Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 1

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{\a6}Brought to you by the Gods of the East Subbing Squad
[The Current University Street]
What do you think you're trying to do?!
Why is it not done?! Why is it still not done?!
{\a6}[A place that lends books to others,equivalent of the modern day library]
Do you want to see me die?
Why is the study guide I asked for still not done?
What exactly do you want?
{\a6}[Study Guides: With notes beside the text, to explain difficult parts of the passage]
I think it should be done...
Then why don't you have it!!
It should be on the way.
Maybe it's already past the granery...
Why don't you watch where you're going?!
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry. - It's all over the floor...
If I don't hand in my work on time,
I'll fail this subject for sure!
Will you be okay?
Why don't you say something?!
How can I be okay?
I say, boss...
You can't do this.
Since you undid your top,
you should undo your skirt too.
How can you just end it like this?
Hmm m? You're terrible.
Is the second part of not here yet?
{\a6}[T/N: It's an Adult novel]
It should be on the way.
Just wait till he comes, I'll teach him a lesson!
You finally came! Two nyang master.
Is he the scribe?
You have to give me an extra two nyang.
Then quickly give it to me!
How can you suddenly say that you need it urgently?
Two nyang... you have to pay me more.
So young and so greedy for money.
At least I know that you need to be trustworthy when doing a trade.
I get it. Hurry, open it and show me.
Then let me undo the skirt first.
What is this? You don't have it?
Where is my study guide?
You liar!
Hand it over! Hurry!
Give me back my top scholar position!!
Wait, wait! Stop fighting...
Let's settle this calmly and think of a solution.
There's nothing else we can do anyway,
suddenly asking for it like that.
Can you give me thirty minutes?
You crazy person, why are you still saying such things?
How can you answer this in thirty minutes?
With your kind of talent,
how will you do this?
It's done.
This... did you memorize it?
With your capabilities, did you just do this randomly?
If you need it, I can write down the original text.
Those are the answers.
You've worked hard. Not a word missing, it's perfect.
But, you are totally a woman.
How can you be so rude to a man?
I'm talking about your handwriting.
Give me the money.
Here. I'll be generous.
Just like you said, since you finished it, two nyang.
You should be giving me three nyang more.
Aren't you students from SungKyunKwan?
The school fees and food expenses,
they are all taken from my pocket, as tax money.
And you actually come to a book store to get someone to do your homework,
I think I should take it back.
I say, friend,
are you alright?
Your hat is all stained.
You should take it off quickly,
I'll help you clean it up.
It even got onto your hair!
You despicable fellows,
Who did this!
Do you want to know?
Using hair to make brushes,
so that you can pass the imperial exams,
Isn't that the methods of the foolish?
Please help me, friend.
No matter what,
we're still considered as disciples under the same teacher aren't we?
Here, here,
Look at this.
I've already come so far,
Searching all over the country, and gathered the hair of almost all the Top Scholars.
now I just need ten strands of your hair.
No, no,
as long as you give me three strands,
I'm sure I will pass this time.
To you it may be just a strand of hair,
but to me, it is a lifesaver.
It is a sliver of hope.
Oh no, oh no!
My hair! My hair!!
I spent a lot of effort collecting all this hair!
All my hard work!
is not called hard work, it's just pure luck.
Hey, Lee Seon Joon,
The imperial exams are coming up, the panic and discomfort is only natural.
Can't you be a bit more understanding?
These cheap methods of comfort and sympathy, what can it solve?
You despicable fellow!
I don't care if you hate me,
but if you say that I am wrong,
I will not tolerate it.
Why aren't you taking the imperial exams?
With your kind of talents,
it'll be no problem to get top honors.
As long as you write your name on the scroll,
Sungkyunkwan will be welcoming you with open arms!
{\a6} [Answer script for the Imperial exams]
That's why I don't want to do it.
Interacting with people who don't even do their own homework,
what's the point in that.
Using the time,
I'll just earn every penny I can.
Are the pennies enough?
Ten times.
There is a business that can earn you ten times more!
Come with me.
Such a brave man.
Follow me.
