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{\a6}Episode 20
Yoo Bin.
Oh, hello.
So the two of you know each other.
Are you guys friends?
Did you come with Kang Ho?
That's great.
Then let's eat together.
It's fine, right, Kang Ho?
I'm fine with it.
Is it fine with you too?
Won't it be inconvenient?
Ah, that's right, Hyung.
It seems you haven't eaten out with your family in a long time,
you two should eat together with Yoo Bin.
That's true too,
it could be quite inconvenient.
Then, enjoy your meal.
I'll see you again.
Honey, let's go.
Yoo Bin, let's go.
Now, let's sit too.
The world is really small.
That agasshi is actually friends with Eun Nim.
Honey, what are you thinking about?
What did you say?
I said the world is really small.
The agasshi that sends cake to our house,
is actually friends with Eun Nim.
what were you thinking of, so concentrated?
Could it be...
trouble in the company?
why is Kang Ho and Secretary Go eating lunch together?
for the moment, please don't tell Manager about Kang Ho and I.
I'm sorry, to ask you for such a favor.
it might be because they entered the company at the same time,
so their relationship is a little better.
Do you not like it?
I was just asking.
But, the two of you,
what kind of friends are you?
Friends from school?
just friends that meet occasionally.
Sometimes I go to Yeon Hee's shop too.
My brother and his family, don't they look happy together?
They are the role model that I want to take after.
They look like a very matching couple.
My sister-in-law,
is actually Hyung's first love.
I don't know why they were so anxious,
sister-in-law hadn't even graduated from university.
The two of them wanted to get married, you don't know how much chaos it caused in the family.
That's really romantic.
Director doesn't look like that kind of person.
Now, my Hyung,
can only see my sister-in-law.
Is that so?
It seems to be that way among all couples.
My brother is different.
I'll stand by the side protecting them.
What should I do?
I have a really important appointment, I forgot all about it.
Then, eat some before you go.
It's fine, I've already eaten a lot.
Enjoy your meal.
I'll leave first.
You don't have to get up, I'm leaving.
I'll call you.
It's not even my birthday today.
Kang Ho,
congratulations. Your proposal has been selected.
My dukbokki* proposal?
{\a6}(*a spicy rice cake)
It has already been put into action,
tomorrow morning, you should be able to see the results.
Wait for it.
So quickly?
what about my soondae?
Eun Nim,
Grandmother's dukbokki proposal was selected.
Congratulate me!
What's up? Did something good happen?
the dukbokki proposal that Kang Ho did,
has been selected.
Kang Ho wrote this in a text message to you?
Be honest.
What relationship do the two of you have?
Why have you been like a sick chicken recently?
What's wrong?
Since the last time you went to visit Kang Ho when he was sick,
you haven't been eating well.
How long are you going to continue this way?
Are you not going to do business, business?
There's so much clothes stuffed in the warehouse,
after this season, you won't be able to sell them!
I know.
Where are you going?
I'm going to Kang Ho's' grandmother to give her the ring.
Remember to eat,
work up some energy, understand?
Mom, can you not go to that house?
Am I going because I want to go?
We have to return the ring.
Just mail it over.
Mom, don't go.
Mailing something so important,
what if something goes wrong?
I know.
What is this?
Mom, we have an order!
I don't know who it is, but it's a huge order!
Oh my,
looks like we're going to make a comeback!
The more you're at a point like this,
the more energy you have to work up to earn money!
I know, Mom.
From now on, I'm going to hand my life over to business.
I'm never going to be caught up in men again.
That's right, may daughter.
That's really my daughter.
No matter how you hang on to guys,
there'll be no use.
Only be relying on your talent, can you do anything.
That's right, Mom!
Mom's going.
This is the last time we're going to that house.
I know.
After I return the ring,
I'll never go there again.
What's going on?
That's right.
After I return the ring, let's see if I ever return there again.
What's lacking in our Nan Jung?
Life is unpredictable.
No, even if you're great,
how great can you be?
