5 réponses à vos questions nail art / 5 answers to your nail art questions

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Hello everybody! In this video, I will answer to the 5 most asked questions.
First, I’m gonna show you the shelf that you can see
behind me, containing all my nail varnishes. I have two like that.
They have been built by my father in law.
You won’t find them on the Internet or in shops.
However, I gonna show you in the description under this video
2 or 3 shelves that can be bought from American websites.
The links can be found under this video.
They are plexiglass made shelves and they are quite pretty.
But they are expensive to bring them in France cause you’ll have to pay for the shipping fees.
So, I’m gonna show you my shelves.
I receive many questions about acrylic paint.
I’ll try to explain this paint.
Acrylic paint can be found in large pots or in small tubes like these.
You often ask me if you can use normal paint
or if you should buy special nail art paint.
This one, the “Oumaxi”, is specially for nail art
But you can also buy paint that can be found in supermarket or in paint shops.
However be careful, acrylic paint made for canvas
Are sometimes too liquid and not enough opaque.
Si they are not opaque enough, you won’t be able to your gradients and drawings
You will have to apply 2 or 3 times to have a good effect and that’s not great.
But if the paint is too thick, it doesn’t matter, since you can add water to it.
However if it is too liquid, you won't be able to do nothing. It would be a bad purchase.
Personally, I recommend the OUMAXI, the reference is under the video.
The OUMAXI is opaque and well dosed. That’s all about this paint.
You also ask me if it dries quickly.
When you displayed a plot of paint in your palette
It will not dry quickly. You can do you 10 nails easily with your brush.
However when it is applied in a thinly coat on your nails
It will then dry very quickly and it is convenient
You should know that when it is drying, the acrylic paint becomes opaque.
That’s good, right then you can apply your top coat on it.
You’ll have a shiny paint.
Sometimes you ask me if it damages the nails or if it is toxic.
It is not at all toxic and doesn’t damage your nails.
Nail varnish are much more toxic and dangerous for the body than acrylic paint.
I hope that I have answered to all your questions.
Another question that I receive on almost my videos
Is “Are my natural nails ?” Yes, they are.
I don’t use nail gel, no resin, no capsule, none of these.
And how do I manage to have long and hard nails ?
Here’s an annotation, the link for my manicure videos.
You’ll have all my tips and advices to have beautiful nails.
So have a look to it if you want.
Now, I will talk to you about my fine brushes and liner brushes.
Another question I often receive is, where do I buy my brushes
And how to choose them. Here’s my brushes.
Fine and liner brushes.
Here’s a liner brush with short hair.
You’ll see that that it differs from the long liner brushes.
I really don’t like this brush and I even don’t know how to use it.
And it doesn’t give a good result.
This one is my favorite. It’s a sable-hair brush
The brand is Kolinsky Raphael. It’s of very good quality.
Can you see the difference from the long liner
My short liner, Raphael, a sable-hair brush 3/0
I recommend it. And I can be found in paint shops.
It’s not that it is difficult to find on the Internet but
It is quite hard to see the signs, often too small, and we cannot see what you buy.
Here’s another brush. When I press on it, it opens widely
With that kind of brush you won’t be able to draw fine line
As you can see, with my liner brush, it doesn’t open widely.
You’ll be able to do fine lines.
I remind you that the liner brush is used to make lines or slightly curved lines.
They are not used to make spirals.
Spirals and detailed designs are made with short hair brushes.
This one is my favorite. I should have enough flexible hair.
Feel free to test them at the paint shop to see if you can make spirals.
You’ll know if it is a good brush or not with the spiral.
If you can’t make a spiral, it means that the brush doesn’t have the same hair.
It is important to use a Raphael brush with sable-hair.
Because the hairs are naturals and they’ll resist to solvents.
This is my 6/0 brush.
It is written on the description.
You can also find brushes pack on Ebay and similar sites.
I recommend them for fan brush, dotting tool
And flat brush or beveled brush.
But for liners and fines brushes, they are not recommended.
Another question: how do I apply nail polish on my other hand?
I’m right handed and to make my right hand fingernails
For sure it is a little bit hard than the left hand fingernails
Ever since I’m not ambidextrous.
The only advice that I can give to us
Is to train yourself again and again and to be patient
You should be determined to be able to do it
And do not give up because you can’t make a flower
Train yourself! It has been 4 years since I training myself.
It has been 4 years since I make nail art, you can’t compare yourself
To me if you started nail art for about two months.
After 3 days of nail arting, you won't be able to do a one stroke.
it is a complicated technic.
You must train hard
And take courage
To make your right hand or your left hand fingernails if you are left handed.
I hope you liked this video and that it has been useful to you.
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