Girl Scouts NICU Donation - The Nebraska Medical Center

Uploaded by NebraskaMedCenter on 06.11.2010

We learned that there were some needs for stimulation toys to put on the cribs for the
babies and little snuggle blankets to wrap the babies up. And we know that there are
only a certain number of nurses and on any day, this place can be filled with little
babies. So we brought the idea to the girls and they loved what we called Project Lullaby.
And so today, they present a check for $600 to you in the NICU to use for whatever great
work you want to continue doing.
I was in the NICU because I was born six weeks early and I was in the NICU for seven days.
So that’s special to me.
We all had a vote on a lot of different things and we liked this idea.
So we raised about $1,200 dollars and then the girls decided (we gave them a list of
charities and they had some of their own ideas) and then they had to vote and the two charities
were: one, The Nebraska Medical Center’s NICU (and we called it Project Lullaby; that
was just kind of a fun name that they came up with).
See this little blood pressure cup that fits around their arm or sometimes around their
leg, because they’re so very very tiny. Do you have any questions for us? We like
to put a little blanket on top so we can kind of mimic mama’s womb, so it’s still dark
and keep our voices very low so we’re in the nursery. And then we keep them nested.
There’s a little nester around it. That baby’s confined like it would be inside
mommy’s tummy.
And so $600 goes here and another $600 to the American Cancer Society.
You have touched our hearts. Sorry, I’m kind of emotional; I’ve been here a long
time (33 years). We’ve never had anyone come bring us a check, so that’s awesome
and we really appreciate it. Our babies don’t have a lot of times, the mobiles or swings
or infant seeds or things like that, so that will help us.