Dance Moms - Season 2 Episode 16 - I Know What You Did Last Competition - Full Episode Recap

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What's up everybody?
It's your boy Todrick.
Thank you so much for coming back to yet another week of
Dance Moms recap.
This week's episode of Dance Moms was a little bit
But first, at the top of the pyramid was Maddie.
Go Maddie.
You guys all know that I'm a huge Maddie fan, so I was very
happy that she climbed back to the top of that pyramid, like
Rafiki at the top of pride rock.
This week the kids are doing a group number
called Silver Spoon.
It's supposed to be about the finest qualities of life.
And McKenzie's doing a solo where she looks adorable.
Maddie's doing a solo called Helen
Keller, about a rag doll.
And she's locked in a room.
And she can't see.
She can't hear.
She can't do anything.
It's a really cool, unique, and innovative number.
Also Maddie and Chloe are doing a duet.
Nia's also doing a solo.
OK, so the parents go back up into the holding green room
area, and Christy is kind of upset because somehow Abby
found out that Chloe went to the movies the other day and
wasn't at rehearsal.
And Melissa ends up telling them, I told her.
Yeah, I did because I was upset.
And I feel bad for Melissa sometimes, but she keeps just
digging herself into a deeper hole.
Then comes the huge issue, which I still don't know if I
believe everything that was said on the show today.
But apparently, rumor has it, that Melissa knew that the CD
was going to skip.
Everybody's kind of implying that Abby purposely remixed
the CD so that it would skip last week so that Maddie could
look like she was so professional.
And she just kept dancing through, which would then
enable her to win first place.
Then comes another issue.
For the spoon number this week everybody's wearing different
colored costumes.
Well, because there's five people, two people are wearing
a pink dress, two people are wearing a blue dress, and one
person is wearing a green dress.
And Paige is the one that comes out
wearing the green dress.
And it fits her perfectly.
And Chloe is wearing the pink dress.
Abby is not having it.
And she makes them switch costumes.
But the green dress doesn't really fit Chloe and the pink
dress doesn't really fit Paige.
And so, everybody's just a little bit upset because it's
obvious that whoever's wearing that green dress is
going to stand out.
And Abby is not going to let that be Paige.
This week they're going to Energy Dance
Competition in Michigan.
And somehow, some way, someone that works for the competition
gives Abby some inside information and lets her know
that two teams have specifically come there with
intentions of beating the Abby Lee Miller dance studio.
Abby is not having it.
So the kids go into the competition knowing that they
got to step it up from last week, which is going to be
hard, because they basically swept the competition away.
Maddie and Chloe's duet--
sorry, I just need a minute.
It was just so touching.

The group number was a little bit Disney-ish, but I
personally liked it.
All the parents were kind of like, this is whack.
But I thought they looked adorable.
And it was also cool to see them do a different dynamic.
Something a little bit more classy and a
little bit more classic.
Maddie's number, as usual, was awesome.
She sold it.
She didn't forget any of the choreography.
Kudos to you, Maddie.
Nia came out and did a great job.
I always like the look on Holly's face, because Holly is
literally the most supportive parent that you could have.
She loves Nia whether she comes in first
place or 101st place.
But let me tell you who stole the show.
Who stole the show.
Who stole the show.
McKenzie came out and was, literally, the
cutest thing ever.
She had flowers and vines all wrapped around her, just like
a little chrysanthemum.
And she went out there, and she twirled, and she tumbled,
and she flipped, and she spinned.
She did everything that she needed to do to win those
judges' attention.
And when it came time for awards McKenzie
came in first place.
Go McKenzie.

Melissa cried for the first time with McKenzie.
And it's just really coming out to be that she's going to
be able to be a little Maddie herself.
Nia got ninth place, which was awesome for her.
Maddie's solo came in fourth place.
The group number came in second place.
And also the duet between Maddie and Chloe came in
second place.
So, all in all, the group that came there with intentions of
beating Abby Miller, came there and beat Abby Miller.
And Abby Miller was not happy about that.
At the end, after the competition was all said done,
Kelly went and talked to Abby and was like, I just don't
like the way you're treating my daughter.
Why couldn't you have just let her wear the green costume?
Why couldn't you have let her just stick out for once?
And Abby, of course, was like, Kelly, it made more sense for
her to be in the middle.
You know that.
I am not trying to intentionally
hurt any of the kids.
And whether that's true or not, who knows?
Whether she cheated for Maddie, or not,
last week, who knows?
That's still a little questionable.
I don't know.
All I know is I can't wait to see what's going
to happen next week.
Because I saw the preview for it at the end, and it's
looking a little juicy.
Until then, I'm Todrick.
And you're watching FYI.

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