In this filthy world where only the learned are considered as useful,
shouldn't we change that?
you want to help the rich people become useful in this world,
by asking me to write down the answers beforehand,
is that what you're saying?
Forget it.
If we do this,
we can get at least thirty nyang per person!
In one day, you'll get a hundred nyang,
a hundred!
The money you'll need three years to earn, in a stroke of your brush!
That is illegal.
You're telling me to be a substitute exam taker!
You're an upright man aren't you?
How can a real man not even have this bit of courage,
and work so hard, earning such little money?
I may live my life trying to earn the little money,
but there are two things that I will definitely not do.
One, is to steal another person's ricebowl,
and the other, is to have to look at those officials in the eye, and write dishonest words.
If I take the exam in someone else's place,
then wouldn't I be doing both of the above?
At the same time and same place too.
This isn't the methods of a real man.
Coming, coming!
One, two, three.
Excuse me!
Did you just call for me, sir?
One nyang, how about it?
We haven't even started our relationship,
{\a6}[A one night affair between a man and a woman]
and you're already negotiating?
If you are like this, I'm going to be upset.
If you want to, we can go somewhere else to talk about this.
I'm talking about this fan.
The poem is written all wrong.
I will amend it for you, for just one nyang.
If you change your mind, just bring it to the book store.
Looks like it's no good.
If it was sister Cho Seon that went, maybe it would have worked.
Where did you want me to go?
Our tricks failed again today.
His face was like a day in spring, shining and warm,
but his heart was like the cold wind on a winter's night.
Sister, why don't you teach us,
when the men see you,
there is nothing else they can do.
Don't give it to them.
If you want to get a man's heart,
you definitely cannot give it to them.
Your gaze,
your heart,
or your touch,
You definitely cannot give it to them.
There is a sick person in the house.
I will find a way to pay the debt.
But the interest...
Shut up.
To do this to a harmless woman, is there still justice?
When your debt is due, yet you don't pay up,
what kind of justice is that then?
Did you forget? Today is the day you have to pay up.
Do you always use this kind of logic to bully the weak?
Don't worry.
I will not take away anything in the house.
Now that I found something more interesting.
What do you mean by that, sir?
She is just an ignorant girl.
Please do not get angry, sir.
How are you going to pay then?
As long as you pay me the hundred nyang, and the interest of ten nyang, it will be fine.
If you don't pay me,
selling your daughter to me is fine too.
Let me warn you first...
If you are thinking of escaping in the middle of the night,
even if I have to call the imperial guards, or the army,
I will seek you till the ends of the earth.
We just have to pay you, don't we?
No matter what it takes, I will pay you the money.
Please stop your unruly behaviour now.
You have to finish everything slowly.
Please eat before the food gets cold, mother.
I've been working at the shop the whole day,
just looking at the rice makes me unwell.
Yeon Hee...
Mother, I feel like I'm getting lucky.
I've been getting a lot of jobs from the book store.
And they even intend to pay me in advance for a year.
Looks like our Yoon Shik's medical bills can be settled.
Is this true, Sister?
So, don't worry about money matters anymore.
I will settle everything.
I'll try it out.
The substitute examination. Let's go to the exam ground.
Even if it's ten times,
or a hundred times,
let's just try it once.
The special announcement begins now,
{\a6}[To enter SungKyunKwan, scholars need to pass the entrance exam]
This country's national institution SungKyunKwan,
will be welcoming a new batch of scholars.
Please deliver to us virtuous and intelligent learners,
{\a6}[A round of preliminary exams are held first]
to keep our country's peace and our citizens' saftey,
{\a6}[Then a final round of entrance exams]
{\a6}[Passing the examinations will earn scholars the right to enter SungKyunKwan]
[Preliminary examinations.]
[The intensive physical struggle to get better seating positions]
[Entrance Exam - Preliminary Round - Prepatory Test]
[Before entering the hall, strong people who specialise in physical confrontation]
The bear does the tricks...
And the owner gets the money.
So, if I say that, he will really understand?
Of course.
You already have the seat number and portrait right?
{\a6}[A drawn portrait of a person, equivalent to a modern day photograph]
You just have to go to his seat, and fill his paper for him,
It'll all be over soon.
