Resurrection Korean Drama Episode 6

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Episode 6: Resurrection Again
major translations provided by KBS/KBS World/KBS-LA minor translations by purpletiger86
transcript provided by blossom edited and timed by creidesca
Come on! Speed up!
What’s wrong with you?
I need to know the reason at least.
Why do we have to go all the way back? We’ve driven more than 5 hours.
You get off. I’ll go by myself.
I can’t understand you.
Did Haeun really say that?
That he’d eat breakfast here tomorrow?
You don’t think he said that just to comfort you?
How was he?
He's been eating well, is he well?
Did he explain what's going on?
Does he know who got him in trouble?
I already told you everything.
I can’t stop worrying.
Didn’t I always tell you?
That a good hearted person always loses, so he shouldn’t be too good.
Sucheol’s helping him out, so Haeun will be okay.
Right. Sucheol’s a man of loyalty.
So don’t worry too much.
Everything will be okay.
People steal millions and get off scot-free, so what can they do to Haeun?
Am I right?
Yes. You’re right, Dad.
I’ve been waiting for you for 20 years.
Are we teaming up now?
We're teaming up.
For good…
Haeun! Haeun!
Where are you God?
Where are you?
You can’t do this to me!
You can’t!
Can you see me down here?
Can you?
I’ve never asked for much from you.
The strength for just one more step.
That was enough.
Nothing more than that.
If you really exist, you can't blame me for what I’m about to do.
You've made me choose this path.
Since he was on the run,
shouldn’t the Internal Investigations Department deal with this?
We just have to do what we’re told.
There’s no visible sign of murder.
We should ask the coroner for an autopsy.
I’m not comfortable handling a colleague’s case.
Would you come with me to examine him?
You promised not to hurt him, but to hand him over to the police.
I’m not supposed to know where Haeun was.
You should know that as my accomplice.
Anyway, I’m sorry about him.
But what can we do? Life and death is in the hands of fate, right?
I’m an idiot. I should die! Idiot!
Report it as soon as possible.
This place is upside down because of the Sangcheol cartel.
Look at you! What is the matter with you?
What? Haeun died!
Yes. We’ve just heard.
Was it suicide from despair?
We won’t know until we do an autopsy.
Where was he found?
In an empty house somewhere near Gangreung.
Then it's not our jurisdiction.
No, it isn’t.
Then let them take care of that.
You’ve prepared the press briefing?
Yes, I have.
Good. Make sure your guys watch their mouths.
Let's not let word get out that we were trying to catch Haeun.
By the way, you said Officers Kim and Ham found him?
How did they know he was there?
Tell me the truth.
How did you know Haeun was there?
I haven't reported this yet, but your car was there.
Did you help him run away?
You'd been in contact with him, right?
Haeun's not a person involved with corruption. You know him well enough.
This is driving me crazy.
So what are you going to do?
I was so stupid.
Stupid! Stupid!
Good morning, Mr. Vice President.
I left my keys in the room when I went out for a walk.
It happens occasionally. We'll get a new one for you.
You don't need to do that. We know who you are.
You look so tired.
Do I?
Must be all those all night meetings.
Good morning, Mr. Vice President.
Thanks for before.
I'm so sorry.
I must've fallen asleep.
Was everything okay?
Your father called early this morning, so I told him you were still in bed.
How did that thing last night go?
It was okay.
I'll confirm the appointment with Assemblyman Mun at 12 o'clock.
Please cancel it.
I have to sort out some woman problems.
I see.
I need to sleep. Don't wake me up.
Yes, all right, Mr. Vice President
What happened to Haeun?
Is he really coming or not?
He'll come. He promised.
What brought you here this early?
If you're here to snoop around, leave. Otherwise, you can join us for dumpling soup.
Is something wrong?
You need to come with me.
Where to?
What is it? Out with it.
Did something happen to Haeun?
What happened was...
Has he been arrested?
Or is he being suspected of something else?
It's not like that.
Then just say what happened!
You are driving me crazy.
Tell us what happened. no longer with us.
No longer with us?
Where did he go?
He is at the mortuary at Gangreung Hospital.
Are you kidding with me right now?
Stop kidding us, boy!
I'm sorry.
You probably heard wrong.
Why would he die?
Eunha, he is probably telling us some sick joke he heard somewhere.
It can't be true.
Sucheol found his body.
Are you okay?
This is my lighthouse and that's yours.
Haeun... Haeun...
An autopsy?
Are you saying you're gonna cut open Haeun's body?
He could have been murdered, so it's necessary.
In a few days when the paperwork is ready, you can come and claim the body.
Our Haeun is dead and you need paperwork?!
I don't trust the police anymore!
I know why he died. That's why I can't let you investigate his death.
Sucheol, you do it.
I can't trust anyone else but you.
Sucheol, can you find out why he died?
It happened in this jurisdiction, so we have to investigate it.
Where were you?
What were you doing when he was dying?
What the hell did you do? I told you to just tie him up.
I'm sorry.
You murdered someone then say sorry?
Keep your voices down.
Did you ask Dongchan to kill him?
Why did you do that?
It wasn't necessary to kill him.
Some people can't see beyond their imagination.
It was my decision.
He knew too much. It was for your sakes.
You don't make those kind of judgements on your own.
Too little is better than too much!
I'm sorry.
If you go on doing stupid things like this, we won't be able to trust you!
I'm sorry I didn't discuss this with you beforehand, Assemblyman.
Everyone goes a little overboard sometimes.
What's important now is to clean up the mess.
Don't worry. I've taken care of everything.
In the prospective technical committee there's Prof. Kim Sucheol from
Jeonnam who got his master's at Hanguk University and his PhD in engineering
from Tokyo University.
He lectures in engineering at Hanguk Uni...
