Don Dracula - Full Episode 1 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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Osamu Tezuka "Don Dracula"
Yes, I see a beautiful woman I drool.
My heart beats I throw the feet.
Always the whole family has a split personality.
I'm ready. Me lntelectual Ratio Dracula is the ratio.
I like all human beings
I like to be my friends.
The mansion is a haven Nerima.
It is comfortable to live. Dr Don Paradise.
Dr Dr Don Don Don Don Dr Dracula.
Dr Dr Don Don Don Don Dr Paradise.
The mansion is a haven Nerima.
It is comfortable to live. Dr Don Paradise.
Dr Dr Don Don Don Don Dr Dracula.
Dr Dr Don Don Don Don Dr Paradise Paradise.
"Here comes the Dracula Killer"
I'm Count Dracula.
From my castle, covered in Transilvania's thickest mist...
I came back to life in this world, and now I'm here.
I want your delicious blood!
Oh, Count Dracula, my dear.
My Count,
take more of my blood!
You are...!
My Count!
I trained really hard for this!
My image would be affected by this!
Don't get any closer! Don't touch me! Leave me alone!
My neck!
Get off me! Help!
It's a nightmare, a nightmare.
I'm just dreaming, I want to wake up!
A nightmare, just a nightmare.
If I'm dreaming, I want to wake up!
Wake me up, someone!
This is Chocola's first appearance, I'll try to look nice and cute.
Chocola's first public appearance!
Dad, it's late already. You're daydreaming.
- Thank god it was a nightmare. - The moon rose long ago.
Good day, Chocola. I dreamt about that woman again.
When I arrived to Japan I sucked her blood by mistake. Bad sign.
Since then, she follows me even in my dreams,
offering me her fatty neck.
It's a tragedy!
That triangular guy... Yasu the Bat, that's me.
Look, recently, in Nerima, my area,
someone called Dracula appeared. He's a really cheesy guy.
He's a foreigner, and I am from Japan.
Well, be nice to him, just like I'm.
Take good care of him!
Flight 747 from the Netherlands has just landed.
For reception, please go to Gate 7.
What a gross ass!
Open your luggage, please.
- This, this... - This one too, and this one...
- What's this? - Crosses, stakes and pegs.
Maybe he's hiding drugs there.
That's nonsense!
They're just stakes.
I need to examine them.
That's inappropriate!
You don't know who you're talking to.
Can't you see the blue stain on my bottom?
I am Dr Van Helsong, from Holland!
- Fencing? - Racing?
No, it's Helsing.
What an ugly ass...
My name's on many books about ghosts and monsters.
No, no.
I'm a renown professor who studies the vampires.
Sorry we hadn't noticed before!
I am traveling around the globe in search of vampires.
I have heard that my rival, Dracula, is in Japan at the moment.
I came all the way here to stick a stake in the center of his heart.
Do you have anything left to say?
Sir, no Sir!
Ah! Stop it!
What happens, Dad?
I had a terrible nightmare... They wanted to stick a stake in my chest.
That's horrible!
That's a bad premonition. My heart is at risk.
Shall I ask Igor to bring the frozen blood?
Oh, Chocola, you're so kind!
I am moved!
You're exaggerating.
I'll sleep a bit more. I'll suck some blood later...
from a beautiful lady. It's been so long...
Beautiful ladies' blood is warm and full of passion,
and it has a lovely smell.
To Matsutani High School, in Takadanobaba, please.
I know where you are Dracula. Be ready.
What a pain! I'm sick!
What happens, does your belly ache?
It hurts!
Are you alright?
Don't worry and keep on driving.
Come on, but try not to be rough on the car. And don't speak so loud!
This is unbearable!
This is the High School where Chocola studies in the night time.
Dracula Family would turn into ashes with the sunlight.
That is why she can't attend daytime lessons.
Bye, bye.
You must be joking. Vampires at times like these...
I'm dead serious!
Vampires do exist, even in the 20th century.
Even if they look normal, or have a standard way of life. They go unnoticed.
I can't believe you.
If you don't try, you won't believe me.
They don't just suck your blood.
They also turn you into one of them.
That is why they must be annihilated.
What is the relation between the vampires and the school?
One of them is here. I'm sure of that. But the vampire may not be a student.
I'm sorry. It seems you're not the vampire.
But if you don't do something, they'll end up sucking the blood of all the students.
What do you want me to do, then?
Hire me as a teacher and I'll find him.
Hiring you?
I don't know who the vampire is,
but he'll be scared of this cross and I'll notice.
I see.
Recently, the fine arts teachers...
have had to go to the hospital with symptoms of being in labor...
a month in advance.
- I didn't know what to do. - Fine arts?
Alright. There's no limits in fine arts.
The world is a big family. We're all siblings.
By the way, regarding your wages...
Oh, the wages... A million yen should do it.
Did that offend you? I'm being honest.
I'm professor Helsing, I'll teach fine arts now.
What a loser!
Hey weirdo!
Shut up idiots!
I want you to draw this.
- What's that? - Is that a nude?
Do you want me to pose for you, ha?
Everyone will do it, okay?
Teach, I've finished.
What? He sure is rude...
- Look carefully! - What's this?
It's your face, quite similar, right?
Don't you use your eyes?
I'm a handsome European. Is that all you have to draw?
What did you say?
- Then, you draw! - Hey boss, kick his ass!
Violence in Matsutani High School!
Why are you shouting?
What? Look! A UFO!
Show up, Dracula's daughter!
Where are you? Which room?
I'm back, dad.
We have a new teacher. He's weird. His name is prof. Helsing...
Oh, yeah? How weird is prof. Hels...?
Professor van Helsing!
Don Draaaaaa...!
What happens, dad?
What is he doing in the school?
He's teaching fine arts to all our courses, even in the night time.
