Inside UNC Charlotte -- November 2012 -- Let Me Play

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The ninth annual Let Me Play luncheon fundraiser for Women's Athletics
It's funny some of the things they've said about me they said it was my brain child I stole the
idea from a conference that I attended a National Athletic
Director's Conference roundtable and the
University of Santa Clara
was presenting that they did this luncheon now ours is a little different they're private schools
who paid for the luncheon and I'm like Oh we're a state school can't do that we have to get a
sponsor but I came back from that meeting nine years ago in June and said we're going to
do this and I said it in June and we had it in November that year and our staff is going
we're going to do it when? And the first one I think we made $60,000 profit
since then it's just escalated so our
our goal today is to net $100,000 dollars
and we want to blow that out of the water
so it's just great to have this many people focusing on women's sports and all of the
characteristics and qualities that sports provide for a young woman.
This luncheon is to raise money for
specifically for women's athletics
so that's near and dear to me since
women's volleyball
it's a great event
this is my sixth year coming to it I think it's
a very positive atmosphere
and it kind of reaches all generations
from young kids to
women who've been through athletics and been through the business world and all
differnt things it just talks about
sport and self-esteem and all of the positive
things that come out of it that they're building the future leaders so it's a great event
I enjoy coming to it and I enjoy supporting it also
I am truly a product of Title IX because when I came through the law was passed in 1972
this is the 40th anniversary of Title IX but
people really didn't start implementing it
until about the next decade until about the 1980s
but I got hired
because they had to hire
they were going to lose federal aid at universities if they didn't start women's
programs so I was the first women's basketball coach at Charlotte because they
had to start the program
and then I've been very fortunate to be at a school that's very progressive
and that would allow me the opportunity because we haven't had but about
three percent growth in athletic directors being female so
aways to go on that one in Title IX
I really liked the fact that Judy Rose and the atheltic department
makes a concerted
effort to support women's athletics and
that's why this event is so special and so neat
I've been all around the country and you don't see it at a lot of places.