Tekken 6 - Machine Crusher - NANCY-MI847J Guide/Tutorial

Uploaded by greyfoxindy on 04.11.2009

Hello everyone! GreyFoxIndy here
bringing you another Tekken 6 Video Tutorial
This time, i will be covering NANCY-MI847J
as this video is mainly suppose to help you
get the "Machine Crusher" achievement
or trophy on PS3
Your going to want to change your difficulty level down to Easy
and set the rounds down to one
and play through Arcade Mode as you typically would
In this guide I will be using Devil Jin
If you saw my previous video guide
on the Kigan Island stage
You will see pretty much how overpowered
he can be, when he uses his Laser Beam
In order to keep the video short
I have skipped straight to NANCY-MI847J fight
and show you the best and easiest possible way
to get this achievement out of the way!
In order to beat NANCY-MI847J
your going to need to know
how to side step effectively
and your going to rotate around NANCY-MI847J often
in order to dodge most of her main attacks
It's easy to know when NANCY-MI847J
is going to be doing one of her bigger attacks
because you will hear a beeping sound coming from her
Also, she will extend her neck and sometimes jump into the air
Immediately upon starting the fight
your going to be shooting your upwards laser beam
as you can see demonstrated here
and shes just jumped up into the air
to fire the upwards laser its just UP LP+RP together
(both punches)
Keep spamming this technique and rotate around her
anytime you hear a beeping sound
If NANCY-MI847J fires a Red Laser beam
it means shes carving a hole in the ground
and you do not want to stand on that hole
or you will fall down and the round is over
If she's about to fire a Blue Laser Beam
and it hits you, as you can see here
it can take a Large chunk of your health
you want to try your best
to be very good at dodging lasers
otherwise you will fail this level!
NANCY-MI847J in my version here
has just carved three holes in the ground
and I have managed to sidestep out of the way
and continue firing my laser
and basically the round is over!
That's the end of this video tutorial
I hope this way useful to you
add my Playstation Network name: GreyFoxIndy
More information in the Video Description!
Thank you!