How to Draw Hair in Backlight

Uploaded by FineArtEBooks on 04.12.2012

Hello my friends and welcome to another Tuesday of tutorial!
I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today Ill show you how to draw hair with a backlight.
I will use an old pen, with no ink, to render the effect I want.
Pressing on the paper I draw invisible lines.
I do this in the area that will be between the dark background and the light hair.
And then with a dull, not pointed lead, I do the dark background.
The graphite will not go in the lines.
With a sharp lead I reinforce some areas that I want really dark.
To give a tone to the hair I start with the darker shadows. For the background I used
a soft, 6B lead. For this I am using an H lead in the black lead holder, and a 3B in
the red holder. The list of materials is in the information below the video.
With a brush I smudge the graphite to make it softer and to give it a tone.
Then, with the kneaded eraser, I pull some lights. And, with the pencil, I give them shadows to create volume.
I draw the shadow that the hair drops on the face.
I keep "drawing" with the eraser.
A few final touches and it will be ready! Please let me know what do you think about it.
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And Ill see you on Tuesday.