We live one life, and then we die.
Aren't we all the same?
Then do you guys not need to die?
Why are you doing this, really.
Oh, oh my.
Il Oppa!
Where are you going?
I'm going to Oppa's house, to look for Aunt.
Is that so?
That's just right.
Get in, we'll go together.
Is that alright too?
Let's go.
Oh my, this car is great.
Why does this car not make noise at all?
It feels like it's being driven on silk.
Oh, what tea is that?
Help me make one of the same.
Aigoo, how come the two of you came together?
Yes, on the way home from work,
I saw her carrying something this heavy,
so I asked her into the car to come together.
I made some kimchi and came over.
Of course we love to eat it,
but why do you always bring something so heavy?
Sit down.
- Oppa, you sit down too. - Alright.
Taking Oppa's car on the way here,
I always remember things in the past.
What things?
When I was in elementary school, Grade 4 or 5,
by that time, Oppa should be in junior high then.
Then, Oppa would cycle his bicycle,
and even send me to school.
Oh, it seems like yesterday.
Was there something like that?
Of course,
does Oppa not remember?
Also, when I was in first year of junior high,
Oppa should have been in high school,
one day it was storming,
and the floor was covered with water.
Then, in order for my shoes to stay dry, Oppa carried me and walked in the water.
We never expected for the two of us to fall into the water.
Oh, really!
Even now, thinking about it, I still can't stop laughing.
Aigoo, oh my.
Was there really something like that?
A guest is here, what are you doing not serving tea?
Excuse me.
What's wrong?
Do you have something to say?
In future, don't come to our house.
I didn't come to see you, Unnie.
Who are you calling Unnie?
No, for Il Oppa's wife,
shouldn't I call her Unnie?
Then what should I call you, Hyang Suk?
How could you...
How can there be a woman as overboard as you?
What... what did you say?
Then what about you?
You think I came here because I wanted to?
The elderly said she was bored, and asked me to come.
Could I say no?
You can't be such a person.
As a daughter-in-law, how could you chase away your mother-in-law's guest so casually?
That's going overboard.
Is taking time out to visit the elderly too much?
Aigoo... That feels great.
I said everything in my heart.
That feels great.
I used to hold everything in for Nan Jung.
How can there be things I don't dare say?
Nan Jung!
Nan Jung, what are you doing?
What's up?
I was going to call you anyway.
What is this?
It might be late, but congratulations on your internet shop opening.
How could you think about that?
Wow, but it looks like you're doing well.
Are all these orders?
I don't know who it is, but it's a huge order.
Congratulations! I hope your business continues to flourish.
But, when is the modeling starting?
Next time?
It's fine, since you're here today, can you do it now?
Wow, this fits you really well!
I'm originally a clothes hanger.
I'm taking it.
Great, great!
- You're really like a model. - Really?
It really goes well.
What are you doing?
What are you doing here again?
I'm looking for a male model again.
So I looked for him, don't say anything.
What did I say?
Mother, let me get you a cold cup of water.
Who are you calling Mother?
If other people would hear it, they might think you're dating.
Then... what should I call you?
Just call me Ahjumma, because I'm your mother's friend.
Yes, I understand.
One more picture!
Have you been well?
No, I've not been well.
What about the Director?
I've been well.
Yeon Hee!
Yeon Hee, what's wrong with you?
Mom, you're here.
What are you thinking about?
You don't even know someone came.
Mom, want to go shopping?
But Yeon Hee, no matter what,
the fur coat is too expensive.
Let's just return it.
Mom, I said it was fine.
Wear it, I want to buy it for Mom.
Of course I like it,
but I'm acting this way because I feel guilty towards you.
Mom, let's buy you a bed!
Let's go in.
It's fine, I don't need it.
Would you like to take a seat and wait here?
This is really warm, it's great.
Then we'll take this one.
But, how much is all this?
The clothes are good, and the bed is comfortable.
but this is strange.
This is not cheap,
where did all this money come from?
Could this girl...
The photo is gone.
