Ushi interview (complete) w/ English subtitles

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-hi, hello, hi
Where should i sit? here
Thank you very much
*talking in fake Japanese*
I must tell you
My name is Ushi Hirosaki
-Ushi? -Ushi, yes. Thank you.
-Ushi Hirosaki from Tokyo Broadcasting -ok
and I must tell you, my english
is not tol bey
-is not tol bey -sorry
-bad, bad -okok
Thank you. you went to Japan?
*Fake Japanese*
I was meant to go two times but i can't fly that far. it's too faraway so
-it's very far away -yea, so i get to the the plane but couldn't get on it so i haven't been to Japan.
so two times you went to Japan?
*talk in fake Japanese*
-Where you went? - i didn't go
-i was meant to go to Tokyo but i didn't go -Tokyo is beautiful
-i haven't been there -i don't understand
I haven't been to Tokyo
-but you've been to Japan but you not went to Tokyo -nonono i was going to but i didn't go
i was, i didn't go.
-i was going -you are going but you are no going
yea yea totally yea
ok thank you. it's a good story
so. hello miss Adele singing woman
-hi -hi
how is it to be you and what to learn about you?
-it's good being me -they love you?
yea, they do. they seem to i played a huge show on friday here in Amsterdam
in the Heineken Music hall. was like 5000 people, it was like amazing, ridiculous so
What is the meaning of bridiculous?
like a dream
ah, you were sleeping?
no, no
it was like a dream come true
-ah, i understand -yea
how, when, and where please?
what? how? what happened?
how, where, is first question
how, when and where please?
um. sorry
-i'm from London -Hello i'm from Japan
When i was like 16. I was in London and I wrote some songs
and i put them on myspace
-so you were in the space! - i wasn't in the space
-Is space where space? -in a computer though, not in the space. like...
- in space!? like in space? -no, no. like
-in the computer - how long have you go one day two days?
-yea, you know -he did not tell me
- so you were the first woman in space?
no, i can't fly. i don't like flying
on a laptop.
ah yes
ok, i don't understand. yes
Why is your CD called 19?
because i was 19 when i wrote it
-good answer -yea
What is the biggest difference between a good song and good sex?
good song and good sex? oh my god.
a good song. you get a good feeling when you write a good song
and you get a very good feeling when you have sex
-so -yes
-you have funny accent -oh, do i ?
How you call it, your accent?
um i'll probably say cockney
-Cockney? -cockney, yea.
-COCK-ney? -haha
oh my god
you have dirty mind
-oh my god
-it's good word, i like it -ok good
cock-me, cock-you, haha. cock-we
next, next question
Adele, singing woman, can you please sing a little bit song?
No, I'm too shy.
I'm embarrassed. Embarrassed.
like this?
yea, I’m embarrassed.
maybe we can sing together because I
a good singer please
- ok! You sing it. You sing it. -yes
To make you feel my love
-haha. It's good. -yea
- thank you - so please little bit sing please
To make you feel my love
do you know my, I was very romantic when my boyfriend
first of all my boyfriend give me the song
-yea - and he say listen to the song please
It was so romantic
but I always really sad when I hear the song because
-he left -oh.
-my boyfriend had sex with my brother. -oh my god
-yea, so it was not so good -oh
you know I would like to have a little bit like you
because you are pretty beautiful and
me, we in Japan are all, all the ladies are pretty like
boney skinny
Maybe it's in your genes, like
- in like - Jeans? I'm not wearing Jeans.
I only wearing little skirts
like the history of your family
you know my family!
-you know my family!? -no I don't.
no. I'm saying that you're skinny because all of your, like your mother is skinny and stuff like that.
-yea, that's my family yea -and like
you're like your mum and I'm like my nan because we're family
we are family?
-are we family? -we're not family, no.
I'm sorry I don't understand the story.
-you were talking about your granny -hmm
she won all lot of prizes?
-she won a lot of prizes? no -yea
-I read -oh my Grammys
-yea -i'm sorry, yes. nothing about my granny.
-yea, does she won a lot of prizes? 2 prizes she won! -no
I did
-your granny did? -no
I won 2 prizes.
so, your granny won 2 prizes, 2 prizes.
-no. I won - two granny
I won two prizes called the Grammy.
I won two Grammy's. They're an American music award.
-ah. Is not about your granny. -no not about my granny
No just Grammy sounds like granny. I guess.
