Communicative Disorders Assistant program (graduate certificate)

Uploaded by DurhamCollege on 03.01.2012

CDA stands for Communicative Disorder Assistant.
CDA involves learning specific techniques for speech and language therapy to help with
children or adults. We also have a large portion of our program directed towards audiology
and we also touch upon sign language.
We have courses in articulation in phonology, child language acquisition and related disorders.
We have adult neurology courses, audiology courses, courses working with special populations.
We have a component that, uh, augmentative and alternative communication, we have various
So the labs that we are involved in, there’s a lot. There’s an audiology lab where we
practice all the different kinds of screenings, in our clinical class we have observations,
and we have placement portion to our program.
There are two field placements as part of our CDA program, totalling fifteen weeks,
where students are able to practice their skills out in the community, and students
actually often get the jobs after they graduated from their field placement experiences.
Communicative disorder assistants will often work in preschool speech and language programs,
school board’s long-term care facilities, audiology clinics, private speech and language
clinics. There’s really a world of opportunity for CDAs.
Our professors are wonderful. They’re from a wide background and knowledge base, so they
bring with them a lot of skills and techniques.
They’re always making sure that we’re knowing what we’re doing, and that we’re
comfortable with it, so I definitely think Durham College cares about how we do.