How to Make Creative Table Pieces | At Home With P. Allen Smith

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How about some creative ideas for decorating for a party without spending a lot of money?
Oh come on! Who doesn't enjoy taking something you might ordinarily throw away and coming
up with something really creative with it? That's what I'm doing right here with some
glass bottles. Whether it's a water bottle or a wine bottle, there's a very simple way
to make something stylish that you can use in centerpieces for a wedding reception, an
anniversary party, or just a birthday party. It's a simple as taking a piece of glass and
taking some rubber bands and wrapping them around the glass as I've done here. You can
come up with your own design and shape. And then you just spray spray paint on the glass,
and then when you pull the rubber band off then you have this really interesting design.
In this case, I used three rubber bands. And you can see the striped effect that you get.
Pretty cool, huh? Here's a caveat: Be careful how much paint you spray on it. Here, I got
a little heavy with the paint -- it dripped, and you can see that it doesn't come off quite
as nicely. I think this is a much better example. So go easy on the spray paint. Now take a
look at this bottle: An ordinary wine bottle, it was first painted red. Then I took rubber
bands, wrapped them around the red bottle and then stray painted it blue. Let it dry,
pop the rubber bands off, and there you have it. Pretty nice, huh? Of course, you can use
any color or any sort of container you like. You can even use clay pots, fruit jars, hey,
you name it. It'll satisfy the size that you need for whatever occasion you're creating
these for, then it'll work. Then you choose whatever color you like, rubber bands can
come in different widths -- just have fun. You see, this is beautiful: The candle glowing
in it. And just think about doing some others, maybe as vases for flowers. Hey, if you've
got similar tips that take something that you'd ordinarily just walk on by and turn
into something creative, we'd love to hear about it. Also, make sure you subscribe to
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