IT Residency Program at Google

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CARLY NOLAND: The IT Residency Program is a chance for recent
graduates to come and spend two years at Google.
BEN FRIED: And learn the secret sauce about how Google
delivers great technology, great user support technology,
in a fast-paced classroom and on the job environment,
learning about an enormous expanse of technologies that
powers every aspect of how people work with computers
here at Google.
DARYLL HENRICH: The two-year program will take residents
through a number of IT activities, trainings,
workshops, rotations, actual user support activities.
JED SALAZAR: Give them the technical training necessary
to help them become successful either in
Google or in the industry.
BEN FRIED: What distinguishes support at Google the most is,
I'd say first of all, its excellence, right?
I had a lot of friends here at Google before I started.
And the one thing that they all said was support at Google
is awesome.
NILKA THOMAS: At a lot of the other companies I've worked
at, it was service over the phone.
CARLY NOLAND: We have such a unique approach in that we
really believe that the user is the most important.
We have a physical location where you can go and get help.
PETER WEINBERGER: Some companies have
outsourced IT support.
And then the contracts seem to be written in some really
peculiar way, where you get lots of credit for closing
tickets, whether you fixed the problem or not.
DARYLL HENRICH: Google uses IT as a key part of the business.
BEN FRIED: There's this idea that the person you bring your
problem to is going to solve your problem for you, no
matter what it is, right?
The idea that we hire really smart technology generalists
to be support people.
CARLY NOLAND: When you're stuck on a problem, it feels
pretty debilitating.
And so the fact that you can actually go somewhere, and
they're ready to help you to me is what makes my support
experience consistently good at Google.
DARYLL HENRICH: From a technology standpoint, Google
believes in engineer or user choice.
So what's interesting is that we don't force people to be
in-- you must use this exact platform, you must do this,
you must do this.
You're going to be proficient with a multitude of operating
systems, probably Windows, Mac, and Linux, networking,
security, mobile telephony, video conferencing.
MICHAEL MCCOY: Being on the front lines as a field tech at
Google will expose you to all types of different technology
problems, whether it's networking, whether it's
getting an office up and running, whether it's
hardware, whether it's engineering, or whether it's a
people problem.
As a field tech, you're going to interact with engineers,
salespeople, HR people, all types of different people.
BEN FRIED: Google support isn't the kind of job where
you're going to be able to sit in front of a computer alone
typing all day every day.
You got to be in this because you want to work with people
and help them.
JED SALAZAR: Being front-line support allows you to both
have both a technical aspect and a human aspect and
integrate the two.
It allows you to see the human element of technology.
BEN FRIED: So we're looking for people who have a great
background in technology.
We're not looking for narrow support people who've been
asked to memorize a list of questions and answers that
represent the most common 20 or 50 or 100 problems.
We're looking for people who can think on their feet, who
understand the fundamentals of how this technology works.
The one constant at Google is that the technology here is
always changing.
DARYLL HENRICH: We're trying to find the people who have
that true passion for technology, both the people
who are kind of your traditional computer science
IT grad types and also people with much more diverse
JED SALAZAR: Once residents complete the training, they'll
have the technical foundation necessary to be successful in
any one of our leading operations groups.
CARLY NOLAND: The goal for the IT Residency Program is for
the residents to finish their two years at Google feeling
like they learned more here than they did in their
previous academic experience.
BEN FRIED: We've got a unique perspective on what 21st
century IT is here at Google.
And you can come and learn that secret sauce, what that
is, spend two years here immersing yourself in it, and
take that with you as you march down your career.
You're never going to get experience and that kind of
insight anywhere else.
So we get your energy.
We get your passion.
And what you get is something absolutely unique that's going
to make your career better than it could have
been any other way.