A arte do guerreiro (The art of the warrior) - Sanshou

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Taking advantage of the Christmas peace time. We brings to you the Art of the warrior.
The ancient oriental wisdom has a message for all the fighters steeped in western culture.
Silence is the art of the warrior.
Meditation is the sword.
Eliminates everything that's not necessary
It is called a state of emptiness.
100% of body, mind and spirit.
Just me and my opponent.
Desire, heart, blood and sweat.
Becouse in the fight is always worse. Always!
Life is much harder than training.
A litte pain is part of training.
I do not fight for prize.
Training for me is more important. The way.
That's why I train.
That's why I live for.
Chineese boxe is far from being just a dance from the movies.
From philosophical lessons to extreme punch
Sanshou is a complete martial art.
and against to what many uninitiated think about it
The technique taught has adapted so well and became so modern
that already can, and should, be practiced by MMA fighters
The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the Machida Karate faced alot of prejudice befor gain recognition.
Sanshou has been performing a way of persistence and efficiency
that certainly will bring him the deserved popularity.
If we check what does "Sanshou" means
"San" means "Free"
"shou" means "Hands".
It's the practice sports part in the amateur field
And we also have the Sanda. "San" = Free. "Da" = Srike
Which already is the professional part of the sport. That has grown a lot in Braziland the World.
Sanshou its divided into 3 parts:
Hand techiniques, leg techniques and take-downtake-down techniques.
So, the take-downtake-down techniques is a huge advantage against other martial arts.
If the fighter is good with take-downs techniques, it preserves him of taking blows.
wich makes him score points and even to end a fight.
Therefore, Sanshou can add so much to a mma fighter.
The techinique of a jiu-jitsu figher
its based on take-downs. and that take-down is for putting de opponent on the ground.
and then uses a immobilization techinique.
Sanshou is not like this.
The take-down itself will make a lot easier to finish the opponent.

If you took sanshou and train it with other martial arts. it will add a lot to the fighter.
Like Lyoto Machida. UFC champion.
He's from Karate but he trains Jiu Jitsu too.
Martial arts were created with the objective to develop the human being in a holistic way.
When we talk about the sportive part of it we have to be very careful.
Becouse sometimes we end it up incentivating only the persuit of the prize.
But in Chinese Martial Arts still is very strong even in the sportive part
the use of the experience of a fight as a process of self knowledge.
In order to develop himself.
The athlete must not search only for winning.
but the lesson.
Defeat will be a lesson. Victory will be a lesson.
Always will be a process of evolution.
This always was the martial arts proposal.
Even being on esportive part, we should not loose this essence of martial arts.