СтопХам,5- ФСО крышует ресторан/ KGB guards the restaurant

Uploaded by StopXAM on Oct 3, 2011

Moscow, Neglinaya street, very good resoraunt[day 1]
Paid parking is this?
No, it's parking of the restoraunt
Here organised parking. Is here? Yes here is
Can you show papers of this "organised parking"?
Do you know, that restoraunt is secured by KGB[aid by owner of restoraunt]
[are you real full?]
Guys do you whant any problems?
I Have not any documents of this parking
Who in Moscow have any papers? I don`t khow, We are talking ONLY about you
Hello, have you illegal parking again?[day 2]
lets see, policmens is drive over
We are not highway force, we are escort services
17.00 o' clock we need two parking place here
[WTF is going here???]
No proplems!
Can you impose a fine? Yes, of course!
Let's go! Why you didn't to do?
Man is break the law and you ignore this![thumbs up for russian Silent Bob]
Is you simple leave? Ok...
We called you to impose a fine on illegal parking cars
Do you do it again?[day 3] And you? We do. I Will call to police
Told me please, this parking column... It is illegal
[day 4]
Can you repark you car?
If you don't repark i'll be must stick a stiker on the windshield
if you stick this - I'll break your face![uncensored]
Who are you? Who are you a***ole?[uncensored]
[you haven't methods against Kostya Saprikin- russian epic joke]
Unstick fastly! No
Don't touch me with ur hands, it won't end up well for you
Tell me who are you[uncensored] Dmitry Chugunov
[uncensored untranslatable russian dialect]
I told u not to do that
[in the next series]