Has Vice Pres. Yu Shinhyeok returned to Seoul?
He's still in Gangreung not doing much of anything.
Stop the car.
It's the President.
You have a high fever. I think I should call Dr. Kim.
I'm just tired. I'l be ok after I get some sleep.
Don't be stubborn.
Dad, she's just saying that because she doesn't want to have an injection.
She's right.
Can you bring me a glass of water?
Do you know when Shinhyeok is coming.
He should be coming today.
He even has an appointment with Assemblyman Lee.
That's right.
In your current condition, can you go out tomorrow?
Of course I can.
Mom's sick because she hasn't seen Shinhyeok for a couple of days.
Poor me! No one likes me!
A large violent crime organization was found operating in the north of Seoul.
In order to gain control of gambling in this area, they slaughtered a rival gang.
More from Kim Juho.
22 people from a gang known as Sangcheol cartel were arrested today after a
one-year investigation by the police.
They were accused of running a protection racket in downtown Seoul in 2003,
when they extorted about ten businesses.
This is the result of a systematic investigation by infiltrating the gang's
den and observing their movements closely.
This is Kim Juho, KSB news.
Systematic investigation? Yeah, right.
Our Haeun isn't newsworthy.
Don't worry. Everything will be okay.
I need a few days to clear my mind.
I believe that you, as a man, won't tell anyone what happened last night.
I'll see you in Seoul.
I remember that whenever I think it is the end, in reality it is a new beginning.
Yu Shinhyeok
He didn't say where he's going?
I see. I'll talk to you at work.
Where did he go?
He told Mr. Ahn he wanted to take a few days off.
He must have been exhausted.
Do you know why?
He probably had a hard time with all the union issues.
He'll be better after a few days off.
Is it Shinhyeok's file?
Password incorrect.
Plate numbers?
Password incorrect.
Password incorrect.
Password incorrect.
Password incorrect.
Password incorrect.
ShinHyeok, he's just like father.
Assemblyman Lee Taejun, future presidential candidate...
Father of Gangju... Wife died of stomach cancer...
Good strategist... Appears to be clean...
Marriage with Gangju is inevitable... Moreso, it's crucial...
Jeong Sangguk J&C Construction Corporation President...
The end justifies the means... Alumni with my Dad and Lee Taejun...
Loves liquor and women...
Jeong Jinwu. Successor to J&C Corporation.
We went to high school together... A danger to Mureung Construction...
Always looking for government contracts... Always lobbying for more work...
Looks honest and kind, but won't remember...
He won't hesitate to do unethical things...
Please take me to Mirae Apartment.
Hey! You don't know me so how could I know you?
Only daughter of Assemblyman Lee Taejun of the Liberal People's Party...
A cub reporter at KSB covering local news stories. Marriage partner...
Password incorrect.
It's good that Haeun's case is overshadowed by the Sangcheol cartel.
Otherwise it'd be really shameful.
During the autopsy a herbicide called Gramoxone was detected in Haeun's blood.
What? Then it's poisoning.
Don't misunderstand what I'm going to say Dongchan.
The result of the autopsy is murder, not suicide.
I just want to make sure.
You had nothing to do with this right?
You're worrying too much.
You know he was interfering my business.
I just wanted you to convince him.
No, it's okay.
Dongchan recently became boss of a resort hotel
but he's nothing to do with us.
He's just gone golfing with your father several times.
But recently they've been meeting frequently.
How is Dongchan related to Assemblyman Lee?
The president before Dongchan supported the forum that Lee is involved in.
Good job.
What brought you here?
Can I sit?
This is the first time I've visited your office.
So did you find out?
About what's happening with your father?
That's why you came all the way here?
I'm very worried about his health.
He is so stressed out from something that he barely sleeps.
Do you know why?
It's nothing to do with women so don't worry.
I didn't say it had anything to do with women.
Look, I have to go to a meeting soon.
I'm sorry for taking up your time.
Isn't 17 years enough for you to accept me?
I've looked after your half-brother and father without complaint for 17 years.
If you were going to resent me like this, why didn't you go with your mother to begin with?
You chose to live with your father.
It's okay if you don't think of me as family, but I can't stand you ignoring me anymore.
Okay, well take care.
Haeun... Haeun...
No. Haeun...
No. Haeun...
Let go! Tell the police chief to come out!
Get him to come out before I stab myself.
You can't do this here. Please go home.
I'm so angry! Let me go!
You're no different from the others.
You all killed Haeun.
You killed poor Haeun!
Please don't do this. Please.
What are you doing?
I won't leave here.
I won't move until I can wipe off Haeun's dishonor.
Come and talk to me. I'll find out who did it.
I won't move. Let me go!
They aren't here.
His good luck bracelet and dice.
I gave him a good luck bracelet on his birthday.
Haeun gave me one of his dice and kept the other one for himself.
None of those things are here.
You know Haeun always kept his dice with him.
And he wouldn't forget his good luck bracelet either.
So what?
What I'm saying is...
It's impossible.
Be strong.
You have your own life to live.
This is my fault. I should've brought him home.
I should have....
He would still be....
Haeun, no.
In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, amen.
Ganghyeok, what are you doing here?
Daddy! I need to go to the bathroom. I'm bursting.
If you ever do this again, I'll punish you.
Daddy can I have this?
I need it to catch hooligans.
Is this a kind of cross?
Dracula is scared of crosses.
Right, that's like a cross.
I see.
He's coming!
Ganghyeok! Wake up!
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
I'm scared.
Get out of the car. Go on!
Don't cry.
I'm okay.
Everything will be okay.
Come on, Ganghyeok!
Don't look back!
Don't look back!
Keep running...
Don't look back.
Okay, I see.
Mr. Ahn said that Shinhyeok called him saying he's on the way.
He'll be here soon.