Cisco Delivers Remote Healthcare in China

Uploaded by Cisco on 14.12.2011

NARRATOR: Imagine health care that can be delivered to your doorstep, wherever you are -- in villages, towns, or cities.
Three years ago, no one could even imagine this possibility.
In 2008, Wenchuan was struck by a castrophic, 8.0 magnitude earthquake.
Many lives were lost. Countless homes were destroyed.
Education and healthcare facilities were seriously damaged.
Cisco responded by partnering with the Chinese government to form Connecting Sichuan, a three year corporate social responsibility program focused on rebuilding infrastructure using information and communications technology.
MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL 1: Cisco has allowed our small Wenchuan county hospital to be integrated into a regional collaboration system, to become a center of borderless collaboration that supports thirteen township hospitals.
It also serves as a hub where rural patients can be treated by medical experts located in urban centers.
At the operation center, we can dispatch and track ambulances wherever they're needed.
While on the road, the ambulances can transmit videos back to the emergency room in our hospital.
This makes real-time collaboration possible. We can control and coordinate nineteen TelePresence points, 52 digital media players, and 270 IP phones across the county to enable teleconferencing and remote training.
MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL 2: Cisco TelePresence allows us to receive guidance from specialists without leaving our hospital.
With regular tele-trainings or tele-consultations every week, our clinical doctors are quickly increasing their medical knowledge.
NARRATOR: All this is made possible by a comprehensive information management system centrally deployed for all primary healthcare organizations.
BUSINESSMAN: Connecting Sichuan addresses the lack of resources in remote areas, improving the quality and accessibility of rural healthcare.
This innovative model has significant and broad relevance for scalability to other regions.
NARRATOR: The work that began in Sichuan does not end in Sichuan.
Together, we can help ensure that the 21st century healthcare, education, and ICT capacity solutions developed through this program continue to expand, evolve, and benefit people around the world.