Near Death Experience Stories - 1 of 2

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What is it like to die ?
Dr. Kenneth Ring has spent the last five years interviewing hundreds of people who have
nearly died.
In this program
he has chosen four people who are representative of those he has interviewed to describe their
experiences and how it has affected their lives.
Their reports are giving us a new view of death.
And I was in a car accident and thrown out.
I was in severe pain. I had a fractured clavicle and lacerations all over my body and I had thought
that I had broken my jaw. I had tremendous pain in my jaw.
I went unconscious. - Basically the truck did fall on me and the frame of the truck came
across my chest, so that it immediately pushed all the air out of me.
- The day they sent me home from the hospital,
they graciously gave me lot of medication so I'd have a comfortable ride home and
I'd be fine when I got there.
And the result was that it was too much for me and when I got home
I collapsed. - I began to hemorrhage internally.
The stitches
were inside my body.
The wound did not heal.
And I lost quite a bit of blood.
The subjects were asked to describe their near-death experiences.
The thing
that amazed me was that
as the pain
became extremely severe
my breathing became far more shallow.
And I as exhale
I became very numb. And the more numb I became
I just, without realizing it, zoomed
out of my body like in a funnel fashion
and just hovered over it.
And I wasn't aware
that I had left my body at that time.
I was only aware that I wasn't in pain and that something was different.
And then
I became very familiar with my surroundings and space and realized
that was I separated
but still did not know exactly how
until I got high enough up where I saw a bald-headed man put a blanket on my body.
And the most interesting thing at that moment was when I realized I was out of my body,
and that I was no longer Vita.
I did not have a gender whatsoever.
I was shapeless, odorless, colorless.
Just something like a...
an invisible gas of some sort.
And I just
with the air around me, I was the atmosphere. And the higher up I went the more I became
part of the air.
An interesting thing was
that my hearing during this escalation
was extremely acute as though I was next to anybody who was nearby.
When the police came I could hear them as accurately as though I was standing right
by them.
When they were trying to
shake me
on the ground
it was as though I was back in my body again.
- And I felt
myself going.
I was in a great deal of pain.
It was a very frightening experience.
I began to slip.
Just feel myself going.
And I remember trying to hold on
"I'll be okay I'll be okay".
And it got to the point where
I just couldn't.
And everything began to just
very quiet. And I
can remember with
every ounce of strength I had, I wanted to say
goodbye to my wife.
It was important to me.
I remember just
turning my head looking at her and saying
"I'm going to die, goodbye Joan".
And I did.
It was then that I
what we call a near-death experience.
For me there was nothing near about it; it was death.
It was a total
immersion in light
brightness, warmth
I did not have an out-of-body experience.
I did not
see my body or anyone about me.
I just immediately went
into this
bright light.
It's difficult to describe, as a matter of fact it's impossible to describe.
Verbally it cannot be expressed.
It's something which
becomes you and you become it.
I could say that I was peace.
I was love.
I was the brightness.
It was part of me.
I had no recollection of anything
It's not like you could see something, because
your sight is biological, it's necessary here.
Hearing is necessary here.
Speech is necessary here; it's not there.
You just know.
You're all knowing.
Everything is a part of you.
It's just so beautiful.
It was...
It was eternity.
It's like
I was always there
and I will always be there
that my existence on earth was just a very brief instant.
It's a hard concept to understand, eternity.
Because when you compare it to time...
a sequence of things, things follow each other.
This is all at once everything.
There is no passing from one thing to another.
I like to call it a different
dimension, but
you can't really call it that
because that could be defined and there are different dimensions. They have beginnings and ends.
So that doesn't fit.
- At the point that it actually happened
I was screaming
and I was vomitting at the same time.
And I felt myself
getting ready to pass out.
And I was conscious of my two sons who were standing in the doorway.
And I was looking at my husband and the next thing I know, I was looking down at my husband.
it was unclear
at first. I said
"I'm looking at myself".
And I looked down at the bedroom scene
and all of a sudden I said: "My god I'm dead!"
The only way i can describe my immediate feeling was
if you could describe or see or feel
a smile or a complete contentment or happiness
that was it.
I couldn't...
I see myself, my physical body was still alive and I was still screaming. - Could you see yourself clealy ?
- Yes very clearly.
And I could see the backs of my husband's head and my mother's.
And I could see my sons. I had a very good clear vision.
But I had no feeling toward these people.
If anything I was looking down in amusement, because I still had this smiley feeling.
And I had no
attachment, no feeling. It was like I was looking at that glass of water, I mean I have no attachment
to that glass of water. That's how I was viewing myself. - Just looking as a spectator might. - Exactly.
And I felt I was in a vacuum.
The reason I say that is because
I could hear nothing
but yet I
I heard the vacuum.
Not a noise of a vacuum cleaner but I heard the quietness. - Hmm.
And with that it was a peacefulness.
I wasn't a body.
I wasn't in a body form, if anything
I think I...
I may have had a head or a center, and
the rest of me was just
something very loose.
- Did you feel like you were yourself ?
That it was you that this was happening to ? - I wasn't my body, I was my mind.
I say I was my spirit.
contentment, happiness.
It was the most wonderful time in my life.
It was
peaceful, quiet. It was just...
It was magnificent. It's hard to explain because
I feel it wasn't exactly worldly, so how can I use worldly words to explain it to you ?
All I can say is it was...
It was a fantastic experience.
I was conscious of being maybe inches from the ceiling.
I could feel the closeness of the ceiling.
- Were you aware of any other persons or presences with you at that time ? Or did you feel that you were alone in
that space ?
- I was alone but I wasn't alone. There again I felt the closeness
or the protection
of this vacuum
that I was in.
It was like...
It's really hard to explain, it's like
when you're really upset
and you're a little girl and your mother hugs you,
you have that "everything is going to be ok now" because mommy is hugging me.
I didn't feel like somebody was right there but I had that
protective feeling
of the vacuum
which kind of make me feel that I wasn't alone.
- The next thing that I experienced or realized that I was in this
huge vastness of just nothing, just darkness.
I might add in here, during this time
the pressure and the pain
that you experienced during the accident was gone. You were relieved of all that.
The one sensation that you're very aware of is your eyesight or that you can see.
You then...