there is too it.