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Let's do it.
I got a job on TV and learned how to do that.
Outstanding… …an outstanding player can't be explained.
In my opinion, Kobe Bryant is the best player ever.
He always does what he needs to do.
After each and every game he can say "I gave my best".
Even if he doesn't play well that day.
For me, he is even better than Michael Jordan.
Call me crazy But he is…
He plays as well as MJ but he is taller and
shoots better than MJ.
Little by little he has been proving to be the best we have ever seen.
Do you think it's easy to play for the Lakers?
Sometimes I think USA doesn't value Kobe Bryant.
Because he does all that and there are still bad reviews
about him all the time.
I've played with Kobe's father for 11 years, against him.
An amazing player, Joe Bryant.
Great player.
But he liked to show off. Kobe doesn't do that.
Kobe shows his abilities going straight to the basket
and you'd better get out of his way 'cause he'll deliver.
What a player, Kobe Bryant. I am his fan.
The greatest moment of my life was when we beat US inside their own domain.
For the first ever US lost a game there. And they lost it to us.
I am very proud of that.
I was man-to-man with Anderson. Whenever he received the ball
I let him take the shot.
I said "shoot the ball! Everybody is watching you!"
And he couldn't score. Little by little we started scoring
and they couldn't do it. And we were very strong on the defense.
'Cause you can't win just by attacking…
There are several unforgettable moments in my mind
but the most interesting one was that they didn't have the Brazilian anthem.
It was a remarkable moment.
I had seen them rehearse the US anthem a thousand times during
our warm-up.
However, they didn't rehearse Brazilian anthem anytime.
We said to each other "they don't have our anthem".
The game was over and there was no Brazilian anthem.
We said "we will only receive the medals if you play our national anthem."
They went to get a tape at the football stadium.
It took them a while to get it but it was
a great satisfaction
to receive our gold medals while our anthem was playing.
This was the most interesting moment of
the great adventure that was beating the US team.
The greatest moment of sports?
1970 Football World Cup.
I was taken aback. I was a kid living in Natal city
and I watched it "in colors"
in my friends' TV. My family didn't have any TV at all.
94 World Cup was amazing too. As I played in Italy many years
I was looking forward to watch Brazil x Italy in the finals.
In 82 when I arrived in Italy my italian friends were always
making me watch that fateful match.
So I dreamed about that final to come.
When it finally came, I didn't had the nerves to watch the overtime.
I was so nervous about the possibility of loosing that game.
I believe that feeling was the "pre heart attack".
I said "I will not give a chance to the real heart attack"
I didn't watch the overtime and got back for the penalty shoot-out.
Penalty shoot-outs are quick. So you don't suffer that much.
It was incredible in 1970. I think it was the best
Brazilian team ever.
Pelé, Rivelino…
Félix, Carlos Alberto, Brito, Piazza, Everaldo, Clodoaldo, Gérson
Rivelino, Jairzinho, Tostão and Pelé.
This is a catechism for me. I know it by heart.
Greatest play? Pelé's headed goal.
Do you need to ask? Against Italy. POW!
He flew in the air, many italians tried to catch him…
…and he TUMMM!
This goal is inside my mind.
Pelé blowing his elbow against the Uruguayan player.
Pelé's plays in the 1970 World Cup are a guide of how to play football
and how to be a player who gets hit and hits back.
I have played all my career that way.
"Are you gonna be over me? Are you gonna hit me?
I am going to hit you back"
Elbows flying around… This is it.
Pelé taught it to the world and I have learned that.