Where did it go?
This child, took the photo.
Why did she only take that photo?
It's really strange.
What connection does it have?
Come in.
The last time, the merger of Angel and other companies,
there are rumors that Angel canceled their orders.
Is that so?
That might just be a rumor, check it out.
Yes. I understand.
Oh, right.
This time, the food project,
Baek Kang Ho's proposal has been selected.
Kang Ho's?
I understand, go out first.
- Good work. - Good work
It's me.
I'm off work.
I'm not yet.
Director has not knocked off yet.
Ah, Hyung, really. What's keeping him so busy that he can't knock off?
If not, he should let you go first.
Who are you talking to?
That... I'll call you later.
I'm hanging up.
Mr. Baek Kang Ho,
could you be... in a relationship?
from tomorrow, if you can't speak properly to me,
don't speak to me. Understand?
I used the respectful term with him, why doesn't he like it?
Knock off.
Director seems to know about the relationship between me and Kang Ho.
Everyone around us is slowly finding out,
what should we do?
Yes, Kang Ho,
I'm getting off work now.
I'm sorry, you must have waited long.
You're not in the office now?
Where are you?
Do you have a reservation?
It's Baek Kang Ho.
Ah, yes.
Come with me.
Eun Nim!
What's going on?
You should sit beside Kang Ho.
Eun Nim.
I came clean, about our relationship to Grandmother.
Grandmother, why are you looking like that.
This, is Grandmother's favorite side dish.
You should eat more.
Just looking at the two of you,
mutually in love, I'm already really full.
Grandmother, why are you doing this? It's so awkward.
What did you say that my Grandmother is acting this way?
What else could I have said, of course I told her the truth.
I told her we were holding hands.
Kang Ho!
What wrong did Kang Ho do?
If Kang Ho didn't tell me,
I might have really been kept in the dark.
Alright, alright,
I'll watch you eat,
hurry and eat.
Only if Grandmother eats first, can we start eating.
Also, it was because of you,
my dukbokki proposal could be selected.
So this is my gratitude, please eat.
What does this mean?
I didn't help you at all.
I, ate Grandmother's dukbokki,
and felt so good.
That's where I got my idea from.
Because of grandmother, our company is manufacturing dukbokki.
Just hearing about it, I feel honored.
Alright, I know.
I'll eat a lot,
so eat more, both of you.
Did Kang Ho leave safely?
Good thought,
you did well.
Just now,
when I saw the two of you sitting together...
It feels like Grandmother can die without regrets.
Eun Nim.
I know what you want to say right now.
just think about this as your destiny,
both of your fates.
Just like flowing water, follow your heart.
is this really alright?
Of course.
I don't want to.
I didn't want to do it this way.
But who knows, Kang Ho, he too...
It's fine, it's fine.
Oh, my child.
People liking each other, is not a crime.
So treasure the heart that Kang Ho has for you,
and treat him with sincerity too.
Don't think about anything else,
But Grandmother,
What's wrong?
Kang Ho,
is our company's president's... son.
Is that true?
Are you sleeping?
Tonight, you go to Mother's room to sleep.
Are you not asleep?
Then what were you doing before?
What made you uncomfortable?
Just tell me.
Why are you acting this way?
Just go to your mother's room and sleep, do you hear me?
Don't you like sleeping in your mother's room?
Are you acting this way, because Ae Rang spoke of the past just now?
You, sometimes,
you seem like a child that likes to throw temper tantrums.
Wh... What?
Are you saying that I'm being childish now?
Are you someone that lets anyone into his car?
If it were me,
and I let any guy take a ride in my car,
would you be happy?
Then, to a guest that is bringing such a heavy present to our house,
can I turn a blind eye?
I don't know.
Anyway, I hate her.
And, at her age,
she's still going 'Oppa, oppa,'
it makes me dislike her more.
Living for so long, this is the first time I've seen such a shameless woman.
How could you speak like that?
Ae Rang is Mother's guest!
Oh my.
Ae Rang...
