Sockets & Socket Wrenches

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Alright we got a letter here from a viewer. ìDude, can you do a 101 on sockets and socket
wrenches.î Thatís a great suggestion ñ nah Iím just kidding. Itís blank. Do people
really send letters anymore ñ I donít even know.
Sockets, by and large come in black and silver. Now the black is specially heat treated and
theyíre called impact sockets, theyíre specially designed for impact wrenches. Impact guns
like these. And silver very often come in twelve point configuration as you can see
here as opposed to impacts virtually always come in a six point configuration. Six points
being the six points of a hexagon. Hexagonal drive, hex drive is the other and of course
this is a hex nut. OK going from smallest to largest weíll start
off in the quarter inch socket drive section of my tool kit. Measures a quarter of an inch
across. Deep socket set, same with shallow. Duplicate socket set, some random sockets.
I like to keep everything on rails like this and in little boxes. Keep it highly organized.
Anyway, we have all kinds of socket wrenches in quarter inch drive. This is a Mastercraft,
theyíre available at the Canadian Tire company. Theyíre fairly well made tools for the price
point. I also have a Gear Wrench set. Very, very fine gears inside of there. That means
youíre not going to be applying a lot of torque before you break them, but if you use
it for light dutyÖ Of course Iíve got all kinds of extensions and deep sockets and stuff.
Just a screwdriver style driver for sockets. Thumb-ratchet made by GearWrench, pretty cool
little thing. Reversible. And this little gem is a tiny little breaker bar. Some people
call this a J-bar or a knuckle-bar. Itís just a beauty, for quarter inch, I mean itís
really more of an ornamental but I did have occasion to use it once and there was no other
tool that was suitable for the job. So there you go. Every tool has itís use, for sure.
This is my three eights inch drive drawer. Measures three eights of an inch across. Big
monster long extension thatís too long to fit in the drawer but Iíll just move it aside
for a second. Of course all the deep sockets, everything on rails. Twelve point. Show you
Iíve got all kinds of specialty drives. At this end, Torx drives. Allen drives. Robertson
drives. Line wrench crowís feet or also known as flare-nut wrench crowís feet. These are
flare nut wrenches, flarenut wrenches are line wrenches, of course, and line wrenches
are generally in reference to brake-lines. This little Mac three eights inch drive, anyways
I love this little wrench ñ quite expensive but worth every penny. Speaking of expensive,
everybodyís heard of Snap-On, well this is quite an expensive ratchet. Sears brand, Craftsman.
The old Super-ratchet B52 from the JH Williams company. Hereís a crazy ìreach-around the
cornerî one from the Husky tool company: they call it a spark-plug wrench for getting
into really tight, awkward and hard to get at spots. OK now hereís something thatís
very handy is a swivel socket set. Now, these are again Craftsman, hereís a three quarter
inch or nineteen millimetre. OK hereís the same effect being created by using a nineteen
socket and a universal swivel. OK so you have the two side by side as itís plain to see
that the swivel socket is much more compact than the universal socket and socket combination
on the right. It can get into a lot tighter spaces and do the same if not a better job.
It really is the best way, for me anyways, for my organizational style for me the best
solution is to have everything on rails, laid out flat in the drawers.
Thatís what my half inch kit looks like. Measures half an inch across. Spans two drawers
and theyíre so heavy you want to get them as low as possible in your tool chest. Now
while there are impact guns for three eights drive like these, Iíve never seen impact
sockets in three eights drive, theyíre just designed to cope with the heavy stresses that
are going to be able to be generated by the impact guns like these. Now talk about specialty
drivers, hereís some twelve point drivers. Hereís a half inch breaker bar from the Craftsman
company, very similar to the little Mastercraft model in shape and design and certainly in
function. You get a lot of specialty tools that come in half inch size. OK so a couple
of adapters, this is half inch to three quarter inch and this is three quarter inch to half
inch. Thatís half inch drive Allen, plus that little sweetie. Short extension in ordinary
chromed and impact. This is a strap wrench, most commonly used for removing oil filters.
Thatís my favourite use for it. Grab onto an oil filter like that, put your socket wrench
on the end of the strap wrench then start turning, and then as you turn it pulls like
that. Hereís a little ratchet: a torque limiting ratchet with a short handle on it when you
compare it to another one. Thereís three different lengths of handle you might find.
