Pears Belle-Hélène Dessert Recipes : Baking Dish for Pears Belle Helene Dessert Recipe

Uploaded by expertvillage on 01.02.2008

MARK PESCE: Hello, I'm Mark Pesce from France. I'm from France. And on behalf of Expert Village,
I'm going to show you how to cook a French dessert called le poire belle Helene. So,
now what you first you do is you pre-light, you turn on your oven and you put at around
350, you know average, kind of. So once that's done you start to--so this is your plate where
all your meal is going to be cooked in the desert. And so you put the powder sugar and
put a little bit of powder sugar in the plate, you know, so you start by doing this. Make sure you put everywhere, okay. That's
set. Okay, well seems to be good now, so next one and let's move on to the next thing, [SPEAKS