Your Gift ...Your Responsibility 1

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when it comes down to chosing whether to follow Christ or not haven't you heard enough
you thought that six-foot-five man could do it but he didn't
you thought that thirty-two twenty-six voluptious woman could do it
but she didn't but Jesus
can satisfy
the thirsty soul
I will not be around for the anti-Christ
I will not be around for the tribulation I will be gone with the Lord in the rapture
and causes your brother to die
then he blames it on God but what he didn't realize is your
faith in God
helps you to get over your brother's death
and help some others to keep their children alive
your actions have consequences
so the question is
can you be saved from his wrath I'm glad he can get angry
I'm glad he won't allow everything to go on and not stop it
in its tracks because if he
was any other kind of God somebody would
have wiped you out a long time ago this country needs a conscious all of my
consequences are set free I'm glad I repented
I have no more load I have no more weight I'm glad I'm free I have no more trouble
I'm looking for anointing
I'm looking for power
I'm looking for prosperity
I'm looking for peace somebody holler I'm glad I know the Lord
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fresh oil
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motivate you to keep marching towards your
now receive this fresh oil from
Bishop Noel Jones
as it flows from the vials of heaven to saturate your soul
in second Timothy
chapter one
and for our guest soloists who
rendered such
wonderful blessings to our souls
we thank God for them
and it's quite endearing the book of timothy because
paul is looking at his legacy
I was in a business uh...
session the other day with a business trainer and
one of the questions was
in all that you're doing what
would you like to leave as a legacy
and what happens then is that it takes our
minds from the limitations of
the present and it takes us beyond even our own life
what would you want to be remembered for
and it is here that
Paul so wonderfully shows
that even after my demise I want to make sure that the word of God
is perpetuated
and I have to find
and entrust this word into the hands of someone
who will take
the word
on even after I'm gone
it's an endearing presentation because
anytime you deal with final words or
the last words of anyone
their words that you wanna hold onto it
I would like to be around hopefully when something happens
to my parents I'd like to be around because I would like to
their last words to me
I hope that I don't die suddenly and that I can gather my children around and
do as much talking as I can before I go out
hopefully they'll remember whatever I say to them
when Jesus spoke to his disciples they remembered what he said and John
compiled so much of what he said from Saint John chapter fourteen through
even recorded the prayer that Jesus prayed for them
and it's endearing because it says that
Paul cared about his life
and cared about the gospel and the ministry when he
speaks now to Timothy and
tells him
what thus said the Lord
if I were to begin reading at about verse seven of
the second epistle of Timothy
of Paul to Timothy
it says here for God have not given us the spirit of fear
but of power of love
and of a sound mind
and be not now ashamed of the testimony of our Lord
nor of me his prisoner but be thou partaker
of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God who has
saved us
called us with an the holy calling not according to our works
but according to his own purpose and grace which was given us in Christ Jesus
before the world began
but is now made manifest by the appearance of our Savior Jesus Christ who
have abolished all death
and have brought life and immortality to light
through the gospel where unto I am appointed a preacher and an apostle
a teacher of the Gentiles
for the which cause
I also suffered these things
nevertheless I am not ashamed
for I know
whom I had believed
and am persuaded
that he's able to keep that
which I have committed unto him
against that day so hold fast the form of sound words
which thou has heard of me in faith
and love for
which is in Christ Jesus can somebody say amen
I talk to the gifted
and to those people who
have been entrusted with
the purpose of God
it's interesting that
all of us have to understand
the upside of being gifted and
what may appear to be the downside
the first thing I would say is that
you were separated from the pack you are
actually grasped
by God
and distinguished by God from anyone else
simply by the gift
that you are
the thing that makes you different that thing that
separates your face
from the rest of the people the myriads and the masses the crowds
is the uniqueness of the gift
that God
has given you and me
it's interesting that all of us
are not gifted for everybody
but God has gifted
each one of us for a particular
and it is that gift that distinguishes you and
sets you apart that really grasps you
by the powerful hand of God it is the the gift of God
I mean it's what
uniqueness that he has made you
that makes you different from the person you sitting beside
because all of us are not the same
we were not designed the same and we're not all made for
the same purpose many times we
we are going to the mountain many times we compare ourselves
with others
and we look at the reward others
to indicate that somehow we have missed our mark or missed our calling
but that's not true
you have to understand the uniqueness of who you are
and grasp where God has placed you
there is some people who have been set up in leadership position but they could
never be leaders
unless God gave them good support
and the gift of support is certainly different from the gift of
leadership or headship
but nonetheless it cannot operate unless there is support
I was looking through the gifts that God gave to the church and
in one place he simply called one group helps
and and and to be a help
is an extraordinary gift that God gives to individuals
to be able to succour to father to nourish and to strengthen those
who are on the frontline
uh... don't fool yourself the frontline people would never be effective if there
was not somebody in the background
I have listened to many songs and uh...