Of course a nice short torque limiter up here, standard length in the centre and a Williams
and company Super-ratchet on the end. OK so down here at the bottom is my three
quarter inch set. Measures three quarters of an inch across. As you can see itís a
hodgepodge mixture of impact and standard. You know I ëve collected my tools over a
lifetime and so I have tools from many different manufacturers as a result. Thereís a nice
ñ yet another ñ breaker bar that looks a lot like those other two that I showed you.
And as far as socket wrenches go thatís my big one, itís quite a brute. Itís made by
the Gray tool company which is a very good Canadian tool maker. So, quite a few sockets,
also some extensions: short, medium and long extension. Breaker bar.
OK now if youíre just getting started out buying tools I would strongly recommend picking
up a kit like this one right here. Now this is a Craftsman two hundred and seven
piece tool kit OK. It comes in this really sweet blown plastic, fitted carrying case.
Itís just terrific for taking around, you know, jobsites or something like thatÖ a
very, very thorough, comprehensive starter set.
Youíve got your deep sockets up here, some specialty drives up here. Extensions, a universal,
twelve point in metric and in SAE, large and small. Combination wrenches in both metric
and SAE again. Quarter inch drive, six point quarter inch drive. Six point three eights
inch drive and this is twelve point three eights inch drive over here and half inch
drive up in here. Half inch drive, three eights inch drive and quarter inch drive socket wrenches.
Some square drives. Thereís some adapters. And, really just a great set.
The regular price on this thing was two hundred and seventy nine dollars but I picked it up
on sale for a hundred and nineteen dollars. This is twice as good a set and twice as comprehensive
a set as I started off with. How do I know? Well I still have the receipt.
Canadian Tire Mastercraft hundred and eleven piece socket set. The reason Iíve kept it,
of course, and what Iím going to recommend for youÖ
When I first started getting an interest in collecting tools I bought the set that this
piece came from and some of the other pieces that youíve already seen in this video. Theyíre
the Mastercraft set. This socket wrench set also came with a whole bunch of metric and
SAE wrenches and they werenít even as good a quality as the set that Iím showing you
here, this new Craftsman two hundred and seven piece set, but they got me started. And it
was enough tools that I was really able to get my hands dirty and really get into projects.
What I recommend, as far as brand goes, is very simple: choose your brand according to
what you like. Iíve got Mastercraft. Iíve got Craftsman.
Iíve got Snap-On. Gray. Iíve got Wright. Gear Wrench. Iíve got Williams. Iíve got
Proto Iíve got. Stanley. Iíve got Northern. I got Husky. I got Challenger. Mac. Blue Point.
Bonney. Action. Iíve got Blackhawk. Got Armstrong. And even some more besides those.
Iíve seen at Costco they have great kits from the Crescent tool company for a really
reasonable price, you know. So pick whatever youíre most comfortable
having as your tools. Just make sure, what ever it is you pick, it comes with a lifetime
warranty and that you hold on to the receipt like I did because youíll be happy that you
did when you go and you shatter a socket and you can just go to the store and trade it
for a new one. I recently had to go and get them to honour their warranty and they were
dumbfounded that I had a receipt from nineteen eighty-nine and that you could still read
it actually, thatís the most amazing part I suppose.
Well, yeah, I got quite a few different brands but thatís because my tool kitís grown organically
over the course of my life. Iíve always believed in investing in tools and Iíve always believed
in spending a few bucks here and there on something thatís going to be worth it and
going to give you a lifetime of use out of it. Itís an old clichÈ but itís something
my Grandfather taught me. He said that if you take care of your tools, your tools will
take care of you. Itís true. So I paid a hundred and fifty four ninety-nine
plus tax for my hundred and eleven piece Mastercraft kit in nineteen eighty-nine. And then, geez,
and then nearly twenty years later in two thousand and six I got an even better kit
two hundred and seven pieces ñ a hundred and nineteen ninety-nine plus tax. I recommend
that you also buy tools that come with a lifetime warranty and you hold onto that receipt, and
you keep it somewhere safe because out of this hundred and eleven piece tool that I
bought over twenty years ago ñ I still have a hundred and eleven pieces of them. Theyíre
not all the originals, I think three maybe four have shattered and Iíve had to return
them, but you show up with your old receipt and a smile on your face and they let you
walk away with a brand new replacement piece at no charge. Yeah, itís really a ìno brainerî
isnít it? Yeah this is just a blank piece of paper and
this is the envelope my garbage collection schedule came in.