XBOCT teamwipe vs Moscow5 @ StarSeries Final

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Jun 24, 2012

Balanar must already attack, here he goes... silence
Opa...oh Pgg, nice vacuum on the seers wall
Tide!! Ult! XBOCT minus one, minus two
Somebody buys back, Inamte kills Balanar and dies, Xboct!
Xboct makes an Ultra kill! Only vigoss is alive! Vigoss kills tide
Xboct resurrected, and after an Ultrakill NaVi team try to take out the top rax
Barracks fall, aghanim bought on ARS-ART
Opa, Xboct finds Vigoss
Vigoss burns Xboct...nope, Monsterkill Xboct!