uh... particularly listening to I was listening to
Luther Vandross sometime ago and uh...
I heard this marvelous
background and the background singers were
euphonious their voices were melodious and
the background actually helped
to make the song work
and so even the lead singer who does not have a polished group of
background singers
will never reach the height or the success that they should reach
just because your face is not in everybody's light does not mean that you
are not gifted
uh... I feel this thing here
uh... when you understand that then you understand that the gift of God as Paul
puts it in the text
is not coming just when you are born
but accordingly here he declares that your gift is coming is given unto us by
Christ Jesus
before the world
began which indicates to me
that everyone who has been entrusted with a gift of God
has been given the gift before their corporality or before
the physicality was formed
had the gift for you before he formed you
which means
that you are already
gifted in the mind of God
before you entered into the womb of your mother
God's gift then could not have been disallow you it could not have been
stopped from coming to you there's absolutely no way
because God had your
before you were born and the only way
for satan to abort that gift from coming into you was for him to take
it from the
of God
the gift of God cannot be destroyed uh...
the gift of God ah
uh... it cannot be tampered with in the purity of it's form
because satan and could not take your gift out of the
hand of God
he would have to go back into the canyons of eternity and abort God
from thinking about giving you the gift
and that of course is totally impossible your gift
from God
uh... I'm going to take my time with this I know it's late
your gift came from God and the uniqueness of this gift
is cannot be duplicated it might be imitated but whatever God has given you
cannot be duplicated you you have to understand that
you are responsible for this gift
that God gives
you are responsible to express it you are responsible to exhibit it you are
responsible to bring it into the light
because it's in this gift
that God determines your purpose
he cannot give you a purpose and not
gift you for that purpose
because your uniqueness in purpose is because of your uniqueness
in the gift
that God
has given you
uh... I feel it here many times
you want to be faceless and many times
you want to be anonymous but the gift
that God has given you
will not allow you to be anonymous God's gift
is going to distinguish you from the people around you
so that you are not a clone or a copy
but you are an original amen that's the gift of God
uh... understand this understand
this and reason why
we have not achieved what we should have is because
we have not we have not walked in our gift
uh... and the reason why we have not gained
the ground we should have gained
is because many times we have not realized or we have not
meditated or we have not prayed hard enough
for God to
reveal to us the gift
but there is another reason and and the other reason is that
that oftentimes we don't want to deal with the challenge of being gifted
and it seems to me that this text indicates
that everyone who is gifted particularly with the spiritual anointing of God
is going to be challenged
ah God in other words the challenge
is going to also confirm
that you will
have a gift
it is not just that that you don't have a gift why you're being challenged the reason
you are being challenged is because
you have a gift
satan is not challenging the masses
because the masses are
because the masses are giftless
and as long as you're giftless you do not pose a threat
to satan you're
threatening anything about his kingdom
when you don't walk in the gift of God everybody enjoys your company
because you don't express your godness everybody enjoys your
because you don't express your godness whenever you express your
godness people challenge
the very space
that you take up ooh I feel it here
it is always a
it would be so easy to go into your family and just relax and not even
think of Jesus it would be so easy
to sit around with your Jewish friends and not even
say grace over the meal and if you do make sure you don't say in the name
of Jesus
it would be so easy for you to sit on the job and listen to all
of the dirty jokes and uh... not to even frown but just sit
and you might not laugh but you will not move there because you don't want to
people to feel like you are a square it it would be easy yes to allow anything to
happen in your house or anyone to come in
with any kind of thing because then
you could blend and then you could be anonymous and then nobody would know who
and what you represent
but when you are
gifted with the power of the anointing
and when you are gifted and strategically placed
to be that
beacon of light
in and among the darkness of others
you what are going
to be challenged
well I feel this thing in here I feel it I feel it
uh... I might as well preach it like God gave it
it is true then that a challenge is brought against every gift
uh... it is not just
easy to move from one place to the other even though you're gifted
because challenges on are all on every side
and this is why the word
comes to Timothy and that is
that we do not have the spirit of