Will it be okay?
Are you talking about your conscience?
Who even studies for entrance exams anymore,
it's all cheating anyway.
Will it really be okay?
If you get caught, are you worried about being punished?
If you get caught, I heard you'll be beaten ten times.
If you are unlucky, it could be a two hundred times.
All this was in the past!
And who's going to catch you anyway,
they all got in the same way.
Whatever you're thinking about, it's strange.
[Preliminary Examination Area]
[For the sake of getting good seats, there is a intense fight]
[A person who helps to take the paper in another's place]
[Anyone can enter the examination area]
[Bribing the Officials]
Lucky charm for the preliminary exam! One coin each!
Ah, yes!
People swapping scripts will be hit two hundred times.
Those who look at their books will be hit two hundred times.
Those that got someone else to do the paper will be disqualified for life.
Not even one can get away.
If we let one go,
you will be hit two hundred times.
Why don't you calm down a bit.
Looks like you're betting your life on this one.
What is the use of hitting them? It still doesn't work.
Why are you playing chess at the sacred examination hall?
Who exactly are you?!
I have been transferred to SungKyunKwan as a professor
I am Jung Yak Yong.
Even your greeting sounds like one of someone who has been demoted.
The first day on the job,
and on the day we are selecting new scholars for SungKyunKwan, and you are playing chess?
What exactly are you thinking?
In that huge examination hall, the scholars and officials,
are already playing chess with each other anyway.
And me too, unwittingly...
This is SungKyunKwan, SungKyunKwan!
Get out!
Hurry up and catch each and everyone who is cheating! Hurry!
The topic.
The bear does the tricks
The bear does the tricks right?
{\a6}[Another way of talking about the owner]
The money, is taken by the Ho-in.
Wow, you actually have some literary talent.
Thirty nyang.
This... can't be your first time?
This is my first time too, it's understandable.
So I'll tell you this time.
For these kind of things, you need to pay up first. Thirty nyang.
Third, second and first grades,
From thirty nyang to fifty nyang, you can pick any.
Fifty nyang.
That is a good choice.
If you catch a substitute test taker,
that is the amount of the reward.
Fifty nyang.
Excuse me!
Where is the person delivering the script?
I'm the owner.
"The owner gets the money."
I made a mistake...
Please believe me.
This is really my first time.
Over here!
Please let me off this time.
I still need to feed my family.
I lost my father at a young age,
and I am feeding my family while trying to pay off debts.
there is a sick person in my house who needs long term care, so...
So you need to earn money for his medicine,
so this is your reason.
I hope that you can turn over a new leaf,
and be a new person.
There is someone here trying to defile the examination grounds with illegal means.
Someone defiling the examination grounds?
Who is it?
It is I, as well as all the students here, as well as yourself, sir.
Those who shamelessly sell their works, just for the sake of money, that is the first.
Those that, only bury their heads in books and their own examination script,
and pretend not to notice the unlawful happenings, that is the second.
And, the officials who are used to this situation,
and the one overseeing everything,
the Chief Exam Official is guilty too.
It is undesirable and should not be tolerated,
You! You! This!
Why aren't you taking him down, and cleaning up the exam hall?
Yes Sir!
Then, how do you think we should settle this situation?
Firstly, check the scripts with the registered names,
And remove the cheaters and replacement examination takers.
After restoring order to the examination hall,
All the officials that are overseeing the examination,
should appeal to their superiors, and confess to their sins.
There's something wrong with this friend over here!
Professor Jung!
Did you not hear what I said?
You actually dare to say such blasphemous words!
This is unforgivable!
Give me the registration list!
What is your name!
Which family's son are you?
My name, is Lee Seon Joon.
Lee Seon Joon?
Lee Seon Joon?
Then, you are the son...
No, could you possibly...
The high ministers's son? That Lee Seon Joon?
Why aren't you restoring order to the examination hall!
That's the wrong place!
From now on, in the examination halls,
All unlawful acts, and all illegal methods,
will not be tolerated!
Confiscate all cheating materials!
This bamboo.
What do you treat this place as, stand up!
Now, again, start!
