十二金牌 - The Twelve Gold Medallions (1970)

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During the 10th year in reign of Emperor Shao Hsing...
of the Southern Sung Dynasty,
the tartars attacked China from the north
And the national captial was in grave danger
The great patriotic general Yue Fei...
and his 1 00,000 men
put up a heroic resistance to the advancing tartars
Traitor Qin Hui in a desperate bid...
to negotiate with the enemy
rushed out twelve imperial decrees...
to stop general Yue's action.
But the Chivalrous swordsmen
pledged to intercept the mercenary messengers...
from reaching general Yue...
and a series of fierce battles broke out!
Hand the golden medallion over
You want the medallion?
Here it is
Let's go over there
General Yue has won many battles against the Jin army
Looks like most of our cities will be recovered
But why did the Emperor...
send out the imperial decree to him?
The word is it was Qin Hui's idea
Qin wants to incriminate the general
No wonder the patriotic swordsmen...
are snatching the medallions
The robbers and their families will be executed
Be careful, brother
Here come the officers
If something bad happens to me, take care of mom
Come inside
Stop it
Hurry and close the door
Just some stupid boy who passes by
Get up
Move over
We are hungry, bring us some fried dough
Make it quick
I can bring you the food
But you'll have to pay
You want us to pay? Some nerve you got!
OK, here you go
Take the money if you can
Come on
Yes, take the coins
Hurry up
Take the coins
Look, my coins are quite heavy
They've got roots
In that case, I'll pull them up by the roots
It required some strength to pick up the coins
This is easy in comparison
Eat while they are hot
I'm impressed
Have a seat
Your name is?
I am sorry I can't tell
Let's be friends
Come, have some water
Let me
Who are you?
Just a silly boy passing by
I would fight you if you weren't unarmed
Let's go
Leave the golden medallion
The medallion?
I've wanted to get rid of you for a while
Lei Ting, you are such a bully...
with your golden whip
And now you're bribed by the traitor Qin Hui
Delivering the medallion to frame the general
You're going to die today
I wanted to give you the medallion
But my whip...
says "no"
Kill him
What else have you got?
So it's the Wavering Sword of Hua Shan
At least you know my swordplay
I will let you go
Just because I respect your master Jin Yantang,
I will spare your life
You'll let me go? But my sword says no
Please, don't kill us
Be quiet
Listen to me if you want to stay alive
Swordsman, please come in and have a cup of tea
No, thanks. I have to bury them
Hurry, call him back
That's alright, I'll get someone to do it
Please come in and have a rest
Thank you
I am very impressed with your martial arts skill
Please if you could arrange the coffins for them
No problem
Bring some water for the swordsman
Don't worry about it
Get to it
Have a seat
I will make you some tea
Anything I can help?
Can I borrow paper and ink please?
Thank you
Have some tea
Allow me
My goodness!
I'll let you go if you deliver this letter...
to the head of Juxian Hall and tell him...
if he dares to deliver the medallions for Qin Hui
...again, he will soon be dead
He won't get away with it
Sir, the leader of Hua Shan Clan is here
Send him in
Right away
Mr. Ma, what did you want to see me for?
Jin Yantang, you dare to snatch the medallions...
and kill the officers?
What are you talking about?
Golden Whip Lei Ting got killed in Heishi town...
by someone with the Wavering Sword
Isn't that swordplay style from Hua Shan Clan?
You must be responsible
My clan has many students
Many have left after the apprenticeships
I don't even know who did this
You're responsible, he's one of your students
Mr. Ma, look at that
What do you mean?
Prime Minister Qin summons all the able men and...
kungfu masters to establish this Juxian Hall
You being the head of the Hall
You should have exceptional skills and talents
You couldn't even protect a few medallions
-And now you're blaming me -You...
Mr. Ma
I don't think you deserve to be in this position
Since you look down upon me
I think we should have a contest
I guess you've heard about the power of Golden Fan
Yes, it's well known in the martial arts world
I am aware of its power
Otherwise I wouldn't be standing here
Please, after you
Watch my fan
Good one
Here comes the Hua Shan sword, anymore?