Are you protecting that woman now?
This person...
I asked you to go out,
and you really leave with your pillow?
Son, why did you take your pillow out?
Did you have a fight?
No, at our age, how could we have fights?
I took my pillow out, because I wanted to sleep in the living room where it's cooler.
Is that so?
It's not even summer,
if you want to sleep in the living room, it must be cold.
I'm back.
Oh, you're late.
You look so happy, did something good happen?
Grandmother, why are you acting like this?
You clearly know.
What do I know?
What are you saying?
Dad, haven't you told Grandmother?
What are you saying?
Did something good happen?
Father doesn't know?
Such an important thing,
he didn't even report to Father?
Did something happen in the company?
I had an appointment today, and I came home straight after that.
Ah, really. If I use my own mouth to say it,
it'll be so uncomfortable.
Alright, sit down, everyone.
Grandmother, please sit.
Alright, tell me quickly,
what good news is it?
This time's food project,
my proposal was selected.
Ah, is that true?
Of course it's true.
Sae Hun,
did you know about Kang Ho's proposal being selected?
I.. I forgot to tell everyone.
How could you have forgotten, really.
Looks like I haven't lived in vain.
Good job, child,
this is really great.
Earlier during the day.
You said you knew Eun Nim's friend.
I told you we were just acquaintances.
Good night then.
Hey, Kang Ho
Don't go around seeing random people.
Buddha. The Gods.
The Immortals of Heaven.
Please take pity on our Eun Nim.
Never let her hurt or suffer ever again.
I beg of you.
You returned the ring, right?
Of course.
Ring? What ring?
Huh? Oh, nothing.
That's right... that internet shopping mall of yours
How's the business going, Nan Jung?
Really great, dad! It's really popular!
Is that so? But you have to plan for times of poor business as well.
That's also a part of business management.
Yeah, dad.
What are you taking her for? Nan Jung's not a bad kid.
But... is it Eun Nim's pay day today?
Oh! Eun Nim gets her first pay cheque today?
Only there's not much left after paying Nan Jung's debt off.
What are you saying?
It's good that your business is going well, Nan Jung.
You'll be able to make a profit later on.
Remember to set aside monthly payments for Eun Nim.
Of course, I will.
Where's father and Kang Ho?
They've just left for work.
I'll be leaving too, grandmother.
Say goodbye to your father.
Bye bye, daddy!
Why don't you get some cake when you finish work today?
Okay... daddy will buy it for you.
What kind of cake would you like, Yoo Bin?
Chocolate cake.
Got it.
Yoo Bin likes the cake from that place last time.
Aren't cakes all the same?
May as well buy it there if we're buying cake.
I can't eat other cakes anymore now that I've tried theirs.
Alright, we'll see. If I just happen to be in the area.
If you're really busy, I can go buy it.
That's okay... I'll buy it on the way home.
You have to buy the prune and chocolate cake!
Cake, Cake.
What's so good about the cake?
So delicious...
Eat up! Why are you eating so little?
What is it?
Come out for a second... I'm at the front door.
I understand.
Who's calling?
She didn't even finish her food.
Hey, Mom... how do I look?
Do I look okay?
Of course you do.
Where are you going?
Leaving without even finishing her lunch.
But who is she meeting?
Who is that?
I wonder who it is...
Clear up your shop.
What do you mean?
I'll get you a bigger and better shop. So move away.
The further away, the better. If it's a different place entirely, even better.
So... you brought me here just to say this?
Why are you always hanging around me. Why?
Since when?
You're acting like this because of yesterday, aren't you?
But I didn't go there so I could meet you.
I went out for lunch with a few friends!
Just move.
Being so close to our company... it won't be good for either of us.
Sorry. I can't do it.
Don't argue with me. Just do as I say.
Didn't I say I would buy you a better shop?
I can't do it. I can't.
Who are you? Why should I listen to you?
We don't have a relationship anymore, right?
Why do you have to say these things to me?
[Grandmother's dukbokki hits the market!]