Thanks to you,
I finally get to see a proper examination being held.
I am just doing my duty.
Is that a new method of cheating?
A scholar that only knows words, and strong righteousness,
but fails to understand the lives of normal citizens,
if those who sell their words for food are considered as thieves,
then are those who sell their words for power considered as loyal?
If such people are allowed to handle a blade,
then he would be a knife wielding murderer
If there is someone who could be a thief,
that person, would be me.
That knife wielding murderer...
is that you?
I say, give it back!
Since I got a script from you,
I should pay you back, right?
Hey! When you see the elites from SungKyunKwan
You should pay your respects, right?
Ah, do you think you are some victorious general?
I heard that you caused quite a stir at the examination hall.
You're the one that caused the image of the scholar to be sullied.
Ah, father! Come hit my butt!
My actions were somewhat impolite,
seeing what a mess the examination hall was,
as a scholar myself, I felt totally shamed.
I am really embarassed.
A lowly scholar like myself feels this way,
but you elites from SungKyunKwan,
do not seem to feel any shame?
Yet, you are proud of the fact that you are SungKyunKwan students,
and lord your way around in broad daylight.
What you say is true.
The so-called true path of the scholar,
if you enter SungKyunKwan,
I would like to consult you on this.
I will be waiting for you.
tolerating your unruly behavior,
today will be the last time.
And tolerating your inappropriate behavior as a senior,
today will be the last time as well.
I'm going to teach you a lesson
in respect for your seniors!
On the road, it is is only manners that you do not block the way of others.
Catch him!
Who is that?
High Minister's son, Lee Seon Joon.
He's smart, he's good-looking.
I feel oddly attracted to him.
Not the one in the back.
The one in front.
What's this? Hey!
Oh God!
Where are you going?
Look at what you're doing when we've never met before.
What kind of bizarre behavior is this?
I apologize if I was being rude.
Lee Seon Joon, you say.
A son who ruins the celebratory plate of his own father.
Amusing. He is an amusing kid.
However your Highness,
he is the son of the Noron faction's leader.
A son of Noron.
Because he is the son of the men who demoted you to SungKyunKwan,
I must distance myself from him.
Is that what you're saying?
Please excuse me.
That is why he interests me more.
Bulls eye.
I'm glad that he is to your liking.
Not only was he to my liking,
the only thing that is worthwile for this body,
that has been watching over SungKyunKwan all these years,
is to be able to uprear talented people like your son.
Regarding my son's youthful immaturity,
I hope you will excuse him for it but-
There cannot be any sons from the Noron faction who are affected by today.
Who is to say that education comes solely from books?
The most important education comes from the family.
I have already made a request to the Office of Protocol.
10 Nyang.
20 Nyang.
15 Nyang.
And this one's 30 Nyang.
I'm rich.
I heard she's getting sold.
What a shame.
This may be for the better.
If you become a person of the Minister of War's family,
you will never go hungry.
But mother,
Yoon Shik has overcome the most painful hour,
and I will do whatever it takes to repay that debt.
Like this?
A government official came by.
He brought it saying that someone here must have lost it during the chaos that occurred at the Examination Hall.
Yoon Hee, do you know the severity of the crime you've committed?
Using the name of someone else,
and entering the Examination Hall though you're a girl.
As men and women are differentiated and the laws of the land are strict,
even if you had died for your crime, you would have nothing to say for yourself.
I apologize, mother.
If asked whose fault this was,
I would blame myself.
When you, a young girl, assured that you would repay the 100 Nyang debt,
no, when you began to work under Yoon Shik's name as a writer to pay for Yoon Shik's medicine,
I should have tried to stop you.
Blinded by the need to save Yoon Shik,
I almost cornered you into a dangerous place.
This cannot continue any longer.
From now on, live as a girl.
Take shelter from the rain under the eaves of a man, and live as a girl.
never again, never again will something like this happen.
For the debt, I will work harder at my writing and-
Do you still not understand?
In the entire land, the only women who live off of their talents are gisengs.
Yoon Hee, your writing skills are poison to you.
Woah, what kind of man is this beautiful?
Huh, you could fall for him.
Even if I have to search all the bookstores in this city, I must find him.