Thanks to your kungfu lesson
Take back the golden fan
I'm impressed
I took one of your blows
And you'll take one of mine
Excuse me, Mr. Ma
Please wait
Prime minister Qin
Please leave for now
Yes Prime Minister
The prime minister has seen your kungfu skills
How do you do? Mr. Prime minister
I know it's a serious offence that I've hurt the hall
It's the survival of the fittest
It's only natural, you haven't done anything wrong
Thank you, prime minister
Congratulations! The minister thinks that you're the...
perfect person to take on this post
You will be given the important task of...
delivering the medallions
You are now the head of the Juxian Hall
When the task is accomplished,
there will be official promotions
Thank you for your generous offer
Master, I've waited here the whole night for you
So it was you on the roof
Your kungfu has improved a lot since you left the clan
I heard that the Golden Whip was lost to you
You've taught me well for fifteen years
Come, let's return to the base
No, I am here to thank you...
for your teachings of past 1 5 years
So are you turning your back on me?
I had to, since master is associated with the traitor Qin,
I have no choice
But you were engaged to my daughter
How could you face her?
I know I will disappoint her, but this is inevitable
Please take this back, this is her love token
Do you need to get involved with the medallions?
Please forgive me, master
Do you think you can intercept them?
I am just doing my part
By delaying the medallions...
from reaching Zhu Xian town
General Yue can recover more territory
You want to get yourself killed?
I think it's worth it
I don't wanna be associated with traitors
Look at your wound
You're good with armours...
but you can't make a pair of shoes at your age?
I wonder what you'll do when you get married
I am not
You're not?
Then why are you looking forward to...
Miao Lung's return?
And you're making shoes for him
Father, what does Qin Hui want from you?
You have to call him the prime minister
We're moving into the minister's residence
Father, I will cook something for you
I heard that Qin Hui exploits martial arts experts...
to do his dirty jobs...
such as framing the honest people
Father, don't fall for his trick
You're a child, what do you know?
Who are these for?
Miao Lung
What do you see in him anyway?
The whole package
He has a strange temperament
That's what I like about him
He has something for you
He's back?
Why isn't he here to see me?
What is his present?
Show me
Is this the love token you gave him?
Yes, but why?
He...broke off the engagement
He's now with someone else
Child, he's not worth it
I won't cry for him
If I see him again, I will kill him
You are back, sir?
Another horse?
The boss has sold the other horses on your behalf
Are you here for your money?
Take this to the back
I've taken care of your orders
This is the money from the horses' sale
Keep it
I'll be staying here
Do you have a room?
I want a room with a window facing south
Yes, come with me
What do you think of this one?
That window faces south
This is the regular path from Lin An...
to Zhu Xian town
You can see clearly...
if the medallions' messengers are passing by
I'll take this room then
I knew you will like this room
I'll make you some tea
Are you hurt?
I'm fine, no worries
But you're a skilled swordsman, who did this to you?
My master
He's now the head of Juxian Hall,
he's in charge of the deliveries
How could you fight against him?
Well, you have some of my money...
at least you could buy me a coffin if I need one
The citizens of Sung are all depending on you
Don't worry
We still don't know who will be lying...
in that coffin
This is our first delivery
You be careful and stick to my orders
Don't worry, I'll see that it's done
Be careful, there will be...
Iots of skillful swordsmen on the way
I've a plan that'll render them useless...
even if they are highly skilled
Great, go get ready
Leave tomorrow
Wait, hide it
Stop moving
Please don't kill me
I beg of you
Spare my life
I am just an old man
You can take whatever you want
My family depends on me
What's inside?
Let them go, our mistake
This is a trick
They have no idea
What a bunch of useless men
Aren't they?
Please, lady
I am just an old man
Stop the act
I know you are Hu Quan, the man of thousand faces
I think you got it all wrong
Never imagined you'd go against your dad
Drop the sword and follow me back
If you still don't listen
I'm not gonna let you get away with this
I will take you to your father
Jin Suo
I've seen what happened
I never thought that you would...
be so understanding; I admire you for it
Thank you
I've received the jade bracelet
I have my difficulties, l...
