Mahabharat - Episode 71

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O Land of Bharat! O Land of Aryans!
O Bharat! O India!
Time is warning you!
That which benefits the nation is right
Both Ethics and Politics are of the same opinion
The peoples'' welfare should be the ultimate criteria
If you have not learned this from the Mahabharata ...
... then my narrating it has been futile
There is no greater Religion than Patriotism ...
... no greater dream than the nation's welfare ...
... no greater benefit than the nation's benefit
O Mother! Grant thy progeny the boon of Patriotism ...
... so that they may live and die ...
... for none other but you
Bless thy children for they stand ...
... on the edge of their own battlefields
By coincidence, this story too has reached Kurukshetra
So, listen to the story with greater care ...
... because it has reached the moment of Truth
The Kurukshetra of every era is the moment of Truth
Look! The armies have camped in Kurukshetra
My beloved! By the time you get this letter of mine
I may or may not live ...
... but I shall forever be in thy memory
The Holy Land of Kurukshetra...
... will tomorrow become a battlefield
Brother shall turn against brother
And the sword shall drink their blood
Who knows who will continue living
Or whose blood shall fall to the ground
How can the blood be recognised?
Blood shall mix with blood!
Death shall stand silenced!
Life shall be an endless journey ...
With a wounded Soul
We must die to protect the Truth
And through our deaths we shall live
I don't like my slaves wearing crowns
Place your crowns at my feet
Remove them!
Place them at my feet!
Your live husbands could not protect you
So, come and sit on my friend Duryodhan's lap
You already have live husbands
What's wrong in taking a sigh?
One day I'll punish you for this insult, Karna
Shut up!
You dare talk back? I shall pull out your tongue!
Let him speak! He is new to slavery. He'll learn
A woman with live husbands is not a wile but a whore
And a whore has no honour or respect
Had she been brought here nude, it would be okay
Come Krishna!
What are you thinking of?
I was feeding my anger with memories
Waiting for war is a greater torture than war itself
I am planning my anger to prepare for war
Don't feed your anger with memories alone
What can I do? How else can I feed the Fire of Insult?
Cool this Fire with Goddess Durga's blessing ...
... and turn it into the Holy Ritual Fire
O best among men!
Brave Arjun!
Durga's blessing is also a divine weapon
Without it, you'll seem unarmed
So, call out to her for help!
Will she come?
If only your tongue calls out to her, she won't come
If she sees me with you, she'll surely come
But I want you to call out to her
O Arjun! Why do you call out to me?
Mother! Before me lies the Holy Land of Kurukshetra
If our war is a just one, then bless us
O Arjun! You do not need this blessing
Where there is Truth, there is Krishna
Where there is Krishna, there is victory
This blessing means that ...
... if your mind strays you do not allow it to do so
Stand in its way so it will not stray
This is a crucial test for you
O Lord Shiva!
O Sadashiv!
What can a mother do ...
... when she cannot ask for victory for her own son?
I do not know if this is a test for me or for you
I have devoted my entire life to your worship
Guide me, my lord
What shall I do? What shall I wish for?
Free me from this dilemma
I don't want to console Kunti in mourning
Nor do I want her to console me in mourning
My Religion stops me from asking for my son's victory
But if I ask for victory for the Pandavas ...
... my motherhood holds my tongue
Help me, my lord
Take me in your refuge, my lord
Do you know what my sons'' victory means?
Death for Gandhari's sons
No one bothers who is whose son in a Holy war
In a sense, we are all Lord Brahma's children
Yet, wars do take place and blood flows
Someone wins and someone loses
These relationships are like those stones ...
... which drown even experienced swimmers
Ask for victory for the Pandavas!
Not because they are your sons ...
... but because they tread the path of Truth
Not desiring their victory is a sin
It is like siding with Evil and Falsehood
None can remain impartial in this war
Hence, choose your side
impartiality in this was between Light and ...
... Darkness, Religion and Evil, Truth and Falsehood
... means you have sided with Evil, Falsehood and Darkness
A woman like you should not choose such a side
You cannot insult yourself like this
So, do not think ...
... who will die because of your worship
A corpse is a corpse
Only that person is to be respected ...
... who has lost his life for Religion and Truth
I understand what you are saying and yet ...
... I cannot curse Duryodhan with defeat
Then ask for victory for Hastinapur
Hastinapur has a right to your blessing
Why did you get up? You are the eldest Kuru
None is older or younger on the battlefield
A great warrior is one who wins by his strength ...
... and not by using magical powers
Don't talk to me of strength, Duryodhan
I am Arjun's charioteer
I will not light in this war
In that case, I'll compel you to light
May you be successful!
Be strong!
May you live long!
May you be successful!
O Commander of the Pandava army! Brave Dhristadyuma
You are welcome to the Kaurav camp
Please be seated
Should I also sit?
I cannot refuse a guest but ...
... this is a meeting of men, Prince Shikhandi
I know that Grandsire
That's why I have come to meet a great man like you
May I?