Who is it?
Express post.
Who's there?
Unni, it's a delivery.
What could be so big?
Thanks, take care.
Please lock the door for us.
What's in this huge box?
Who sent it?
Unni, it's from Chul.
It's not like we're quarrelling. What could he possibly send?
Oh my gosh! They're clothes!
What clothes? So many clothes...
No, no...
What kind of clothes are they?
They look like clothes from a factory outlet.
These types of clothes too.
I think they're pretty nice!
Yoo Bin's here!
Come here my baby!
What are they, Mom?
How come you didn't tell me you were coming?
Chul told me to come... he said he had a present for me.
I'm back!
They've come already?
Hey Chul... what is this?
Did you send all these clothes?
Mom, auntie, noona...
This is my gift to you all.
I didn't buy you anything with my first paycheck, remember?
But which ones are mine and Mom's...?
Doesn't matter. Just take whatever you like.
What's wrong? What is it?
You guys don't like it?
Just this one's enough for me.
Thanks so much for your present, Chul.
But just give me money next time.
Then I can go out and buy whatever I like.
I reckon they're pretty decent.
If you guys don't want then I'll take them all!
Chul... thanks a million.
I'm already receiving tokens of your gratitude.
I'm so excited!
These are famous designer clothes!
Yoo Bin!
Let's go and buy that chocolate cake you like.
I've come to buy cake.
You have a big variety today.
The prune and chocolate one tastes the best.
Eun Young, please serve our next customer.
There's something I have to do.
Can you pack a slice of each for me?
Don't try to make me move.
Just think of a way to get your wife out of my shop.
Why make me suffer like this?
What are you saying all of a sudden?
Your wife is in my shop right now.
It's bothersome.
I don't want to see you,
much less see your wife.
Do you hear me?
What's wrong with that woman?
Did I offend her in any way?
I travelled all this way to buy the cake.
Why was she like this?
Hi honey, it's me.
What is it?
I went back to my Mom's place
And I went to the cake shop on my way back and bought the cake.
So you don't have to buy it anymore
You called me to tell me this?
I'm hanging up.
What's wrong with him?
Did something happen with the company?
Did you get your pay?
You that excited about your first paycheck?
Yeah, but it's a little strange, too.
Don't spend all of your pay just because you feel good.
Remember to save up, too.
Yes, of course.
Have any plans for lunch?
I need to eat quickly,
and then go buy presents for Mom and dad.
You texting Kang Ho?
Going to meet up somewhere cozy for lunch?
What do you mean by no?
Let's go buy the presents together then.
Oh! Eun Nim!
Let's have a cup of coffee!
It'll have to be next time,
the chairman's coming back.
Eun Nim hasn't been saying much lately.
Does she have a boyfriend or something?
What's that?
What's what?
It's our first pay day, right?
So I bought presents for my parents and grandmother.
Already? That was fast.
It looks like the same brand Eun Nim bought as well.
Get me a cup of coffee if you have some spare change.
Yes, sir!
That's right.
But when will they build the resort town?
Reckon it can be done before the holidays next year?
What resort?
What resort town does our company have?
Isn't the project Director Baek is overseeing
the largest resort town in the East?
But how can you not know about this as his younger brother?
Come in.
The Director isn't here?
He just went out.
What about the Chairman?
He hasn't returned yet.
did you hear that our company is buying over a resort town?
The Director is making preparations for that.
What, didn't you know?
[Baeksan Group Financial Records]
Hello, Secretary Kim.
It's Kang Ho
How are you?
There's something I want to ask of you.
Like it?
The color is so nice and pretty... it fits really well!
What about you, dad?
Thank you... I really like it.
Since this is your first paycheck, it's okay.
But don't spend all your money here, okay? You should save it.
I know, dad.
But isn't there anything for us?
For you guys.
What is it?
Eun Nim! Oh my gosh!
Unni, why give us so much money?
I was afraid that you wouldn't like what I bought you guys
So just buy it yourselves.
