Stove/Range Repair- Replacing the Surface Burner Infinite Control Switch (Whirlpool Part# 703650)

Uploaded by partselect on 01.04.2011

Hi, it’s Steve from Partselect. You’ve decided to change the infinite switch on your
range. That’s a pretty easy job. Gonna need a couple of tools; a Philips screw driver
and maybe a pair of needle nose pliers. Let me show you how easy it’s done.
Before we begin this repair the first thing we need to do is disconnect the power to the
appliance. If your range has a standard 40 amp cord just disconnect it from the receptacle.
If it’s hard wired you need to find the disconnect switch or shut the power off at
the electrical panel.
The next step in this repair will be to open our oven door and locate 4 Philips screws
located underneath the control panel. Those will need to be removed and there will be
two on either side of the control panel that need to come out as well. Put the screws in
a safe place so we don’t lose them.
Support the control panel as we remove the last screw. Tilt out on the bottom a little bit, let it drop down and that will expose
the back of the infinite switch that we’re going to replace. The wire harness should
support the complete control assembly. You might as well remove the two screws on the
infinite switch you are going to replace. Remove those now.
Take our needle nose pliers and just remove each of the individual wires and keeping in
mind where they came from. Take our new switch. The top of your switch is marked top so when
that sits in its location the top will be this portion here. Hold our switch in position
and it’s a matter of reconnecting the individual wires. The colours of the wires on the switch
you’re replacing may or may not be the same as this particular one so again, take not
of that before you get disconnected.
One of the Philips screws, get one of them started. The second one. Tighten these two
screws. Now we can lift the control panel back in place and reinstall the screws.
Now that we’ve replaced the infinite switch we need to lift the whole control assembly
back into place. We need to keep in mind that we don’t pinch any wires. We’ll lift it
up above the door lock latch. Tilt it back, put this bracket in underneath the main top,
press it back, one screw into the bottom bracket to hold it in place. At this point I would
suggest putting at least on screw on either side of the control panel to hold it in position.
Just put the remaining two screws in on the sides. And then the remainder of the screws
underneath the bottom of the control panel. And our repair is complete.
Well, that’s just how easy it was to change the infinite switch on your range. Thanks
for watching and good luck with your repair.