Please be seated
My respects, Uncle
How are you, my friend?
fine! How are you?
Well, by Lord Shiva's grace
Do you mean to say that ...
... Lord Shiva's grace is not on my lather?
I am sure we have not gathered here ...
... to rake up our petty quarrels
Unfortunately, there is nothing but ...
... the battlefield between us
So, it is best to decide on the rules of war
Grandsire! We are not here to decide anything
Both the Kauravas and the Pandavas are yours
So, the Pandavas will abide by whatever rules you frame
Don't burden me thus
Even in my own camp I am accused of ...
... being partial to the Pandavas
But you know Krishna that I ...
... and a few others like me are on Hastinapur's side
O eldest Kuru! O brave warrior!
In every way you are worthy of respect
So, only you can frame the rules of this war
The truth is that every war has only one rule
That is fought on the principles of Truth
And what is Truth?
O Brave Bhishma!
O Brave Shikhandi! Truth is that ...
... a brave man does not light a non-male
If a warrior is unarmed ...
... he should not be attached ...
... till he has armed himself
If a warrior is retreating ...
... or leaving due to injury ...
... he must not be killed
The Army's non-soldiers should not be killed
Those helping the injured should not be attacked
A soldier should light a soldier
A charioteer should light a charioteer
Each should light with a warrior of equal rank
No warrior is to be surrounded and killed
The war which begins with each Sunrise ...
... should end at Sunset
At night, warriors of both sides will be at liberty ...
... to meet each other in camaraderie
A warrior who surrenders is to be protected
If the Pandava army Chief wishes to add ...
... or subtract to these rules he is welcome to do so
Grandsire! I am a lair and decent warrior
He may cut an elder's head in war ...
... but never his word
I salute you and accept these rules of war
I hope that the warriors from your side ...
... will follow these rules
What about those from your side?
They will not be the first to break them
If someone from your side breaks these rules then ...
... I cannot promise you anything
My only worry is ...
... who can break through Grandsire's formations
Truth is on our side
That cannot be pierced by Grandsire or Sage Drona
By Lord Shiva! Il I want ...
... I can destroy that army of brave warriors ...
... by merely using my divine weapons
But I don't want to use divine weapons in this war
I won't allow History to say...
... that Arjun won the war by using divine weapons
I want to win this war on our strength
People will remember this war for your spear ...
... Bhim's mace ...
... Nakul, Sahadev's daggers ...
... my arrows and Krishna's expertise with the chariot
Where's Krishna?
I have not seen him since returning from Grandsire
Wherever he is he will guard of our benefit
- Greetings Krishna - Greetings
We were here to decide the rules for tomorrows war
Since this is the last night of friendship ...
... I wanted to meet the people I like
Am I among them?
Of course, Karna
Or else why would I be here?
What can I do for you?
I cannot understand Grandsire's strategy
You are new_ only to him and the two Sages
And yet, he will not let you light the war ...
... as long as he leads the Army
Brave Karna will not light
He has the boon of wishful death
Which means that ...
... you'll have to sit through the war
Maybe Arjun's luck is protecting him because ...
... had I fought the war ...
... I would have surely killed Arjun
Will Arjun's death give you happiness?
It is not a matter of happiness ...
... but of repaying one's debt
But if you won't light how will you repay your debt
That's what I am thinking
I want to repay Duryodhan in this lifetime
What can I do?
If the Commander does not Let me light ...
... I'll have to sit through the war
O son of Kunti!
Why not do that in your brother's camp?
You know I can't do that! I won't
Why? Why won't you?
People will say I deflected because I was afraid
They will also say I am an ungrateful person
When there was none with me ...
... Duryodhan emended a hand of friendship
Now that my friend needs me you suggest that ...
... I go to my brothers
No Krishna!
I can bear the wounds of Arjun's arrows ...
... but not the wounds of insult
So, please don't ask me to go there
Had all these reasons not been there ...
... I would still not go there
That is Draupadi's camp
I can lace God Himself ...
... but I cannot lace that pious woman ...
... about whom I spoke so indecently
I don't know what happened to me that day
I watched her humiliation and also insulted her
I will never forgive myself for that crime
Realisation of sin opens the door to forgiveness
I must leave now. They must be looking out for me
And what if you do get to light Arjun?
Then may Lord Shiva protect him!
Where were you?
The war will start tomorrow
So, I thought I should meet a few people
I met Sages Drona, Kripa and Grandsire
Each one has sent you their love
After that I went to Karna
Why meet that son of a charioteer?
I am not talking about his lather
I am talking about Karna
If I could pray I would surely pray that ...
... Grandsire remains the Kaurav Chief
Till then Karna cannot light this war
Only he has the weapon to defeat you
Hence, I am worried about you
That's why I asked you to seek Durga's blessing
So, Great Archer! Now wait for the Sun to rise
Wait for the Sun to rise
The new dawn will come
Truth will begin its battle ...
... with the forces of Evil