Why doesn't he heal quadriplegics?

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I want you to take a look at this picture right here
along with the video title.
Now what do you think is going to happen?
Find out and more in this episode of
(screeching tires)
(slaps forehead)
So a couple of days ago I got this message
in my "shared with you" folder
This is where spambots usually send all of their messages.
Not to say that John Mellor Ministries
is using a spambot because of have no evidence of that.
However, I do find it odd that he would send
this particular video to me when you consider
my religious background. Nevertheless,
The video describes a 12 year old boy
which I have went ahead and blacked out
to respect his privacy (the child is innocent)
Nevertheless, you have two people who come up to be healed.
One of them walks up to the stage and the other
is apparently quadriplegic
or at least appears to be so
He is in the full apparatus in the wheelchair and stuff like that.
Now, to demonstrate the power of God
which of these two people do you think
should be healed?
The person who says they HAVE to use a wheelchair?
Or the person who is ACTUALLY using a wheelchair?
Not to say that the 12 year old is making all of this up,
because I know nothing about his medical history.
However, we have one person who is claiming to use a wheelchair,
and the other person who is actually in one.
Now you'll see that throughout the video
the preacher lays hands on him
he falls to the ground
the preacher lays hands on him again
he falls to the ground
Then all of a sudden you notice that the guy
in the wheelchair is nowhere to be found.
Of course at the end of the video you
can see he is off to the side now apparently being prayed with or something like that.
However, I was curious how come he wasn't used
as to demonstrate God's miraculous power?
Certainly if there is going to be healing taking place it should be the quadriplegic.
You know the person who basically has to use
an entire apparatus just to move around.
That would definitely be true.
However I wanted to know what you guys think.
Leave your comments and video responses down below and I will see you guys next time.
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