Injured man survives 4 days in wilderness

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When 69-year-old Karl Brandt bought
this peaceful 40-acre hobby farm 8 years ago, he fell in love
with the land. It's very private and I like it.
It's a beautiful place to be! I plant a lot of
vegetables, I've got a big garden.
And ya, I maintain the house and make sure that
I don't freeze in the winter, I cut a lot of firewood.
Happy to be alone with his German Sheppard Sheba, Karl worked the land
and fixed his cars. But in a harrowing turn of events,
the ideallic and isolated surroundings nearly cost him his life.
One June 13, Karl set out to cut down some dead
trees. i had a chain saw and the machines ready.
I had the ATV and I went
not far away from the house, about 400 feet,
and the tree wouldn't fall down. And it was hanging
on top of another tree. Then I
cut that one too to make sure they both fell together.
But that didn't happen and then there was a small branch
and I cut the third one off on the bottom and then
both of them came down. Came down on Karl
and the massive impact dislocated Karl's hip,
broke his back and paralyzed one arm. Incredibly, Karl
managed to drag his body half way back to the house, but the pain became
too much. He settled here, in this small patch of dirt,
covering his body with dried leaves to protect against weather and insects.
But with no food or water and no cell phone, Karl
spent every passing hour wondering if he would ever be found.
I had a watch on and I put it front of me to watch the time.
Of course the family was the most important thing.
It went through my mind every 10 seconds.
Nothing else mattered.

Funny enough, I slept quite a bit.
Sheba came now and then and she passed
and because I was so dry, I said Sheba, kiss kiss.
And she would lick my face. I was in pain but
I wasn't dead. I think that he climbed over
the log going this way...Zara Brandt is one of Karl's 4 daughters
who became increasingly worried when they hadn't heard from him in days.
If not every other day then we e-mail each other but
when I hadn't heard from him in 4 days when
the accident happened, I knew that something
was wrong. Karl had recently listed his property for sale, hoping
to stay in the country but be a bit closer to town.
The family decided to call Karl's real estate agent, David Cogan, to check in.
I drove up the driveway, it was about 8 o'clock at night. Cogan didn't even
make it to the house when Sheba ran over barking.
And that's when I knew something was up. It was right here because
this pile is where he was lying
on his right hand side,
and this is something he had piled up, all these leaves
and that's what he had put on his body.
That's what he attempted to keep the bugs away with.
While we were waiting for the EMS, he spent some time telling me that he thought the day
before, which was Friday, that he wouldn't make it. So that's
night number 4.
Yay, so
if it went into another day, who knows
what would have happened. You never know.
This is where the hip should be and
it's completely out of the socket...Dr. Hans Kreder operated on Karl
when he arrived at Sunnybrook and says he has never encourtered a case like this one.
The incredible pain with these injuries
would prevent most people from even attempting
to move. I couldn't believe this story, I thought how could
this man survive? To me, this is the reason I
went into this field. You know, it's really
quite an inspiration to me. Don't give up.

Life carries on, don't give up. OK, so do you want me to
focus on one side and then the other side. Karl says he is dealing well with
what happened to him, and that most of the healing is now physical.
After spending a few weeks at Sunnybrook, Karl was transferred to St. John's
Rehab, where he's trying his best to be able to do everything
he did before, except for one. I don't think I
will go cut wood. It would have been cheaper to buy it!
With Sunnyview, I'm Monica Matys.