POTC Video Pills: Ambro message

Uploaded by thepartyofthecentury on 11.05.2010

Giorgio told me: "Ambro, our friendship started when I was in New York and I want to finish POTC together with you over there"!
Well, even though it was a difficult period due to global crisis, I thought I just couldn't miss an occasion like that for nothing in the world.
So we found ourselves at Sterling Sound Studios together with Ted Jensen for the Party Of The Century Mastering session!
That place is like the mecca of music, you cannot believe the mastering credits on the walls, starting from Eagles (hotel california), Police, Genesis, Norah Jones, Madonna.
it took nearly 5 / 6 hours to master the whole record in his studio, right in front of the liberty statue, what a place! We were sitting behind Ted, very quiet and it's been so great and fascinating hearing the music changes while he was pushing buttons on his console!
The most memorable thing was looking at Giorgio's face when Ted Jensen at the end of the mastering session and said" Hey man, you've an album, you've a great album".
And he didn't hide his appreciation during the whole mastering process, like getting amazed on the drums sound of Simon Phillips. He knew we were genuine and our hearts were in the right place!
I could see Giorgio like an athlete at the end of his long marathon, releasing and relaxing after moving what was his last step to the victory lane! He had the master of Party Of The Century.
This has been the most incredible memory about the New York travel! But even going to the Yankees Shops (as Giorgio says)