Bead Crafts for Kids : Making Beaded Hair Clips

Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.09.2008

Our bead encrusted hearts have dried now, and we'll put our our hair clip together.
Just use a good healthy portion of glue on the strip that we made before, and then place
your hearts in the same place we had them before. And remember, we had a little bit
of an overlap here, so we want to slip that underneath like that, and a little more glue
for placing the blue heart. And everything fits nicely like a puzzle. And then we'll
just glue the whole thing on. You could use a hot glue gun if you'd prefer. You could
even sew it on with a few stitches, but I find the craft glue works just fine. Good
healthy helping of glue, and we place the whole thing on like that. And that's a beautiful
hair clip, and a really nice activity to do with your children.