How to modify already define lifts

Uploaded by scafflogic on 20.05.2011

Hello and welcome to this Scafflogic training video. In today’s session I would like to
demonstrate how to modify already defined lifts in a scaffold stripe.
In this presentation I will be using Layher Speedy Scaff scaffold.  If you are using
a different scaffold brand you may notice that I have different measurements and equipment
available for use. On the desktop is a building with scaffolds
built up from a previous video. We already have our blue outline around the strip which
indicates that we are in lifts edit mode, so I will go quickly to the elevation menu
where we will make changes to the gable scaffold. I will click on the gable to select it and
proceed to the elevation menu. As you can see, we have a green line here which indicates
the connecting points to the other scaffolds. Let’s go in and change the gable sections
by going into the content menu and selecting remove lifts. We can do it one more time and
now we are at the base level. At this point we will attempt to add a level
with an inserted frame, and we can see that this was accomplished easily. We can also
use the move function to make adjustments in height to the level. You can always check
the indicator in the middle as the system displays the combinations it is putting together. 
For instance, let’s take this level up a bit and then accept the new settings. Then
we can jump to 3D to see what it looks like. Everything looks good so far. Now we can go
back and build up the entire scaffold. You can keep going back and experiment with
stripe level combinations until you achieve the desired results.
In 3 D we can see that the system has automatically installed some extra guardrails for support
and we have a small inserted frame at the top. Notice that because of its height, the
system has determined that it does not need extra sections here. This is something you
need to be aware of when you use this gable function because otherwise you will need to
add extra rows, and that procedure is shown in another video about adding columns.