fear don't don't be afraid because you have been gifted
you have to be you ready for the challenge when God has uniquely placed you
strategically for purpose you have to be ready for the ridicule you have to be
to be a target for folk who don't like the fact that you are
who you are you
you you have to be prepared
now I want
to exegete further
if you'll notice how he treats it he goes into verse eight and the last
part of verse eight he says be now a partaker of the afflictions
of the gospel according to power of God
I want to deal with a little bit here according to the power
as relates to affliction and
just show you the quandry that I have
the with the the the ambiguity in the maybe not quite ambiguity but I sense a
little a little tension here between affliction and according to the
power of God
what first of all I'd like to say that according to is different than
out of
if I'm a billionaire uh... like Oprah and I say I tell you what
I want to give you some money
out of what I have I want to bless you
out of right away in the annuals in the back of your mind you're going to feel
quite estatic
because a billionaire just said to me I want to give you something out of what
I have
and so now you begin to look over the Mazeratis
the Ferraris
you begin to look at the houses in Beverly Hills because you think
you're about to get a
big package of money from the billionaire who said
I'm going to give you something out of
well here I come and write
a check for three
dollars and I give you the money
and your face drops
because you figure a billionaire should be giving you more than three dollars you
could get three dollars from anyone
but the point is I said that I'm going to give you
out of
what I have
uh... now according to is different
if I said I'm going to bless you according
to my wealth
that means now I will give you a series of blank checks
and I will sign them and say now this is
according to what I have let me see what you can do with it
now that's totally different
because of what according to does
is according to brings every single
that I
have to bear upon your needs everything
and the conflict that I'm having here is
this scripture says according to
the power of God but its dealing with partaking of the affliction
ah God maybe I'm dyslectic now because
he's dealing with other according to the power of God and partaking
or sharing in the affliction
well let's deal with affliction for instance let's go back on that
when I came to God I wasn't giving much thought of running into more
in fact when I came I was trying to get out of trouble
and the way Jesus was marketed to me the indication was that
that my troubles would all be over
that's the indication I was not looking for trouble I was not looking to be
fifty five years old and divorced and by myself I wasn't
looking to have my heart broken or looking for my money to get funny or
looking for somebody to dislike me because the Lord is now apart of my life
as hard as it was for me to get to Jesus it would seem to be like everybody
should like mean because
I have the Lord in my life
I didn't think somebody didn't care for me because I know how to tell
the truth
as hard
as hard
hard as it was for me to stop
uh uh
I thought everybody would be
favored with me
I didn't think that people would dislike me
because I exude a
standard or I stand with some confidence or I believe
could get through it or I believe I could overcome I wasn't looking for
uh... when it became to the gospel and as a carrier of the gospel I believe
that the Lord
would have succoured my every need I
didn't believe that I could be a carrier here of the gospel and people withhold
their love withhold
their care and some just conspire to destroy and breakdown the
things that I've tried to build up I did not believe
that I would have to partake of any affliction and then it gets more
complicated when I'm receiving power from god to deal with or share
in the affliction
if you're giving me all this power Lord it seems like we ought to
move the affliction I hope and not by myself
since we have all this power
why should we even have to deal with affliction oh come on and talk to
well alright alright you're married to this rich man and uh... you're married to
this rich man just in your mind well I mean maybe you are
excuse me I'm sorry and all of a sudden you know what the kind of
money he's got you know that the guy is sitting on five hundred million
and all of a sudden he wants to go to some island and you both camp out
outside in the open with roaches and mosquitoes biting you running
around outside and you know we got this money and and you say why are we out here
when we could be in any penthouse in any hotel in any part of
the world and
I know what you've got why are we going through this let's get this money and let's
spend this money to eliminate this condition that's what you do you generally eliminate
difficulties when you have power
God is saying here I want you to use my power to help you deal with the
affliction of the gospel
because whenever you're gifted there's going to be a challenge that
will not go away here uh... if you're not gifted
you don't have to worry about the challenge
but if you're gifted I've got to give you power to deal with
who won't like it
ah I feel like having