O amor de Nossos Senhor é o acto próprio da devoção ao Sagrado Coração de Jesus / Padre Dehon

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Moment of Reflection
The love of our Lord is:
the act's own devotion to the Sacred Heart:
"Beloved, let us love one another, because love comes from God;
and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.
He that loveth not knoweth not God, because God is love.
This was manifested the love of God in us:
because that God sent his only Son into the world,
we might live through him (1 John 4, 7-9). "
- God has shown us his love by sending us your Son who gave His life for us.
- Love love calls, love calls slighted love repairer.
The manifestation of the Sacred Heart to Margaret Mary is the manifestation of love.
- When Jesus revealed to Margaret Mary Your Heart passionate love for men,
and unable to contain more long flames that devour,
that he only wanted to draw attention to this love, cause us to pay him homage,
inviting us to this brother-in Heart infinitely rich food? (Bainvel).
By telling us that is a singular pleasure to be honored
under the figure of a heart of flesh, which is objective?
What we ask only love and honor your answer you give him love for love?
The manifestation of the Heart to Margaret Mary is the manifestation of love.
Devotion to the Sacred Heart leads back up,
Therefore, in the words of Pius VI, to venerate the great charity and love of our Lord lavish,
lighting the fire in our heart of love.
Margaret Mary, summarizing his views, wrote to Father Croiset:
"I was shown an ever-present heart, throwing flames everywhere, with these words:
If you knew how hungry I am I do love men,
descuidarias not anything for this ... I'm thirsty, Nardo to be loved. "
So Jesus, in the various apparitions to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque,
wanted, through her, to understand the souls your great love for us!
How many people are afraid of Jesus! Why? Why not believe in your love!
And do not believe because they feel the weight of their sins.
They say: How can I love Jesus so much that I have sinned?
To think so is to forget the passion and death of Jesus to save us.
He said: "I did not come for the righteous, but sinners"!
O souls say, with all the faith: "O Jesus, I believe in Your love for me!"
And He will say: "Come to me .. Do not be afraid ... because I love you! "
Love calls for love. - That is, the devotion to the Heart of Jesus is to love Him as He loved us.
If a soul is said to devote the Heart of Jesus and does not care to love Him more and more,
has no real devotion.
Let us pray: Heart of Jesus, who so love us, do I love Thee more!
"Love is repaid with love!
The new order of worship, said the postulator of 1697, is to pay a tribute of love to the very source of love. -
The first order we have in view, said the postulator of 1727,
Father of Gallifet, is responding to the love of Christ. -
And Father Croiset: This is not only an exercise of love;
love is its object, love is your primary subject, and it is love that must also be your end.
It is that fact that the Church believes. She says the secret of the Mass:
"We implore you, O Lord, the Holy Spirit to ignite the love that our Lord Jesus Christ
well did your Heart on earth, and from which she will warm whatever. "
When Pius IX in 1856, extended the feast of the Sacred Heart to the whole Church,
was to "provide incentives for true love and pay with love the Heart
him who loved us and washed our sins in his blood. "
When a party raises more than a rite, is for
"Love's devotion to the Heart of our Redeemer spreads ever more
and go down later in the hearts of believers, and so the charity
cooled in many, if resuscitate the fires of divine love. "
Leo XIII repeated the same teachings.
In his Encyclical of June 28, 1889, writes:
"Jesus has no more ardent desire to see that light up in the souls
the love of which his own heart is devoured.
We will, therefore, one who does not ask us as their charity of price but the reciprocity of love. "
Nothing more clearly, the very act of devotion to the Sacred Heart is love.
Love calls slighted love repairer.
- Devotion to the Sacred Heart, and a response of love to love despised and reviled,
presents itself naturally as a love of repair.
Thus all documents allowed us to speak of repair while the love.
The love of Jesus, as revealed to Margaret Mary
especially love is despised and reviled,
and this is what gives its importance to the act of reparation in the cult of the Sacred Heart.
Father Eudes did not forget the repair,
but leaves it in the background, he is totally absorbed by love, love sings.
Margaret Mary, at the request of Our Lord puts on the same level of love and reparation.
But it is a repair of love above all that she asks, before a justice or repair of atonement.
This repair of love results in the grievance,
which is directed precisely to love despised and reviled.
Love, love dedication or gift of self to the Sacred Heart, a lifetime for him and his,
maintain first place in the writings of St. Margaret Mary.
The repair and reparation (eg the Holy Hour, the processions, the crown of the Sacred Heart of Jesus ... etc..)
come later, as a special witness of love for love despised and reviled the Savior.
Resolutions. - Love and repair, assiduous dedication of myself, here is what the Sacred Heart expects from me.
But this consecration must embrace all my acts.
Should I renew it at the beginning of each of my actions,
(I offer you this job, this prayer, my illness, my rest, etc., etc.. In a spirit of love and repair)
and is needed for it to live in a pious and constant recollection,
under the gaze of Our Lord in a spirit of love and reparation.
(See Father Dehon-Year with the Heart of Jesus - June 4)
+ Blessing of God Almighty and full of love for us, Father, Son and Holy Spirit
descend upon you and remain forever. - Amen