Please, listen to me
Watch your hand
Congratulations for having a new sweetheart
Jin Suo
You really went?
I told you so
Maybe our father's wrong
As his daughters, we can't go against him
Sister, our father is blinded by power
He is on the same alliance as the traitor
I stole the medallion based on my own conscience
What's wrong with that?
You can never hide it from father
If he finds out about it...
Don't worry, I will take care of it
Where's my bracelet?
I knew the bracelet...
belongs to your daughter
That's why I didn't hurt her
Or else she wouldn't have taken the medallion
My own daughter against me!
I won't let her get away with this
Find her
Leave now
You'll get in trouble for letting me go
They are here, run
You are here
Where's the younger miss?
You let Jin Suo go?
Yes, I did
This is a serious matter. If you don't punish them...
and the prime minister finds out, he might...
Come here
Come over
If Mr. Man will tell the prime minister...
that I will definitely fetch Jin Suo
Hey pretty lady
I guess you've heard about the Bingling Trio?
If you have, then stop wasting our time
And follow us back to your father
I know you three seniors are very skilled
Could you let me the junior off the hook?
If you could fly over us, we'll let you go
You can't make it, can you?
If you could reach back on the ground, we'll let you go
Fine, keep your promise
I've reached the ground, now let me go
You like taking your clothes off?
We'll let you go if you take all your clothes off
Good idea?
Now start stripping
You didn't keep your promise
Alright, I will show you
Take her back
The girl's horse is here
Jin Suo
What are you doing here?
I saw your horse, and sensing some trouble...
I rushed over to help
There's no need for you to help
If I had got here a little bit later...
They'd have caught you
Is that so?
Even if they do, it doesn't concern you
Why are you so unreasonable?
Fine, I don't want to argue with you
I know you don't have a place to stay
Why don't you join me?
This must be a joke! It's a wide world
I am sure I will find a shelter
Jin Suo
Miao Lung killed them for sure...
and he saved Jin Suo
He can't remain hidden for long
Have you found out where he is?
We haven't found where Miao Lung is
But we know where the Ten Swords of Qing Shan are
They are lurking around Wohu mountain
I want to get rid of those people who're in my way
They must have connections with the other clans
We'll deliver the medallions...
and wipe them out together
Who are you?
There's no need to ask
You are the pawns of the traitor Qin Hui
No, we are the Ten Swords of Qing Shan
We have nothing to do with Qin
Who are you?
I am the student of Master Fenglei
I got hurt when investigating about...
the medallions paths
I wanted to go back and report to my master
They've already sent out the medallions in three routes
You better hurry to intercept
Which three routes?
Jinfeng Peak, Luanshi Mound and the Lema Bridge
But you're hurt
Don't worry about me, go
Go and intercept the messengers
Let's go
We've got ambushed
-Brother -Brother
Where are you going?
What are you doing?
Let me go and fight them
Let me go
Please, don't
Calm down, this isn't the time for revenge
Please leave me alone
Have you forgotten...
that our mission is to intercept the medallions
Our country depends on us
Although we've lost
But there are many more heroes
They won't let them get away with it
What's going on?
Come, take a look
What's the matter?
Villagers, look
These unknown heroes died a bloody death...
trying to intercept the medallions
They were killed at Lema Bridge
I couldn't just leave them there
So I brought their bodies along
We should give them a proper burial
Yes, excuse me
Fellow villagers
Please help out
Let's raise some money for their coffins
T ake my money
You're a great swordsman
That money is intended for coffins anyway
But that's not enough
Wait, I've got some here
Just a small gesture
Lady, you are very kind
You're welcome
You'll find a good husband
And you'll live a prosperous life
It's no big deal
Here, take my earrings
Here's mine
Mr. Wang
Mr. Wang is here, great
Mr. Wang, you own the funeral home...
the gambling house and the brothel
You've earned money from the living and the dead
It's time to give back a little
I didn't bring any money
Father, you...
