A: 6 (Hidden) Tricks New iPhone 4S Owners Should Know - How to Use My iPhone Tutorial 5

Uploaded by a562178 on 28.12.2011

1. The app switcher
After you open an app on your iPhone. Even the settings app, it remains open, even after
you press the home button.
This is useful when using Pandora and many other apps.
To see a list of your open apps and even quickly switch between them, double click the button.
This can be done in any app, or even while watching a video. It allows you to quickly
switch to another app. You just tap on one in the app switcher. To switch back, is just
as easy.
To close an app, tap and hold till the icons begin to jiggle. Then tap the "-" in the top
left corner. It's good to do this regularly as having a lot of apps open can drain the
The iPhone uses smart battery multi-tasking and suspends all but the 4 most recently used
apps. This saves more battery life, but not as much as closing them completely.
2. Closing broken apps
However awesome the iPhone is, apps still occasionally crash. To solve this, you can
launch the app switcher, close the app, and then reopen it. It doesn't solve every problem.
But it needs to be done when an app stops responding.
3. Hidden app switcher buttons
If you swipe to the right, you can see more of the apps you have open. If you swipe to
the left you can access the rotation lock button, which stops your phone from automatically
rotating the screen. This can be particularly annoying when reading in bed. Taping this
button prevents that and locks your phone in portrait mode till tapped again. You can
also control your music, and videos with the play and skip controls. It can also be used
to quickly jump back to your music playing app, or the app that is currently playing music or video.
If you swipe left again, yes, there's another screen of options. You can control. Volume
and Airplay. The airplay button here is often useful when the apps Airplay button is hidden
or difficult to find.
4. Notification Center
When you receive an email, text message or voicemail, it not only appears on the lock
screen. It is in the notification center. To open it, just drag down from the top of
the screen with your finger. It can show stocks, local weather, recent appointments in your
calendar and any other notifications your phone has received.
Just click on the notification to jump to the app associated with it.
5. The hidden lock screen.
When your phone is locked, if you double click the home button you can access a useable lock
screen. It shows the artist and song name, you can even control what's playing, you can still slide
to unlock, you can also quickly jump to the built it camera. You can use these controls;
even of your phone is locked with a pass code. When you jump to the camera you can even take
a picture using the volume up bottom. The top button on the left side of your iPhone.
This is a nice super fast way to take a great candid picture.
6 Take a screenshot
Anything you see on your iPhone is a potential picture. To take a screen shot, which will
take a picture of what is currently showing on the screen and place it as an image in
your camera roll, accessible from the photos app, you press the home button and the sleep/wake
button at the same time. The screen will go white indicating that you just took a screen
shot. It can be located in the photos app.
Bonus tip
If you have a lot of home screen icons it can be arduous to keep flipping back and forth.
Well you don't need to. No matter which screen of icons you are on, all you need to do is
press the home button once an it will take you back to your first main screen of icons. For more tutorials visit www.youtube.com/A562178