I have a debt...
that I must repay to this person.
I've come to repay my debt.
What are you doing?
Lead me to his Excellency.
look here, there's something terribly wrong.
Is the sore running?
If you're hurt, you should go see a doctor.
I'm looking at one. I fell ill because I wanted to see you.
Oh really, what do you want this time?
I've come to repay your kindness more than our debt, your Excellency.
Repay my kindness?
Your Excellency is a savior who saved my brother.
However, the public will now point fingers at you
for buying a young girl with money for your own pleasure.
I hope that our savior is not whisked in a needless scandal because of me.
Though this is not enough, if you give me more time,
I will repay the rest with as much care as if I'm repaying your kindness.
Do you think I would be scared of your threats?
According to Chinese strategy books,
it is wisest not to fight and keep off misfortune,
and a renowned general avoids fighting the enemy he fears.
If there is someone your Excellency must be afraid of, it is the public.
I only believed that as the Minister of War for this country,
you would choose to keep off misfortune.
A girl who knows her strategy well.
Good. You're better than I expected.
Yes, what you've said is true.
I was being thoughtless.
So I think it would be best if you repay your debts right now.
Before the public becomes aware of it.
Right now.
Also, I like that strong and fast mind of yours.
It is not wrong for a man to pursue a woman he has in mind.
So, I must make you my wife.
I will send a palanquin to your house in four days.
I feel as though my father is going too far.
Young Master, what are you talking about?
How dare such an act of a girl like that talking to my father
occur under the roof of my house?
I am different from my father.
I will not forgive a second wife.
Give it. Give it to me!
Give it here!
Men, take good care of her.
She's a precious one.
I beg of you, that money is money that even my life wouldn't be worth.
So please, return that money to me.
Let's get some sleep. How can I sleep when there's all this noise?
Let's all get along since we're all in the same boat.
Is there anyone here who feels this is unfair
or is still unaware of his sins?
If there is, come forward.
I was thinking of getting a glass of liquor from each of them,
but I guess not.
Thank you.
I was able to avoid misfortune thanks to you.
Thank you so much.
Let me repay your kindness.
If you want to do that,
never appear in front of me ever again.
I don't want to see a dim-witted person like you again.
Don't bow your head to anyone.
Don't kneel for anyone.
It will become a habit.
Once it becomes a habit, it will be hard to fix.
Are you saying that you couldn't find him?
Young Master, do you use your head only when you write?
Where in the world is a man who says "I committed a crime. Come take me..."?
If you lie down and wait at a single log bridge,
you're bound to meet your enemy whether you like it or not.
You'll probably see in the next couple of days.
So when you see that imposter, you just grab him by the-
So I'm saying we must catch him before then.
We must.
I'm left with no choice. Starting from tomorrow, I'll search for him myself.
If one could stay still after getting such treatment,
one is not a scholar.
Have you been here?
Did you arrive just now, father?
I heard of what happened at the Examination Hall.
Do you believe that you kept the honor of a scholar?
Foolish child.
The world now has its eyes on you.
Everyone will wait for your mistakes.
That is what happens when you go into government service.
Remember this,
the most foolish man in the world is the man who boasts of his wisdom.
If the road of a scholar is one that polishes wisdom..
Going into government service begins with hiding that wisdom.
I do not wish to hide it.
You said that opening the meaning of books to the world was the job of a government office.
However, if I must hide my wisdom and through away my principles,
what makes it anything other than hunting for that government post?
You wish to attain power yet keep your honor.
It is not a bad thing.
However, you are the eldest son of the Jinsung Lee family.
Make sure to carefully consider every word you speak.
I will do so.
Lee Seon Joon. We should teach our Young Master some manners.
Shall I look into some gangs?
Physical punishment is most befitting to those with a mouth like his.
What about using a pretty girl?
The two of you shouldn't use your heads.
The whole time.
Then we shall use our bodies.
Tell us what to do.
Tell me. Your method.
Lee Seon Joon.
There is one thing that suits him quite well.
Leave, leave.
See Young Master? I told you he's not here.
I even skipped meals to look for him.
