Rescued stagecoach team

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Yeah, get around here, Chuck. Dan Cramer is giving this horse a new lease
on life. It's part of what makes him unique as a Wells
Fargo stagecoach driver -- because the team that pulls his coach is made up entirely of
rescued former race horses. These track horses that I get...their home
is in a 12x12 foot box stall. They never get to go out and be a horse.
If they're not winning at the track, many race horses are sold - often for slaughter.
But because they're so young - usually only two or three years old - Dan sees nothing
but potential. Once they’ve been shown...a little bit of
freedom, a little’s amazing how their minds will turn around and really
want to work for you. Yeah, what do you think of all that harness,
huh? After letting newcomers like Chuck settle
in, Dan slowly introduces them to teamwork. Easy boys, easy...
Chuck is paired with a veteran parade horse for his first experience pulling a wagon.
After a successful drive around the ranch, Dan takes Chuck out for his first turn on
the road. He’s very nervous right now. Notice the
difference in the way they travel, the two horses, quite a bit of difference . Here we
go boys, never mind the car. Easy now. Atta boy.
It's "homework" building the team that brings our icon to life.
There’s not a lot of teamsters left, whether they’re just driving horses for pleasure
at home or driving a stagecoach in a parade, it’s an art that’s getting every day more
forgotten....It’s a real honor driving for Wells Fargo.