Law Firm Marketing 101: Client Retention

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All right gang, um...
this is RJon Robins from How To MANAGE a Small Law
and I have a
Law Firm Management, Law Firm
MARKETING tip for you
that will
help you retain clients
make more money
all that good stuff your law firm so watch to the end. First of all I apologize for my appearance
I um..
I'm teaching a seminar this evening. And so I went out to breakfast I went to a new place
uh, just to kind of collect my notes and get myself ready
And I ordered my
you know eggs and sausage mixed in it
the breakfast of champions
so ummm
what arrived
was eggwhites. And I was so kind of
engrossed in my work...because I love what I do
that I got about halfway through my meal when I realized like,
these eggs are like ,
disgusting. I don't know how anyone could eat eggwhits and
they're terrible!
so I brought this to the attention of my waitress
who said
who, who, who, her first move was to disavow all responsibility and said well
I didn't put it into the computer that way the kitchen must have made a mistake
and ....?????
and that was basically it. She disavowed responsibility
didn't do anything to fix it
and basically just apologized that I had shitty breakfast.
um, of course when it came time to give her a tip
I didn't leave a tip.
I normally leave a very generous tip when I get good service.
I know that from my last email
video you might think that I'm a bad tipper but the fact of the matter is
I'm a really good tipper
when I get good service
because uh I believe that a tip is supposed to be
a reward. It stands for "To Insure
Proper Service" That's what tip stands for
but anyway,
the point is
it's really important to empower your staff
the receptionist, your paralegal anyone working for you it's really important to empower them
to use their judgment and their discretion
the make your clients happy
give them
a limit
and tell them like I tell MJ
anything under two hundred dollars
don't ask me
just fix the problem just
make my members happyy (ring, ring)

because it's more important that my members are happy than anything else
same thing with your clients the cost of getting a new client
is is much MORE
than the cost of keeping a current client happy
so empower your staff
to make your clients happy
and indoctrinate them in the philosophy
that they have to keep your clients happy
alright. I'm home. I have to uh
get my notes together get my preparation together
and obviously
get all cleaned up and pretty for my at presentation this evening
so uh
alright, make your clients happy
see y'all later.
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