Eat your food
Let me tell you again, I have no money with me
Dear villagers,
Mr. Wang says he didn't bring any money with him
I can't do anything about it
This donation is from me
Hey, you stole my money?
I stole your money?
But I thought you said you didn't have any money!
When did I say that?
Who heard it?
I did, father
Stop it
Look, even your son's not on your side
What do you need all that money for?
You can't take the money away when you die, right?
Little ass
Mr. Wang, let me say something
Shut your mouth
You can't call your son names
If he's the little ass, that would make you what?
Do you agree?
You can't call him names
Go back, little brat
I will teach you a lesson later
I will beat you to death
He's such a miser
I've seen what happened
I am very touched,
it's too bad that the evil minister's in charge
But fortunately, there are these heroes
Who sacrificed for their country and their countrymen
Agui, come here
Pass me my bag
Yes, master
My donation
Thank you
If only everyone could be as kind...
Our dynasty would be saved
Please, don't mention it
Agui, go and have the horseshoe fixed
And then pick me up me at the Fulai lnn
We need to be back on the road, and fast
Yes, please
This way
What kind of dishes you'd like?
Anything will do
Do you have a room? I wish to have some rest
-Pass me my bag -No, that's alright
This way please
Be quick on the horseshoe, we are in a hurry
I guess that swordsman is Miao Lung
He seems to recognise us
Don't worry, just keep a low profile
He won't find out
The horseshoe is fixed, you can leave now
We'll be right down
Be careful with Miao
Can I have the bill please?
The bill please
Still traveling this late?
My master is a filial son, he heard that...
his mother is sick
He wants to go home as soon as possible
See you...
What would you like to order, Sir?
Dishes for two
You've a guest?
A very special guest
Leaving now, Sir?
Half day's room rent, you can keep the rest
Thank you
Have a safe trip
Wait a minute
I wanted to buy you a drink
Thank you, but I'm in a rush
The horse is not ready yet
A drink won't keep you long
But we hardly know each other
You're a generous man, I just want to buy you a drink
Please be seated
Your name?
Miao Lung
My surname is Sung
Brother Sung, please wait here
Boss, I have something to discuss with you
Yes, sure
Excuse me
What's the matter?
We have to close, please leave
What's going on?
Alright, we'll leave
Sorry, please leave
And you two, please return to your room
Here come the dishes
Go back in
Brother Miao, why send the guests away?
I am worried that they will be hurt in a fight
What fight?
Our fight
Our fight?
I don't know you, and we're no enemies
Please forgive me if I've offended you
I've never been in a fight before
Stop it
Sit down
You really haven't been in a fight?
I am a businessman, not a swordsman
What kind of businessman?
Garment sales
And you're selling conscience too?
I don't understand what you're saying
Never before have I done one single...
thing which is against my own conscience
What if you have?
I will die a horrible death
As you wish
Hand me the medallion
You're treating me this way
For you think I am a medallions messenger
Didn't you see...
what I did to the heroes?
Why'd you think that I'm not on your side?
Crocodile tears, it's common
Based on what?
My own eyes
Well, you've got to look again
Although I can't fight against...
the traitors
But I won't work with them
I am a businessman
But I know the medallions mean a lot to our dynasty
I wouldn't be involved with such things
You really look down on people
Excuse me, I am off
So is this all you've got as a swordsman?
You've got extraordinary skills for a garment trader
I got you to reveal your true colors
Just by one swing
You should know that...
I am the Smiling Fox Sung Qicheng
Maybe you are too young to recognise me
Actually I've heard about you, what a cunning fox!
The medallion is here, but you won't take it
Without handing the medallion over,
you won't be leaving
I was going to spare you your life...
So that your master can take care of you
I guess I'll just have to do it on his behalf
Miao, I'll see you later
Cunning old fox
What? He's a medallion messenger?
You really fooled me
He hasn't got the medallion with him
Where's his servant?
He's gone
Lend me a horse
Are you looking for this?
Is that you? Jin Suo?
