Apple Cronies Impersonated by Orabrush Guy

Uploaded by curebadbreath on 19.03.2011

That adds a lot of speed.
It's like Michael Phelps with Usain Bolt
with the ferrari! It's a Phelps-arri-bolt
this pretty well ensures that I will never be an apple sales person.
If aliens ever attack out planet,
they'll be annihilated because they're stupid
smart aliens would have done their homework discovered the Orabrush and
in so intimidated by your superior tongue cleaning technology they would have
assumed that ourweapons with the equally advanced and would turn tail and run
It's like my ski-doo! I don't even know how to use this thing It's all new to me.
With Orabrush two we uh....
Blah blah blah
let me put it this way
fair mail aps
Nasa, clowns,

Uhh.. Glad to be done with that. Hey Johnny..
Oh, we're cutting away to... me?
So gross....
Southern cooking is a
big weakness of mine.
It looks more like sloth
It gave me a reason to live.
The Orabrush
is saving civilization as we know it
I mean I could tell you what I had for breakfast.
It started with some German pancakes, I had crepes
there is is beat portion. I had sausage, bacon
I had uhhh..
sausage grease really..
I had a side dish for the grease.