Photoshop Tips & Techniques : Adobe Photoshop Square Marquee Tool Tips

Uploaded by expertvillage on 13.09.2008

Now let's take a look at our marquee tool. Our marquee tool sits right next to our pic
tool right here. But as you can see I've already got it selected here. If I select my pic tool,
I can hit my marquee tool right next to it. And as you can see it's a rectangular marquee
tool with a little hot key, M for using it. So if you come over here to our object, you
can see I have this little plus sign here or how ever you want to look at it, or cross
hairs and if I click here and drag and then release my mouse, you can see that it creates
this marquee here. Now if I hit option, you can see that the little scissors come up and
I can actually grab it and pull it off. Well, it's not actually my option key it's my command
key on my Macintosh here. So let's command key Z that back, and if I grab outside of
this picture here, there's my cross hairs again and hit control, you can see I have
a minus sign next to it and if I bring it down you can see that it will de-select whatever
I want to within my marquee tool like so. And it's just a simple selection. And if you
want to clear all the selections all you have to do is hit command D to clear everything
on your computer which is your de-select mode that you can find up in your edit file. Or
in your edit drop down menu. So let's just do this again, grab and select. And as you
can see the marquee tool is really simple. If you just want to grab a square object and
keep that or however you want to use it. So just have fun with it and enjoy.