Stay where you are!
I stabbed the medallion messenger and he's fled
Take the medallion and leave, I don't want to see you
Are you hurt?
Who said so? Leave now
There's blood on the medallion
It belongs to the messenger
Stop lying, Jin Suo
I can tell that you've been hit by the poisonous...
Scorpion Dart by looking at the color of the blood
Follow me back to the inn
I will detoxify you with my special stone
I am fine
You don't have to worry
Please, don't act like a spoilt kid
The dart is made with venom
I'm not scared
You will turn black before the dawn...
if you don't get the poison out
Black will suit me fine
You will die for sure then
Fine, I don't need you to save me
Listen to me
Or else...
I can't just leave you here to die
I don't need help from a heartless man like you
Jin Suo
I will kill myself if you take one more step forward
Fine, go ahead
My jade bracelet's broken
We have nothing to do with each other
What do you care? Just leave
Jin Suo
Leave me alone
Let go
Get out...
You are...
We are the Mountain-Slicing Quad
That's him
I've heard about the good deeds of the four of you
What can I do for you?
We're here to kill you
What do you want?
Your medallion
So you've joined the Juxian Hall too
we saved the person who got stabbed by that girl
And he saw you coming here
You're mistaken
Where's that guy now?
Right here
All the evidence is here
So it's you!
You're working with the daughter of Jin Yantang
Your doings are shameless
I think you're scolding yourself
This person deserves to be killed
What an evil and sinister thing!
You are the Green Bamboo Cane Old Master Meng?
That's right
He's the jackal of Qin Hui's
They're fooled
But you've got the medallion
What do you mean?
It doesn't hurt to get the whole story first
He is the student of Jin Yantang
You've got to clean up trash like him
Who are you?
I am the student of Master Fengli
Oh, my students mentioned that...
they bumped into the student of Fenglei
He was hurt at the time
And he told them the routes of medallions
Could that be you?
Fengli is an honest man
His student...
won't hurt people with posionous darts
Obviously he's a fake
Please don't listen to him
Now I understand
I've known Master Fengli for 40 years
I know all three of his students
But I've never seen you
You scum
Thank you, great Master
Don't thank me, I did it for revenge...
for my own students
What are you doing here, father?
I had to manage a small matter here
It's done, let's go
Y es
Throw him to the wolves
Not yet, keep him
Why don't we sell this horse?
The horse knows its way back home
It will take the body back to Juxian Hall
Sir, the lady's awake
She's trying to find her clothes
She's creating quite a scene, hurry
Enough, come out
Why did you bring me here?
Give me my clothes, and let me go
You wanted your clothes back?
Lie down
Let me help you to detoxicate first
Then you can go
Be cooperative
You can't stop me
I'll go like this
I'm leaving
I hate you
Lie down
Once this is treated, then you can leave
I won't thank you for it
Come on
Just rest a while
I will now bring your clothes
Where's the handkerchief I gave you?
Give it back to me
I threw it away
I've brought your clothes
You may go wherever you wish to go
Now you can leave
I thought I've got all the poison out,
what's the matter?
It hurts
Stand up
I can't
I can't leave now
OK, I will try to detoxicate you again
Urgent news from the capital
Since several messengers...
have been killed around here
The town will be under martial law for the next 3 days
Didn't you say you can't stand?
And you told me you threw the handkerchief away
How come it's here?
This round head of Juxian Hall will go into action
Whoever ignores the order...
will be killed as the medallion robbers
Be careful
The head of Juxian Hall will kill the messenger himself
What now?
Only one person can put up a fight with him
Green Bamboo Cane Meng Dabei
Go find him
You've got the wrong person, please leave
I am a hermit, I don't care what's going on out there
This is a national matter
You should tell your father this instead
Father, Jin Suo is already going against her father
Be quiet
Master, regarding this...
Don't meddle with it
I haven't punished you...
for leaving without my permission
The whole martial arts world is aware of...
the south's Hua Shan Sword...
and the north's Green Bamboo Cane
Are you afraid to leave the mountain...
because you didn't dare to fight against my father?