That Helsing...?
Chocola, did you see him?
No, classes start tomorrow. Do you know him?
More than that...
He's been following me for ten years. He's my worst enemy!
I've had a lot of fights with him.
He's the first Vampire Killer of the century.
He almost finished me...
by sticking a stake in my chest.
Count Dracula, let me finish you for once!
And leave this world forever!
The next is yet to come!
Dracula will be defeated.
Prepare, Dracula!
It hurts, huuuuurts!
I was lucky. In that very moment,
she had an attack of his chronic disease...
Your dad had a close call.
Ah, Ok... but why has he come to my school?
It's obvious. He knows where we live.
He's good tracing vampires. He might be looking for you, Chocola.
Enough of "umm", Chocola. Quit the school, it's dangerous.
Sooner or later he will stick a wooden stake into your heart.
But I haven't done anything to him. Why does he hate me?
Even if he doesn't hate you, he'll try to kill you. It's our fate.
That's it, pretty much.
I don't want to quit the school.
I just need to conceal that I am a vampire's daughter, right?
Wait, Chocola. Listen carefully. Your life is in danger.
I'll never quit. I don't want to leave Nobuhiko.
What the heck!
You like a friend better than your father...
I won't forget this Helsing, don't even try to touch my daughter.
Don Dracula.
Don Dracula.
Count Dracula! Suck my blood, please!
Yes, yes.
My Count!
Ah! A monster!
Count, Sir!
Unfortunately, the Master is not here.
I'm not lying, it's true.
He's got a view at the school.
Oh, OK.
You can suck my blood too.
No way!
Well then, I'm leaving.
I'll come back, babe.
Master, that woman finally left.
Get the carriage ready, Igor.
What? Are you going to the school?
Yes. I'm worried about Chocola.
You shouldn't go there. That's what professor van Helsing wants.
If anything happens to Chocola...
She'll be fine. She's more intelligent than her dad.
Oh, really...?
Sorry sir! I got carried away, sorry.
Tonight I'll get Dracula's daughter and she'll tell me how to find him.
What? Shut up!
Stop it!
I am professor Helsing.
You are going to draw this today. Start now!
Why are you wearing such dark glasses?
It's very shiny and the light reflects.
Don't try to fool me. I've found you!
Ah, no!
Hey, wait.
Don't run away.
I said wait!
I finally found you.
Take out the glasses.
Or you prefer that I take them out?
Not now!
Where are the toilets?
What happens? This is the principal's office.
- I can't wait! - Professor Helsing.
Professor, what's going on?
Are you alright?
Professor Helsing?
Don't open the door. I've got piles. They come out whenever I feel excited.
Yes, I've got chronic hemorrhoids.
When I was a child I suffered from hemorrhages and anemia.
I'm sorry, I think I'll have hemorrhoids too.
From those days on I get really irritated...
by those vampires who suck people's blood.
I think I've found the vampire.
Ah! Who is it?
I shouldn't tell you or the children will be scared of vampires.
I'll track that one and see where the rest are hiding.
That way I can catch them all.
Good evening.
It seemed really painful for prof van Helsing.
Anyway, it's not the right moment to deal with that.
Chocola is in danger now.
He's following me. I have to do something.
Ah, uncle, uncle!
Help me!
I can help you, but I'm not your uncle. I'm police officer Murai.
Please, a strange person is following me.
Where is he?
That is a crime! Where?
Are you the criminal?
Don't touch me there!
It hurts...!
Now, it's my chance.
I saw her. She turned into a bat and run away.
Dracula's daughter.
This is not a carrier pigeon, but a carrier bat.
Follow her and guide me there.
How surprising!
I didn't know he had moved the whole mansion from Transylvania.
I know the mansion very well.
There must be a secret passage here. It enters the basement.
There they are, the two coffins.
They are closed, I bet they are hiding inside.
Take this!
Oh, there nobody here. Maybe in the other one?
This one is empty, too!
Damn! I thought I had found Dracula.
Idiot, I'm an idiot!
It's here!
I'm feeling the pain!
Where are the toilets?
The toilets! Where?
Ah, it hurts! hurts too much!
The toilets! I don't have much time!
I can't take it any longer! I'm done for...
Ah, that was really painful.
Professor van Helsing.
My nemesis, how did you find me? Amazing!
I'll finish you tonight!
Just... give me a break.
White flag, peace now. I've got an attack...
- Not inside my coffin! - It's not that...
Thank goodness.
- There was no other way. - I knew it!
I didn't mean to do it, but I couldn't find the toilets.
There was no choice...
You're always like that! Get out!
Don't be mad, that saved you too.
Ah, it's painful!
You got my bed dirty!
Dad, the dawn is coming.
I'd rather die than getting in a bed like that!
I'm sorry. I'll buy you a new coffin.
Stop joking!
This is a very old coffin. It belong to the Draculas.
Clean it!
Alright, I'll clean it.
I'll disinfect it, too. Okay?
That's a weird enmity.
Clean it properly, understood?
I promise I will.
Chocola, I need to sleep in your coffin.
OK, but hurry up, the sun will shine soon.
Thanks, Chocola.
Listen, Helsing!
Disinfect that with sunlight, too!
I will, don't worry. You can go to sleep now.
Stop moving, dad!
Oh, sorry.
Come on, come on...
This is too narrow, dad!
Just one more day.
Bloody van Helsing!
I can't stand this!
Dr Dr Don Don Don Dr...
Don Dracula
My beloved father is a vampire.
His black coat is sober of good taste right?
Their sharp teeth are cool, right?
Is the number one in this world and in the hereafter.
He is the king of the night a superstar.
Don Dracula Dr Dr Don Don Don Dr...
Don Dracula
Hates garlic and the cross.
My father is a vampire.