TDT 2012 - 100,000 Dominoes - Long Version (English Subtitles)

Uploaded by Dominoday111 on 16.04.2012

What you just saw was the trailer for this year's domino event.
And we really were, as some would probably say, insane enough or just plan STUPID enough
to actually set up 100,000 dominoes here.
But such a big event isn't possible without any help at all.
We're "only" seven people organising this, and first and most of all we want to thank
the headteacher, Mrs Gleixner, for putting this gym room at our disposal.
We also have flowers for her...
But that's not everyone, we also have sponsors this year, that's just necessary for something this big.
We want to thank Alcotec there, which is the company that gave us the video projector,
also Birngruber; Zimmermann Driving School; Raiffeisenbank Tulln; Optician Tscherny;
Loley; Goldsmith Urban; the Volksbank and Ritter.
We especially want to emphasise Matthias Heinzelmann's efforts.
He came here from Switzerland and brought 46,000 dominoes, 8 kilogram of Swiss Chocolate
and a lot of technical equipment.
Of course we also need to thank our parents. Among their help was accomodating Albert and Matthias,
and of course supporting us as much as possible.
We are especially pleased to be able to welcome Mayor Eisenschenk, M.A., for the third time,
and that the ORF and other media are here.
As far as I know, the ORF will broadcast a report about us on Monday.
But such a big event doesn't happen out of nothing. It's already the third time we do this here in this gym.
So here's a short video to show you how this event grew since 2010.
Thank you...
Another person I want to thank for coming here is Alexander Dings, among us better known as Annodomino.
He took on a train journey of 11 hours to get here from Germany.
So I hope I didn't forget anyone. I'm sorry if I have, it's just so many people.
So here are some more details about this event.
You really see 100,000 dominoes set up here. Even slightly more actually, but not a lot.
We are seven builders. Last year we were just five, but we were joined by Albert from Vienna...
and by the forementioned Matthias Heinzelmann from Switzerland.
7 was sort of our lucky number, because we've been building for 7 days, so since last Saturday.
And more than 10 hours per day.
So there's not more to say about it actually, but we want to show you a sped up video of the setup.
Okay, so before we go on with the course of the dominoes, I want to say something in advance.
I don't know who of you was here last year, I don't remember everyone exactly...
...but it were definitely less people, so we're happy so many are here today.
So later we will have to clean up.
When you build something up, you need to clean it up, whether you like it or not.
So since we're just seven people, we'd like to ask you to help us there.
Unlike last year, the dominoes don't need to be counted this time.
So it would be appreciated very much if you sorted the dominoes by color and packed them into boxes.
So now let's go on with explaining the course.
It begins, as usual, with the start.
Yeah, please shoo away the crowd there...
We start in proper style for the theme: with Mozartkugeln. Mrs Gleixner will set the chain off.
So from there it goes on to a special technique called splitwalls,
after which that red and white double line crosses the entire gym until the other end.
That's where we enter the actual theme with the Austrian flag, the country's shape and the letters.
The next project is the field "Tradition". Austria is a country with lots of tradition.
That is shown by the fallwall behind the field. Such a fallwall is a wooden device
on which the dominoes are triggered from the top and sort of slide down.
We then go on with the wine glass because we have a lot of good wine in Austria.
It goes on to the sound waves. They weren't planned as such, not until yesterday.
But we had them in both of our last events and the crowds liked them, so we included them again.
It continues with our capital, Vienna, and its subway system.
There's the big light bulb moment in the audience!
So speaking of transportation systems, we also included the tram.
The special thing there is that it will be triggered by a model train, started by that aluminium domino.
The next project is two sightseeing places. Vienna's big wheel and the St. Stephen's Cathedral.
Then we go on to the airport with its runway and the terminal.
It crashed once, but we didn't have a building freeze. [Reference to the real airport this was modeled after]
We then cross the red and white line to go on with Austria as a winter sport nation.
The mountains in the background and the "Ski Sport" field in the front.
Then there's a skier and his slalom poles behind him.
But we don't just stay on the ground - there's a ski jumper and his jumping platform.
Then there's biathlon. Biathlon involves shooting. Mathias and Marcel usually don't like things
being thrown through the gym, even if it's empty. In front of the shooting device, you see the biathlete.
It then proceeds here behind me. We go to the right corner of the gym. There's the TDT wall...
And before you ask afterwards again, I'll clarify it once and for all: It means Tulln Domino Toppling.
In front of it, there's the field "Builder's Challenge". On its left side, you see...
the light signal. Once that light turns green and you hear a sound, the two builders, Matthias and Albert...
know that they now have two minutes to fill up this clef. If they manage to do it within that time,
the gate opens and the Falco field with 10,000 dominoes, a field record for us, would topple;
otherwise it will end at the gate - and that's an ending we really don't want to see.
Okay, so traditionally, we will start the falldown by all together counting down from 10 to 0.
As you can see, unfortunately, some dominoes are still standing.
So in order to know how many dominoes toppled, we will NOT count the dominoes that did topple...
That would take way too long. We'll count the other dominoes and subtract them from 100,000.
So soon, we will announce the result. Until then, there's, well, basically nothing.
Yeah, it's difficult to find some kind of programm for that break, but...
I think we'll just show some photos.
Out of 100,000 dominoes that were set up, the number of toppled ones is...