Thank you, unni.
Me too!
Is it that great?
What's Sae Hun doing?
Tell him to come down and have some fruit.
Oh here he is. Sae Hun, come over here.
Have some fruit.
I heard that our Kang Ho's proposal was a dukbokki.
Yes, it went very well.
Some international groups have even heard about it
They've been contacting us about it.
Then maybe you will go international?
Of course. If we can, we definitely will.
Really, Kang Ho did something amazing this time.
Shouldn't he be promoted?
He hasn't been with the company for long. What do you mean?
He should be promoted so he can learn more
and have more responsibilities.
You're right, mother.
I was thinking the same thing.
I'm back!
Come in.
What's that you have there?
I got my first paycheck today
This is for you, grandma
For father.
For you, mother
Open them up
For sister-in-law.
I get one too?
Of course.
How could I forget my lovely sister-in-law?
For you, bro.
Great, thanks.
Sit down
Oh, Hyung,
you know that resort town you're investing in...
What about it?
I only found out about it today,
but can't you do it later?
Given our company's current financial situation,
many problems may crop up.
What do you know of it?
How could I not know?
From what I see, the risk is too high.
Based on the current situation,
if we made one wrong investment decision,
it might even affect the whole group.
What? What is this?
Is this true?
No, grandmother.
You can't even do anything well yet,
you dare interfere with your brother's work.
Don't mind his business.
Just keep yourself from drinking and trouble.
why bring up drinking and causing trouble?
We're talking about the company right now.
Your brother is older brother, and is your superior.
Why do you have to stand in his way?
What do you know about the company anyway?
What's wrong with the child. Talking to me in such a tone!
Did I say anything wrong?
how have I ever wronged you?
What have I ever done to make you so biased?
Such that you always treat me like I was picked off the streets?
Oh my, Kang Ho.
ever since I was little,
you've never spoke to me words of warmth
or gave me warm gazes.
Just tell me what I did wrong!
What are you saying to your mother?
Stay out of this.
My child!
See, see?
Turning the household into this state,
then leaving like it's all over?
You can't! You!
Mother, mother!
This wife of yours is the world's most spiteful woman.
Our Kang Ho suffered so much, he must be heartbroken.
That's why he could say those things.
Mother, calm down.
If I'm going mad like this,
how is our Kang Ho feeling right now?
The poor child.
That's why,
We shouldn't have brought him here back then.
Mother, someone might hear you.
Poor child...
You kicked Kang Ho out.
Could you have done anything worse?
Why are you always getting mad at me?
What did I do wrong?
Yes, he isn't your son...
That's right. You're right.
The one who cheated wasn't me. It was you.
You should be grateful that I raised him.
How could you talk to me in this way?
I'm worse, you say.
I raise the child of the woman you still can't forget.
Shouldn't you be thanking me?
Aren't you going to get changed?
Just leave me alone.
Did something happen?
Even if other's don't know, you can always say something.
Did you do something wrong?
Didn't I tell you not to talk to me?
What's wrong?
Earlier in the day as well.
You've been acting so strange lately?
I said I'm tired!
Can't you just shut up?
It's alright.
Mommy and Daddy are fine.
It's me
What's wrong, Kang Ho?
You are here?
Kang Ho,
what are you doing here at this time of the night?
Kang Ho, what happened?
What is it?
Just let me stay like this for a while.
Thank you.
What happened?
Is there anything worrying you?
Just something.
But being with you like this...
everything is now fine.
That's great.
Eun Nim.
Let's get married.
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It's an engagement ring.
Did you like what my husband gave you?
I didn't get anything,
I didn't even hear about it.
Who did you give the necklace to?
Do you have another woman in your life?
Are you crazy?
Who cares who I gave it to?
Just because there's someone like you. A drunk woman alone by herself...
That's why!
What does this have to do with you?
When will you bring your girlfriend home?
Tomorrow is Saturday so bring her back then.
Okay... I'll bring her back tomorrow then.
But please don't be shocked.
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