-you have boyfriend now? -no
-you're single woman? -single woman yep.
-you like Japanese? -um, i'm
He is single man
-he is looking for sometimes for a date. - oh, ok
-maybe tonight you can have a dinner together -but i
-uh -yea, he would like to have dinner with you tonight
oh thank you I'm going home tonight. I'm going home to England.
I'm flying home in probably about half an hour. so
so if you’re in the mood but you don’t have boyfriend what do you do?
It is a very serious question.
oh my god. I just go to sleep.
-but you have to do it! -no you don't have to do it!
-but it's good for you -yea. It's good for you but you don't have to do it.
I don't really want to talk about masturbating in to you in these cameras.
- I was not talking about masturbating, - oh
I was talking about singing.
- oh my god - yes
you're talking about sex all the time!
- nono i don't - yes you talk about sex all the time!
ok, serious question now
is it true
you went to school with skinny but beautiful totally tattooed all over her body
-drugs taking singing miss Winninghouse? -sorry say that again? pardon?
Is it true you went to school with skinny but pretty voice totally tattooed all of her body
drugs-taking singing miss Winninghouse?
no, I no i didn't
sorry I think I'm crying. no
no i didn't no
I , serious question.
- yea. I'm um sorry - I tell the question again.
no I knew it.
Is it true you went to school with skinny but pretty voice totally tattooed all over her body
- drugs taking singer miss wininghouse? - i did yea
- yea, do you like her voice? - yea, I love Amy Winehouse.
- yea but you have better voice. - oh thank you very much.
is, maybe one question you want to ask me?
- umm, were you born in Japan? - yes
- I was little baby. - you were a baby, yea ok.
- Were you little baby when you was born? - yea
how do you look?
- tiny, i was very little - and when you came out of her body
- yep? - you were singing?
- you were singing? - no , I was like ah~ screaming and crying
- yea - wasn't singing
why are you taking the pillow?
oh my god.
- you feel a little bit warm? - yea
no i'm okay
no no no please don't. oh my god.
in Japan we always do this, maybe you'll like this
- in Japan we always always do this - no no it's okay it's fine
because we always do it in Japan because it is really hot
- you like a music question? - you decide.
- or a about men? - music!
I love your beautiful song Daydream[er]
is it about you?
it's about a boy. it's about the boyfriend.
now we’re talking about man again. We want to talk about music.
my whole album is about a man.
you have more men?
- or or - i've had 3 boyfriends.
only one walk away and you still have 3 boyfriends
- two. - two!?
one walked aw-
- how is it to have 2 boyfriends? - no no oh my god. no not at the same time.
no i had
i had
it was difficult was that.
Your English is actually really good.
yep, sorry.
when are you starting writing songs?
i don't know yet. i've written about 4,5 songs. new ones
they will be on the second album
you've got like a funny hand, funny hands
-oh - you've got like this and you've got like this
- oh i'm nervous, sorry i'm nervous. - and you've got like this
my way, I don't know, I do a lot with my hands when I speak
do you maybe say one time without your hands?
no hands, maybe you put it like this
ok tell me more, one more time
- i'm listening - oh i can't.
no hands no hands no hands please.
Oh yes yes please
tell me please
- I need to write a lot more songs - yes
- how many? - like 6 more songs
this year, this year i've written 5 songs
5, we want 6 songs for one album yes.
- you want your hands again? - no i'm okay.
it is alright you can move your hands because I can understand now the story
- okay - yes
you like the interview?
thank you
you maybe have picture for you for me please?
- have i got a picture for you? - yes
- you don't have picture? - umm
- i have picture for me for you. - oh thank you.
- you like picture? - yea
but i need your hands, for the picture.
- this is for you. this is for me for you. - yes
who is that?
that's me
you're insane!i didn't understand...
- I didn't understand a word of what you were saying - yea
- I was looking at you and you weren't laughing. - you were so sweet!
being punk'd or somthing
- you know Aston Kucher with Punk'd - yea yea yea i know
- madness, you look nothing like it. - i know
-when you were her i mean - thank you so much
- thank you so much - you were really really nice.
- thank you very much, this is really a photograph of us - and you were really sweet.
ok, wasn't very patient though, was I
you were really patient, yes.
I'm gonna be at the airport for like 5 hours
I haven't really gotten an airplane yet.
- I was just saying that -yea yea, of course
thank you very much. �