- Have you seen someone like him before? - Aish, I don't know, I don't know.
- Have you seen- - I haven't seen anyone like that.
See? He's not here.
Have you seen someone like him before?
Do you not believe me? Huh?
I require your assistance.
Ye-yes I'll he-help you. What book would you like?
I would even go to hell for 100 Nyang.
Oh my. You got to earn money and look around.
But what did I get?
It'll be the second examination in a couple of days.
Please give me a down payment.
A down payment?
Last time...
Last time, thanks to you, I almost had to close this business down.
The Young Master who got involved is out to find you right now.
That man, Mr. Wang.
What did I do to him in my past life?
Anyway, this job doesn't suit you.
So leave.
You're right. This job doesn't suit me.
So I'm thinking of going and handing myself in
for my crimes of helping people cheat.
But I'll have no choice but to include this bookstore and you, Hwang Ga.
Let us meet again when that happens.
How much do you need, our scholar?
Give me just 100 Nyang.
How ungrateful you are to me.
I can give you jobs here and there that are worth five Nyang.
Then again, 200 hits as punishment will do nothing but kill you.
I'll become your travelling companion on the road to Death.
50 Nyang.
You have to deliver a forbidden book.
Will you be okay?
Didn't I say that I'd even go to Hell?
Whose side are you on?
What are you talking about?
The guy, the Young Master of Jwasang is looking for, you're hiding him.
I'm Gu Yong Hwa.
I feel a little hurt that you're amazed by even this?
You can't use him to do basic things because he's being searched for,
and you can't use him to take someone else's test..
Then... Are you using him for a dangerous...
forbidden book delivery?
How much will it take? How much will it take to keep your mouth shut?
It is you who will have to keep your mouth shut.
I think I could help you...
find who you're looking for.
Ah~ That's good.
Have a drink.
Why did you say that you would help me?
Aw~ I thought you would be grateful.
If you aren't, I'll just have to leave then.
It's just that you have no reason to help me.
Are you really curious?
Friendship for a future fellow scholar I shall be living near.
A heated loyalty for a fellow guy who may be my friend.
A kind heart that wishes for someone else's deepest desire to come true.
You couldn't honestly have expected answers like these, right?
For. Fun.
I want to see how far you would go.
There is only one way for you to find him.
It is dangerous and it involves a big sacrifice.
Are you still willing to do it?
It is something I have set out to do.
Need I say more?
It is a book that has been forbidden by the kingdom.
Be careful. You cannot run into any guards or government officials.
Because you may really end up going to Hell.
As soon as Lee Seon Joon receives the forbidden book, arrest him on the spot.
Birds hear words during the day.
When the man says that..
But even mice can't hear the words at night.
Be careful not to see each others faces during the delivery.
Mr. Wang?
Do you know how much I've been searching for you?
Of course. I know so well.
- Because of you, I- - Stop!
Stop! They are holding a forbidden book!
You even brought guards with you?
What is the meaning of this?
Do you honestly not know?
Catch them!
I'll take this book.
Then pay me for the book.
I'm disappointed, Lee Seon Joon.
To be caught so easily, this isn't any fun.
This means that right now, Lee Seon Joon is being dragged away?
Does this mean that Lee Seon Joon can't go see the second examination?
He should pay if he takes the book.
Mr. Wang, you wicked man.
If you get caught this time, you're dead. Dead!
You fool! You dare to think you'll survive after deceiving me?
I congratulate you on your acceptance to SungKyunKwan.
If anyone who didn't know saw him, they'd think he was a girl.
Oh my, oh my. Welcome.
You seem to know Lee Seon Joon.
I know that he's rude and stuck up.
Aren't you curious?
Of what is happening to that guy who looks like a girl.
Kim Yoon Shik and Lee Seon Joon.
Don't you anticipate their future in SungKyunKwan?
{\a6}Brought to you by the Gods of the East Subbing Squad
{\a6} Translators: ssunsett , jeeelim5
{\a6} Spot translator: jaeina
{\a6} Timers: Nydia , viruslove_dbsg
{\a6} Editor + QC: badstar
{\a6} Encoder: rosetta16
{\a6} Coordinator: jixji