Windows 8 Consumer Preview Hands-On

Uploaded by brianptrager on 07.03.2012

Hello, my name is Brian Trager.
I'm here to talk about Windows 8.
What's new with Windows 8, you ask?
Last week, there were a lot of news about Windows 8 Consumer Preview .
Consumer Preview pretty much means Beta to give you an idea of what's coming in Windows 8.
Windows 8 has new features that will change the way you use PCs today.
Current and previous versions of Windows typically relies on the use of a keyboard and mouse.
Windows 8 revolves around touch, but still retains keyboard and mouse functionality.
Windows 8 wiil run on desktops, tablets, and laptops.
More and more laptops this year will have touch capabilties...
which means that you can have the best of both worlds with the use of keyboard/mouse and touch.
Next, I'm going to talk about how you can logon in Windows 8.
When Windows boots up, you'll see something like this...
the picture can be set to whatever you want it to be...
Before I log in, there are tidbits of information that I can quickly glance on the screen...
such as date, time, and notifications such as emails, text, calls, etc.
First, I'm going to slide up the picture and be greeted with a picture password
There are three gestures required to enter my password
I've already set up my picture password, though it is temporary to give you an idea how it works.
This is the new Start Screen and you'll immediately notice that it doesn't look at all like Windows 7.
It's different in a way to allow you to organize the information you interact on a daily basis.
Information such as calendar, people, photos, videos, weather, stock, current events (news)...
even has its own 'Word of the Day' for you to glance at.
The tiles are dynamic in displaying information and they're not static icons..
so when you click on those tiles, you'll see relevant information just as you saw them on the tiles
When you want to run legacy apps that runs fine on previous versions of Windows
don't fear because there is a Desktop app that will allow you to run older applications
The desktop is considered an application, it is no longer the default screen you'll see in Windows 8
so when you click on Desktop, you'll see the classic mode.
Now, let's go back to the Start screen.
While it does support legacy apps, you may notice that Windows 8 runs snappier...
it's true that it uses less memory or rather a better way of using system memory
for faster performance. A lot of folks who've tried Windows 8 also noticed the same thing.
Windows 8 is built upon the solid foundations set by Vista and 7. Windows 8 runs on a cleaner, more
efficient codebase allowing it to run more smoothly than its predecessors.
Microsoft has stated that Windows 8 can run on machines that originally ran on Vista.
While it may run just fine on your computer, your experience may not be optimal...
due to the lack of touch. However, you can still use the keyboard and mouse...
but Windows 8 appears to be more touch-oriented.
If you are planning to upgrade your PC this year, I recommend that you wait until the fall
You will see a new generation of laptops, desktops, all-in-ones that will be specifically designed for
Windows 8. Let's talk about gestures and how you can get more options in apps
and IE10, which adds more HTML5 support and performs real fast!
Now, we're in Internet Explorer 10. One way to create tabs is through the use of touch gestures...
slide down from the top to reveal the ability to create new tabs.
Now, let's say that I'm done browsing the Internet and want to close my application.
Not simply minimize it, but actually close it. I will swipe my finger from top to bottom to close IE10.
I have better control of my apps. I can decide to leave it running or actually CLOSE it.
Now let's close it. Pretty simple.
There are more touch gestures in Windows 8 and I'm going to show you how I work around using touch gestures
in Windows 8.
Looks pretty simple. I can show you more gestures in my upcoming videos.
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