Anymore of your nonsense...
and I'll hang you up on a tree
Miss Jin, we'll go with you
If Mr. Meng isn't coming
We've got to join forces
All the guests are gone
Who could that be?
Open the door
It's alright
Sister Meng
Miss Jin, please don't be angry with my father
It's all because of me that he isn't joining
He's been away most of his life
He didn't take care of my mother and me much
My mother made him to promise that he'll never...
Ieave me when she dies
My father regrets and wants to make up
That's why he doesn't want to get involved anymore
And he won't do anything risky
He only wants to spend a quiet retirement with me
I understand, but he should take care of this
All I can do is sneak out
And I left a note for him
Miss Meng, I admire you
I can do my part even if my dad's not here
You're right
We'll leave in the morning
I know our master well
He definitely won't be coming now
It's his call
We should all work together
And we can defeat Jin Yantang
I understand your agony
He's your father afterall
It's normal to have second thoughts
If you don't want to get involved
We will understand
I have no choice
I am forced to do this
I will do what need's to be done, even though he's my father
He's guilty of the worst crime
It's over between us
I don't see him as my father anymore
Now we proceed separately, be careful
Great Master
Didn't expect you would be here!
Didn't you say that...
I am too scared to fight your father?
Now I want a fight
We will win as long as we have you
Child, Jin Yantang is difficult to deal with
In case something happens to me...
Don't worry, you will be fine
I hope so
Anyway, you are a big girl now
You'll have to take care of yourself!
I know, father
Your master has a whole bag of tricks
I will wait for him on the main road,
you stay on the paths
We'll go our separate ways
Let's go
It's Great Master Meng
I've been waiting for you, Mr. Jin
What can I do for you?
Not much
In a dream, the ghosts of my 7 dead students
told me to wait for you here...
to play a game with you.
You want this?
That's right
Would you be so kind to offer?
Have it, no problem
Take it to your dead students in hell
You're not sincere
I don't want it, you can have it back
I know, you still want to live
And so do you
Master Meng,
we are called the Tigers of the Two poles
One of us will get hurt in a duel
You better think this over
I think you've turned into a dog already
You beat me
You flatter me, I am old
I think you're the only one...
who can take my blow
Thank you, take this
Here comes the Wavering Sword
T ake the medallion, I lost
I will stay out of trouble from now on
We are old, we should not meddle in it
I don't want to fight with you
And you shouldn't work for wrong people
It's difficult to ward off attacks in the dark
So you're lower than a dog
Strike the enemy in surprise
The master must be in trouble, let's go
He's your father?
You should take revenge for him
And I should root out the enemy, come on
Pick up your sword, another round
Jin Yantang
You're here to pick up your master's body?
I will help you to join him
You are pathetic, Jin Yantang
Your daughter has disowned you
So has your student
The martial arts world despises you
The citizens are cursing you
There's no point for you to live
Little brat, you dare to go against your own father?
You shouldn't have forced me, father
You better kill yourself within my three steps
Please, I don't want to fight you
Three, if you won't kill yourself...
I will take care of you myself
I am sorry, father
I've raised you for 1 7 years
I will stab you 1 7 times
14 more stabs, if you won't kill yourself
If you stop delivering the medallions
I am going to sacrifice myself
You asked for it
Three more
Two more
Last one
You have no respect for your master!
Even a vicious tiger won't eat her own cubs
How can you treat your daughter like this?
Are you human?
I'd rather be insulted by the whole world,
than to let you go
Hand out the medallion
Father, just hand it over
Just hand the medallion over
Miao Lung
Miao Lung
Jin Suo
It had to end like this!
The unknown heroes shed blood and laid down...
their lives to intercept the medallions.
Unfortunately traitor Qin Hui managed to distract...
the attention of the swordsmen while an emissary...
delivered another imperial decree to general Yue...
at Zhu Xian town. Yue was summoned to Lin An...
and was executed at Feng Po Ting.
This ended officially the unrecorded struggle...
for national survival.
Their courage and righteousness...
will live on forever