The great secret of water [ Rorayma, energy in water]

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"Rorayma". The language of Venezuelan natives pimon
it means "Mother of all water".
Here in January 2005 is headed a Russian group biophysicists -
to take unique water samples which according to scientists
has never been in direct contact with humans.
Such water exists only in Venezuela.
According to one hypothesis, during the Paleozoic in the Southern Hemisphere
Gondvana continent is existing.
3.5 million years ago powerful tectonic processes
split it into several parts.
Thus are formed flat mountains
called by the natives "tepui", i.e. pillars.
Rorayma is the largest of them.
This place is inaccessible,
three days on foot through the savannah and the jungle
climbing a 80-meter wall ...
Needs considerable enthusiasm.
We can say that there is water
in its pure, unique situation.
Over Rorayma is hanging a permanent gossamer cloud .
And on dusk , mild haze appears.
When, behind the mountains, Moon shows up,
the fog begins to shine with even bluish light,
In this light is visible how the tiny motes from moisture
hang in the stationary air.
Light breath of wind and water motes are joining in drops.
Thus is born the rain, which by infinite waterfalls is rushing down.
Today is January 30, 2005,
I'm taking sample number 16.
Then we'll pack it and for a few days in this mode
water will keep the energy and the air of Rorayma.
Then will go to Petersburg, on several thousand of kilometres,
we'll calmly examine it in the laboratory
and then we'll be able to make some conclusions.
In the laboratory of Prof. Korotkov
is developed device, determining the energy of water.
Work by support of the effect of Kirliyan:
All located in strong electromagnetic field
begins to emit light.
The more energy the object has, the more brightly it shines.
There, they compare water from Venezuela with regular drinking water.
This water is more active not twice, but 40 thousand times!
Ie these generally are two different substances.