Beginner Tango - Back Corte Ballroom Dance Lesson

Uploaded by aanw97 on 15.02.2009

And the Tango, and that is the Back Corte. So, here we go.
The Back Corte. I’ll do a basic step first.
And: slow, slow, quick-quick, slow. Slow, slow, quick-quick, slow.
Basic. Slow, slow, quick-quick, slow.
Back Corte. Slow, slow, quick-quick, slow.
So in this step, the man does this.
He’s going to take a step back, I repeat, back with the left foot,
and turn to the left. He’s going to flex into the left knee,
keeping the right leg where it is, straight. The left side stretch up higher,
the right side remains low, and he’s going to look at the lady.
So all of that in one motion. From here, to here.
Left side, left hand, left knee, right leg, right arm, face.
Count of “slow’. Very deliberate.
He replaces his weight back onto the right foot for the second slow,
complete the basic step: quick-quick, slow. Step, side, brush.
Same count as the basic step: slow, slow, quick-quick, slow.
The lady has the mirror image of that. So as Wendy takes a step,
I will describe it. She’s going to go forward,
I repeat, forward. Right heel take a firm bow step.
Go. Slow. And when she does that,
she goes into the right knee flex and a lunge kind of feeling.
Left leg remains where it is. Left foot remains there,
left leg is fairly straight, and her right side is higher than her left
side. The forward side is higher.
And she’s looking forwards and upwards. She replaces back onto the left foot on the
second “slow”, and finish the basic step:
quick-quick, slow. Back, side, brush.
So the very first step is very important because it sets up the feeling and the look of the
Corte. So, once again,
take dance hold, in one motion,
and: slow, slow, quick-quick, slow. The turn of the body is important.
To do this step nicely and feeling good about it,
you need to be offset to the left and close together.
And, slow. You see me, you see Wendy.
From this angle, and: slow, slow, quick-quick, slow.
From this angle, and: slow, slow, quick-quick, slow.
The Back Corte. Leading this is very obvious.
The man simply does his back step, the lady will feel that right away.
There’s no secret signal. So I combine that with the basic step and
the music. And that concludes our Tango.