Moodle 2.2 tutorial - how to edit your profile

Uploaded by kerryank on 17.04.2012

Hi everyone! Here is a quick tutorial on how to add a photo and a description to
your profile in Moodle.
From the home page of the Moodle site
you'll notice a settings menu on the left.
If you click on my profile settings you'll see a link to edit your profile
Click on that
and you go to your profile page. Some information has already been added and was
added when you registered.
There are some settings that you can tweak in terms of how automated
emails from the displayed, whether or not you wish to display your email address to
other users of the site,
wehther you wish to receive automated messages and some settings that pertain to
editing the content on the site itself. Feel free to explore these later. What
we are going to focus on right now is adding a description and adding a photo.
The description on the moodle site gives your fellow learners a little bit
of a picture of who you are and what you do.
Think about the sort of things that you would share in a professional
networking situation: such as your job title, a description of where you work,
your field of intrest, areas of expertise and perhaps some information about your
To edit your description all you have to do is click inside editing window and start
And - hopefully your spelling is better than mine!
You can use the text editing tools to do things like bold your text or change the
color of the text.
Feel free to explore those. I'll delete that for now.
The next area we'll look at is adding a a photo to the site.
Now, if you don't know how to edit a photo get someone do it for you. You want to keep it
fairly small in size -
around three hundred pixels square or less. For somebody who knows
how to edit photos this will make sense to them. If it doesn't make sense to you don't
worry about it. Just keep your photo as small as possible
The ones that come right out of a digital camera are huge so
definitely make sure that you have someone edit it down for you.
To upload it you click
choose a file
and you'll see the file picker window. You'll need to click on upload a file and
that will load the file upload window. Choose file
and go to the folder has images you might want to use. Select the image you want to use
and click open. Then, click upload this file.
You'll see the name of the file has appeared on the page and so we know it has
uploaded properly. Give it a description
then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click update profile.
And you'll see your new profile image image appears next to your profile.
This image also appears next to forum posts and other discussions
that you have on the Moodle site - and some other Moodle activities as well.
It's just a way to give people a physical representations of who you are and
if they click through to your profile they can read your profile description there as well.
And -
that's all the rest of updating your profile in the Moodle site!